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-52- The Etiquettes of Asking Questions

The Etiquettes of Asking Questions
By Shaikh Abdullah Faisal

(evening dars: 5.31.11)

The reason why this topic was prepared is that: Questions can cause fitnah
-- many people do not know the proper adab of asking questions

O you who believe! Ask not about things which, if made plain to you, may cause you trouble. (Al-Ma'idah 5:101)

-- the Companions of Muhammad (salah Allahu alayhe wasalam) were pious
-- and they genuinely wanted to seek knowledge

They ask you (O Muhammad SAW) concerning alcoholic drink and gambling. Say: "In them is a great sin, and (some) benefit for men, but the sin of them is greater than their benefit." (Al-Baqarah 2:219)

And they ask you concerning orphans. Say: "The best thing is to work honestly in their property, and if you mix your affairs with theirs, then they are your brothers. And Allâh knows him who means mischief (e.g. to swallow their property) from him who means good (e.g. to save their property). And if Allâh had wished, He could have put you into difficulties. Truly, Allâh is All-Mighty, All-Wise." (Al-Baqarah 2:220)

-- whenever you have orphans in your midst, it is easy to rob and oppress him
-- as they have no family to back him/her up
-- stay away from the major sins
-- robbing the orphan is one of the major sins

Abu Hurayra reported that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "The best house among the Muslims is the house in which orphans are well treated. The worst house among the Muslims is the house in which orphans are ill treated. I and the guardian of the orphan will be in the Garden like that," indicating his two fingers. [Bukhari]

-- when you look after orphans it means you are a good Muslim.
-- some Muslims will not marry widows and look after her children
-- some of the Muslims have picky parents, they will not allow their sons to marry a widow
-- Umm Salama was a widow, so if the Rasool (saws) married a widow, it is Sunnah to do so
-- there are sisters who are members of the room, they are widows, with children
-- and they complain that no-one will marry them
-- didn’t you know that Umm Salamah was a widow, why cant you follow the sunnah in this regard
-- Allah told you in Surah Balad 90:13-18

(It is) to free a slave, (13) And to feed in the day of hunger. (14) An orphan near of kin, (15) Or some poor wretch in misery, (16) And to be of those who believe and exhort one another to perseverance and exhort one another to pity. (17) Their place will be on the right hand. (Surah Balad 90:18)

-- The miskeen is so poor that he cannot find food...
-- don’t be like Mother Teresa who fed thousands of people in her life time
-- but died as a mushrik/kaafir

The Companions used to approach the Rasool for ilm (knowledge)

They question thee (O Muhammad) concerning menstruation. Say: It is an illness, so let women alone at such times and go not in unto them till they are cleansed. And when they have purified themselves, then go in unto them as Allah hath enjoined upon you. Truly Allah loveth those who turn unto Him, and loveth those who have a care for cleanness. (Al-Baqarah 2:222)

-- the people of the right hand means : the people of paradise (90:13-18)
-- they wanted to know if they were meant to have the same attitude of the Jews,
-- with regards to their wives during menstruation
-- they used to ask about all kinds of things..
-- the wives of the Rasool used to cook the food of the Rasool while menstruating

Muhammad used to kiss and suck Aisha's tongue while they were fasting (Sunaan Abu Dawud, 13.2380)

-- Menstruating women can even READ the QURAN
-- women are allowed to touch the Quran while menstruating : 56:79
-- Menstruating women can make Hajj
-- all rituals are compulsory upon them except the tawaf

Which (that Book with Allâh) none can touch but the purified (i.e. angels) (Al-Waqia 79)

They ask you (O Muhammad SAW) concerning alcoholic drink and gambling. Say: "In them is a great sin, and (some) benefit for men, but the sin of them is greater than their benefit." (Al-Baqarah 2:219)

Upon the world and the Hereafter. And they question thee concerning orphans. Say: To improve their lot is best. And if ye mingle your affairs with theirs, then (they are) your brothers. Allah knoweth him who spoileth from him who improveth. Had Allah willed He could have overburdened you. Allah is Mighty, Wise. (Al-Baqarah 220)

We set out with the Prophet for Hajj and when we reached Sarif I got my menses. When the Prophet came to me, I was weeping. He asked, "Why are you weeping?" I said, "I wish if I had not performed Hajj this year." He asked, "May be that you got your menses?" I replied, "Yes." He then said, "This is the thing which Allah has ordained for all the daughters of Adam. So do what all the pilgrims do except that you do not perform the tawaf round the Ka'ba till you are clean." Bukhari Volume 1, Book 6, Number 302

