Friday, April 22, 2011

Notes: Jummah Khutbah: (Your 6 Sacred Posessions)- Shaikh Faisal

Jummah Khutbah: (Your 6 Sacred Posessions)
Shaikh Abdulllah Faisal
(friday 4.22.11)

 6 sacred possesions
 1, life
 2. wealth
 3. honour
 4. lineage
 5. knowledge
 6. deen
 >> sometimes you compromise life to protect the others
 >> death is a punishment for some of the crimes in the Islamic state (ie.homosexuality)
>> don’t compromise on one thing because it will never stop [2:120]
>> when you take life, you give life [2:179]
>> don’t play with guns/knifes

 2. wealth
 >> you cant steal from each other
 >> in islam, to protect wealth we cut of the hand of the thief

 3. izzah (honour)
 >> avoid 7 major sins- shirk, magic, murder, riba, eat the wealth of orphan, run from battlefield, slander believing ppious women
 >> people enter hellfire most because of their tounges
 >> dont use internet/ annonimity to slander ppl (this is not the behaviour of muttaqeen)
 >> A real muslim is the one from whom the other muslims are safe from his hands/tounge

 4. lineage
 >> we kill those who commit adultery
 >> women in west don’t know when their husband isn’t home they shudnt open the door to strange men (the worst is the brother-in-law)
 >> 1 in 10 kids in UK are bastard kids!

 5. aql (intellect)
 >> we prevent things from entering islamic state that will make you dumb (ie. drugs)
 >> drugs lead to addictions--> men become thiefs/ women become prostitutes
 >> if u r drunk (ie. alcohol), you may do things you wudnt do if you were sober, but it cant be used to escape justice

 6. deen
 >> when deviant aqeedah immerge, you need to send a scholar to debate and prove hujjah against them and humiliate them
 >> do what Ibn Abbas did, he was sent to debate the khwarij
 >> those who make taubah and came back to the correct aqeedah, their lives are spared
 >> those who insist on their deviant aqeedah, they are massacred
 >> only in the Islamic state can we do this because cults are not allowed within the Islamic state
 >> If you go to a kufaar country and go to 10 masjids, you hear 10 different Islam!

 >> only in the Islamic state can these be protected and safe-guarded

May Allah grant us an Islamic state so we can protect these, but until then Rasul(saw) has advised us to protect these to the best of our ability