Friday, April 8, 2011

Notes: Surah Ikhlas- Shaikh Faisal

Jummah Khutbah: (Surah Ikhlas)
Shaikh Abdulllah Faisal
(friday 4.08.11)

>> Surah Ikhlas= 1/3 of the Holy Quram
>> If you recite 3x you get the barakah of reciting the entire Quran!

Surah Al-Ikhlaas
1. Say (O Muhammad ()): "He is Allah, (the) One.
2. "Allah-us-Samad (The Self-Sufficient Master, Whom all creatures need, He neither eats nor drinks).
3. "He begets not, nor was He begotten;

Asbab al nuzul- cause of revelation (history behind the revelation)
The Arabs of Makkah came to the prophet and said we already know Allah, who is this Allah you are talking about?
>> The Arabs knew about Allah because Prophet Ibrahim had taught them and built the kabbah for the worshipo of Allah (the prophets father was Abdullah”)
>> Luay ibn Amr came back from Syria with an idol named “Hubal” and so the arabs abandoned what Ibrahim had taught them and began worshiping the idol to the extent they were worshipping 365 idools!
>> the Prophet had to come to bring them back to the religion of Ibrahim

>> The surah has characteristics of Makkah surah: short/straight to the point, talking about Tawheed
PPl today are doing opposite by calling the kuffar to Sharia
Aisha(ra) said if the first thing Allah had told the mmushriks to abandon zina/khamar/ and all their evil addictions, no one would have listened but the first thingh Allah called the ppl towards was tawheed
>> When Rasl(saw) send Muasd ibn Jabal to Yemen, he said you will find Jews/Christians.  The first thing u shud call the ppl to is tawheed.  He listened and his mission was successful
Hikmah: is the to do/say right things, in right time, place and right manner
>> Allah gives wisdom to whom he please and whoso is given it has been given goodness in aboundance [2:269]

In Arabian peninsula>>  some Arab tribes were Christians/jews/pagans
In Madinah>>  5 tribes: 3 jewish (banu kainuka, Banu Nadir and Banu Quraidah)/ 2 arabs (al-aws and al-khazraj)
>> Christians are pagans (council of Niceaà trinity)
>> Jews didn’t have a problem accepting Allah’s unity but they are racist
>> Pagans knew Allah, but wouldn’t single him out for worship
>> When kaafirs (atheists or pagans) are in trouble they call on Allah but then revert to disbelief when they feel secure again.  Kaafirs are opportunists [29:65]
>> If there had been more than one god governing the universe, both the heavens and earth would have been destroyed.  If there would be conflict who would back down?  And God doesn’t back down

>> Allah has no beginning or end
>> Allah didn’t ever come into existence, he has always existed
>> it is we who have come into existed, there was a time when we didn’t exist
>> creation has a beginning and an end
>> Allah doesn’t have any systems/needs/and he cannot die

>> he cannot beget (this is a human act and above the dignity/magesty of Allah)
>> this is to refute the Christians
>> Almost the seven heavens burst and the earth cleft asunder and the mountains reduce to powder/dust when they utter this lie! [19:88-91]
>> SubhanAllah- Allah is above all Human Imperfections
>>  Allah has the capacity to do all things, but there are some tings it is haram for Allah to do (Lie, Oppress ppl).  One of the things haram for Allah is to beget. 
>> How can he beget when he tells us he has no consort [6:101]
>> goes against text/intellect (naql or aql)

>> He has no co-equal
>> When Allag said to Iblis, why don’t you bow down to what I created with my own two hands?  Read it, Believe, Leave it [38:75]
>> Ppl don’t accept because they have shirk on their hearts/minds because they think of Allah as they think of a man (this why they cant accept that Allah has two hands but they don’t resemble our hands)
>> Allah has not given you authority to interpret the Quran.  Don’t speak about Allah with no knowledge [7:33]
>> If your hearts were pure like the sahabah, you would have no issues
>> Allah is on his arsh, some ppl have issues with this as well
>> Imam malik was asked how is Allah on his throne?  He said the word “on” is known, how Allah is over is throne is unknown to us, to believe Allah is on the arsh is wajib, to ask how he is on the arsh is biddah.  The he said I don’t see you anything as a trouble maker and kicked him out of the study-circle (because hypocrisy is contagious)
>> Allah tells us that 8 strong angels will be made to carry the throne [69:17].
>>If you have trouble to believe, you are a zindeewq [heretic)
>>If anyone invents something into this deen will be in heklfire
>>the worst biddah is not in matters in fiqh but in aqeedah (greatest fiqh is aqeedah/creed)

Rasul appointed a man to lead a battalion, the man always recite Al-Ikhlas in salat,  The ppl complained to the prophet when they got back and the prophet asked the man why he always recite Al-Ikhlas?  The man replied because he loves the surah since it tells him who Allah is.  Rasul told him that Angel Jibril informed him that Allah had forgiven him all his sins and granted him Jannah because of this!