-- you should ask questions because you only want knowledge and you are sincere
-- some people ask you questions to challenge you
-- the Jews approached the Rasool and asked:
-- what will be the first food for the people who enter the paradise
-- the Rasool said, the meat of the whale

Narrated Anas: When the news of the arrival of the Prophet at Medina reached 'Abdullah bin Salam, he went to him to ask him about certain things, He said, "I am going to ask you about three things which only a Prophet can answer: What is the first sign of The Hour? What is the first food which the people of Paradise will eat? Why does a child attract the similarity to his father or to his mother?"

-- they asked him about the soul:
-- Not all questions have good intentions

The Prophet replied, "Gabriel has just now informed me of that." Ibn Salam said, "He (i.e. Gabriel) is the enemy of the Jews amongst the angels. The Prophet said, "As for the first sign of The Hour, it will be a fire that will collect the people from the East to the West. As for the first meal which the people of Paradise will eat, it will be the caudate (extra) lobe of the fish-liver.

And they ask you (O Muhammad SAW) concerning the Rûh (the Spirit); Say: "The Rûh (the Spirit): is one of the things, the knowledge of which is only with my Lord. And of knowledge, you (mankind) have been given only a little." (Al Isra 17:85)

-- Some question are for a challenge
-- why did they ask him about the soul (Ruh) : they asked him to challenge him

From Jaabir (radiyallaahu 'anhu) who said that Allaah's Messenger (salallaahu 'aliahi wa'sallam) said: Do not acquire knowledge in order to compete with the scholars, nor to argue with the ignorant, nor to gain mastery over the gatherings. Since whoever does that, then: The Fire! The Fire

-- You are not Allowed to ask a scholar a question as to challenge him
-- they ask questions to give you an impossible task ..

The people of the Scripture (Jews) ask you to cause a book to descend upon them from heaven. Indeed they asked Mûsa (Moses) for even greater than that, when they said: "Show us Allâh in public," but they were struck with thunderclap and lightning for their wickedness. Then they worshipped the calf even after clear proofs, evidences, and signs had come to them. (Even) so We forgave them. And We gave Mûsa (Moses) a clear proof of authority. (An-Nisa 153)

-- The kuffar of Qureshi, thought they would give the Rasool an impossible task
-- they approached the Rasool and said "if you are a real prophet, why cant you make the moon split"?
-- the people approached Saleh, and asked for a miracle : Allah gave them the she camel
-- they complained that the camel was drinking too much water
-- Story is found in Surah Shams 91

‘Whoever seeks knowledge in order to argue with foolish people, or to compete with people of knowledge, or to turn people’s faces towards him, then Allah (SWT) will put him in the Fire’(At-Tirmidhi 265)

-- they thought that the task was an impossible one, but it backfired on them
-- they saw the she-camel come out of a rock in front of their eyes

Al-Qamar In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful The Hour has drawn near, and the moon has been cleft asunder (the people of Makkah requested Prophet Muhammad SAW to show them a miracle, so he showed them the splitting of the moon). (1) Surah Qamar 54

And if they see a sign, they turn away, and say: "This is continuous magic." (2)

-- when a person wants to be a kaafir, he will find a million excuses remaining a kaafir
-- the kaafirs of Makkah, thought that by asking Muhammed for this impossible task
-- they would checkmate him, but again it backfired on the kuffar ..

It was Narrated by Anas bin Malik (may Allah be pleased with him): “The people of Mecca asked Allah’s Apostle to show them a miracle. So he showed them the moon split in two halves between which they saw the Hiram’ mountain. (Translation of Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, Book 58, Number 208)

-- a man asks questions to strike up a conversation with a beautiful woman :
-- he has the time on his cell phone, yet he will still ask the woman the time

And when you ask (his wives) for anything you want, ask them from behind a screen that is purer for your hearts and for their hearts. And it is not (right) for you that you should annoy Allâh's Messenger, nor that you should ever marry his wives after him (his death). Verily! With Allâh that shall be an enormity. (Al-Ahzab 33:53)

