Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Practicing Sentences -- 12.14.10

Practicing Sentences – 75
Instructor: Shaikh Faisal

Dated: 14/12/2010; 8th Muharram 1432

1. maa kaana li nafsin an tamoot illa bi ithnillah
No soul can die except with the permission of Allaah

2. ahasiba an-naas an yukrakoo an yaqooloo aamannaa wa hum laa yuftanoon
Do people think they will be left alone when they say we believe and not be tested

3. aynamaa takoonoon ya'ti bikum allah
Wherever you maybe, Allaah will find you

4. Muhammad rasoolullah wallatheena ma'ahu ashiddaa alal kuffaar ruhamaa baynahum
Muhammad is the messenger of Allaah, and those with him are harsh towards the Kuffaar and merciful amongst themselves

5. in tansur Allah yunsurkum wa yuthabbit aqdaamakum
If you help Allaah, he will help you and make firm your foothold

6. wa min aayaatihi an khalaqa lakum min anfusikum azwaajaa, litaskunoo ilayhaa wa ja3ala baynakum mawaddataw wa rahmah
And from his signs is that He created from yourselves spouses so that you may have tranquilty by her, and He placed between you love and mercy

7. wa min an-naas man yashtaree lahwal Hadith li yudilla an sabeel lillah
And from the people is he who purchases idle speech so that he may mislead from the path of Allaah

8. inna ankar al aswaat la sawtul hameer
Verily the ugliest of noises is the sound of the donkey

9. aqim as-salah wamur bil ma'roof wanha anil munkar, wasbir alaa maa asaabaka
Establish Salaah, command the good and forbid evil, and be patient upon what afflicts you

10. laa tarfa'oo aswaatakum fawqa sawt an-nabee
Do not raise your voices above the voice of the Prophet

11. inna allatheena yunaadoonaka min waraa'il hujuraat aktharuhum laa ya'qiloon
Verily those who call you from behind the (private) rooms / apartments, most of them do not understand

12. wa law annahum sabaroo hattaa takhruja ilaihim lakaana khairan lahum
And if they had patience until you came out to them, it would have been better for them

13. in jaa'akum faasikun bi naba'in fatabayyanoo
If a sinful / corrupt person comes to you with news, then verify it

14. innamal mu'minoona ikhwa fa aslihoo bayna akhawaykum
Verily the believers are brothers, so reconcile between your brothers

15. laa yaskhar Qaum min Qaum 3saa an yakoonoo khairam minhum
A people should not mock at another, perhaps they maybe better than them

16. ijtaniboo katheeran min ath-than, inna ba'du ath-than ithm
Abstain much from suspicion; verily some suspicion is a sin

17. wa laa tajassasoo wa laa yagtab ba'dukum ba'dan.
And do not spy on each other, nor backbite each other

18. Qul atu'allimoon Allah bi deenikum
Say, are you going to teach Allaah about your religion?

19. Allah khalaqakum wa maa ta'maloon
Allaah has created you and that which you do / your actions

20. Yaa iblis maa mana'aka an tasjud limaa khalaqtu bi yadayya????
Oh Iblees, what has prevented you from prostrating to that which i created with my two hands?

21. wa nahnu aqrab ilaihi min habl al wareed
And We are closer / nearer to him than his jugular vein

22. Afa ra'ayta man ittakhatha ilaahahu hawaahu???
Do you see the one who takes his desires as his god / deity?

23. wa yahmil arsh rabbika fawqahum youma'ithin thamaania
And on that day eight (angels) will carry above them the throne of your Lord

24. wa nafsin wa maa sawwaahaa fa alhamahaa fujoorahaa wa taqwaahaa.
And by the soul and the one who has proportioned it, and He inspired to it, its wickedness and its righteousness

25. kullu nafsin thaa'iqatul mawt
Every soul shall taste death

26. wa tahsabanna allatheena Qutiloo feesabilillah amwaataa bal ahyaa inda rabbihim.
Think not of those killed in the way of Allaah as dead, rather they are alive by their Lord

27. kutiba alaykum al Qitaal wa huwa kurhun lakum
Fighting has been prescribed upon you though you dislike it

28. numatti'uhum Qaleelan thumma nadturruhum ilaa adhaab galeeth
We grant them temporary enjoyment, and then We will drag them to the great punishment

29. kullu ummatee mu'aafaa illal mujaaharoon
All of my Ummah will be pardoned except those who expose (their sins)

30. inna allatheena kafaroo min ahlil kitaab wal mushrikeen fee naar jahannam khaalideena feehaa
Verily those who disbelieve from the ppl of the Book and the pagans, they will be in the fire of hell abiding in it forever