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Tafseer Surah Baqarah Contd [A Book with no Contradictions]- Shaikh Faisal


Muslim Character (part 1)- Shaikh Faisal


Practicing Sentences -- 2.18.11

Practicing Sentences – 93
Instructor: Shaikh Faisal

Dated: 18/02/2011 14th Rabee’ Al-Awwal 1432

1. as-sayyaara lee
The car is mine

2. al qalam li Aisha
The pen is for Aisha

3. al mahmool li Amina
The mobile is for Amina

4. al haafila lil ma'had
The bus is for the institute

5. at-taawila lil mathaf
The table is for the museum

6. al mudeer fil maktab
The manager is in the office

7. ash-shaahina lahum
The truck is theirs

8. al fuloos lanaa
The money is ours

9. hal indaka walad yaa ahmad
Do you have a son, oh Ahmad?

10. Hal indaki fustaan jadid lil eid yaa zaynab?
Do you have a new dress for eid, oh zaynab?

11. Hal indakum khaleefa yaa muslimoon?
Do you have a khalifa oh Muslims?

12. hal indakum masjid kabeer li salatil eid yaa mu'minoon
Do you have a big masjid for the eid Salaah, oh Muslims?

13. Hal indakum namir fee hadeeqatil hayawaanaat yaa mudeer?
Do you have a tiger in the zoo, oh manager?

14. Hal youjad hisaan fil hadeeqa?
Is there a horse in the park?

15. Hal youjad laith fee hadeeqatil hayawaanaat?
Is there a lion in the zoo?

16. Hal youjad shaikh fil masjid mukhtass fil aqeeda?
Is there a shaykh in the masjid who specializes in Aqeeda?

17. Hal youjad ameer lil mujaahideen?
Is there a leader for the mujaahideen?

18. Hal youjad zawj saalih li khadija?
Is there a pious husband for khadeeja?

19. Hal youjad mustashfaa fee tilka al madina?
Is there a hospital in that city?

20. hal youjad masjid fee wasat al madina
Is there a masjid in the middle of the city?

21. Hal indaki malaabis li shahr al asal yaa Amina?
Do you have clothes for the honeymoon oh Amina?

22. Hal indakum asliha lil jihad yaa ikhwatee?
Do you have weapons for jihaad oh my brothers?

23. Hal indaki qalam wa daftar lid-dars yaa zaynab?
Do you have a pen and notebook for the lesson oh zaynab?

24. Hal indaka dawaa lil mareed yaa tabeeb?
Do u have medicine for the patient, oh doctor?

25. Hal indaka sayyaara jayyida wa munaasiba lis-safar yaa zayd?
Do you have a good and suitable car for traveling O zayd?

26. hal ladayka mahmool munaasib lin-net
Do you have a mobile which is suitable for the net?

27. Hal ladayka fuloos liz-zawaaj yaa Khalid?
Do you have money for marriage oh khaalid?

28. minal afdal an tatazawwaj Amina liannahaa jamila wa saaliha
It is better that you marry Amina coz she is beautiful and pious

29. minal afdal an laa tatazawwaj kaafira lianna laysat murabbiya munaasiba
It is better for you not to marry a kaafira because she is not suitable to raise the children

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Tafseer Surah Baqarah Contd [Belief in the Ghaib]- Shaikh Faisal


Diseases of the Heart [Conceitedness&Hypocrisy]- Shaikh Faisal


Practicing Sentences -- 2.17.11

Practicing Sentences – 92
Shaikh Faisal

Dated: 17/02/2011 13th Rabee’ Al-Awwal 1432

1. al Qur'an kitaab mubeen
The Qur'aan is a clear book

2. al Qur'an hujjah laka aw alayka
The Qur’aan is a proof for you or against you

3. anzala Allah al Qur'an fee ramadan
Allaah revealed the Qur'aan in Ramadhaan

4. yajooz lil haa'id an taqra al Qur'an
It is allowed for the menstruating woman to recite Qur'aan

5. wa'ada Allah al ummah bi hifd al Quran
Allah promised the ummah that the Quran will be protected

6. kaana jibreel yu'allim ar-rasool al Qur'an
Jibreel used to teach the prophet s.a.w the Qur’aan

7. anzala Allah al Qur'an fee sab'a ahruf
Allaah revealed the Qur'aan in 7 modes

8. al haafid insaan allathee yahfad al Qur'an kulluhu
The Haafidh is the person who has memorized the entire Qur'aan

9. li kulli harf ashara ujoor heena naqra al Qur'an
For every letter that we recite from Qur'aan is 10 blessings

10. yajib alaynaa an najtanib tafseer ar-raafida lil Qur'an
We should abstain from the Tafseers of the Qur'aan that are by the raafida

11. tafseer ibn katheer afdal kitaab fee taweel al Qur'an
Tafseer Ibn Katheer is the best book on the interpretation of the Qur'aan

12. man qaala fil Qur'an bi ra'yihi fal yatabawwa maq'adahu minan-naar
Whoever says anything about the Qur'aan with his opinion then let him prepare his seat in the fire

13. khairukum man ta'allam al Qur'an wa allamahu
The best of you are those who learn the Qur'aan and teach it to others

14. wa yassarnaa al Qur'an lith-thikr
And we have made the Qur'aan easy for remembrance

15. al Qur'an kalaamullah ghair makhlooq
The Qur'aan is the speech of Allaah which is not created

16. man ankara kalima fil Qur'an murtad
Whoever rejects one word of the Qur'aan is an apostate

17. allathee thukira fil Qur'an ma'loom min ad-deen bid-daroora
What is mentioned in the Quran is known by necessity

18. al kuffaar yureedoon harq al Qur'an min ajli hasad
The kuffaar want to burn the Qur'an out of envy

19. al Qur'an naasikh limaa qablahu
The Qur'aan abrogates what came before it

20. youjad asbaab an-nuzool li ayaat al Qur'an
There are reasons for the coming down of a verse of the Quran

21. toujad shuroot li man yureed an yufassir al Qur'an
There are conditions that have to be met for one who wishes to do tafsir of the Qur'an

22. suratul faatiha ummul Qur'an
Surah Al-Faati7a is the mother of the Qur'aan

23. laa yajooz qiraa'atul faatiha fee luga ghair al Arabia
It is not allowed to recite surah faatiha in any other language except Arabic

24. laa yajooz as-salah khalfa man laa yaqra sura faatiha jayyidan
It is not permissible to pray Salaah behind one who does not recite surah al-faatiha properly

25. Allah yuhibb qiraa'atul Qur'an bit-tarteel
Allah loves the recitation of the Qur'aan at a medium pace

26. ibn Abbas afdal man yufassir al Qur'an
Ibn Abbaas is the best commentator of the Qur'aan

27. al aalim zamakhshari fassara al Qur'an bil luga
The scholar Zamakhshari made Tafseer of the Qur'an with language

28. al aalim shinqayti fassara al Qur'an bil Qur'an
The scholar shinqayti made tafseer of the Qur'aan with Qur'aan

29. tafseer Qurtubi afdal tafseer fil fiqh
The tafseer of Qurtubi is the best tafseer in Islamic Jurisprudence

30. tafseer sayid Qutb afdal tafseer fee fiqhul waaqi
The tafsir of sayyid qutb is the best tafsir with regards to the current affairs

Conditions&Pillars of Tawheed- Abu Nusaybah