-- you are not supposed to use a question to familiarize yourself with a person of the opposite sex
-- Madinah had a lot of Munafiqoon
-- Not everyone in Medina were true MUSLIMS
-- the munafiqeen used to go to the Muslim women .. and ask them for s-x

Al-Ahzab O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies (i.e.screen themselves completely except the eyes or one eye to see the way). That will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed. And Allâh is Ever Oft¬Forgiving, Most Merciful (59)

Narrated Safiya bint Shaiba: 'Aisha used to say: "When (the Verse): "They should draw their veils over their necks and bosoms," was revealed, (the ladies) cut their waist sheets at the edges and covered their faces with the cut pieces." (Bukhari Book #60, Hadith #282)

-- some black kaafirs like to harass Muslim women pulling hijab from their heads
-- white kaafirs are worse because they ban the hijab itself
-- Surah 33:59 was used to checkmate the hypocrites
-- some times the question is rhetorical : they don’t expect the answer or need the answer

Verily! As for those whom the angels take (in death) while they are wronging themselves (as they stayed among the disbelievers even though emigration was obligatory for them), they (angels) say (to them): "In what (condition) were you?" They reply: "We were weak and oppressed on earth. " They (angels) say: "Was not the earth of Allâh spacious enough for you to emigrate therein?" Such men will find their abode in Hell - What an evil destination! (An-Nisa 4:97)

-- the angels know that the earth WAS SPACIOUS ENOUGH : so this is a RHETORICAL question
-- you love the dunya : you cannot make hijrah
-- The kuffar in Muslim countries are very oppressive to the MUSLIMS
-- the apostate regime is worse than the original kaafir regime ..
-- Rasool (saws), said, “I am innocent of the Muslims who live amongst the kuffar”
-- when they stop you from praying jummah, wearing hijab: it is fardhul ayn on you to make hijrah

I am free of every Muslim who lives among the Mushrikeen." We asked, "Why is that, O Messenger of Allah?" He replied, "Their fires should not be visible to one another." (Abu Daud)

If you are in a country where you cannot practice your DEAN,
---then it becomes Fard-Ayn for you to make Hijrah

Every time a group is cast therein, its keeper will ask:
-- "Did no warner come to you?" (Al-Mulk 67:8)
-- another ex. of rhetorical question Mulk 67:8
-- zabaniyah are angels who are responsible for dumping the kuffar in the hell fire only 19 angels

Every time a group is cast therein, its keeper will ask: "Did no warner come to you?" (Al-Mulk 67:8)

-- didn’t you have a Muslim at high school, neighbour, co-worker.. didn’t they invite you to Islam?
-- the kuffar admit , if only we had used our aql (intelligence) and listened

And We have set none but angels as guardians of the Fire, and We have fixed their number (19) only as a trial for the disbelievers, in order that the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) may arrive at a certainty [that this Quran is the truth as it agrees with their Books (Al-Muddaththir 74:31)

What symbol doth Allah intend by this?" Thus doth Allah leave to stray whom He pleaseth, and guide whom He pleaseth; and none can know the forces of thy Lord except He, and this is no other than a warning to mankind. (Al-Muddaththir 31)

-- the angel Gabriel taught Muhammed to recite the Quran :
-- the prophet was filled with zeal to learn the Quran

Al-Qiyama Move not thy tongue concerning the (Qur'an) to make haste therewith. (16) It is for Us to collect it and to promulgate it: (17) But when We have promulgated it, follow thou its recital (as promulgated): (18) Nay more, it is for Us to explain it (and make it clear): (19)

-- the angels know about the zeal of the prophets ..
-- Yunus was in the belly of the whale and was reciting :
-- laa ilaha ila Anta... subhanaka ini kuntu mina dhalimeen
-- The angels interceded for Yunus
-- the angels begged Allah to give Yunus a second chance
-- No body is allowed to say they are better than Yunus
-- the Munafiqoon like to ask questions (and this exposes their nifaq)
-- you can tell a person is a munafiqh, by the questions a person asks
-- a man came to Hasan al Basri : asking about the fitnah of Mu’awiyah and Ali

The Prophet said, "Nobody has the rights to say that I am better than Jonah bin Matta." Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Number 154

-- the answer was : Surah Baqarah 2:134

Al-Baqara That was a nation who has passed away. They shall receive the reward of what they earned and you of what you earn. And you will not be asked of what they used to do (134)

-- that nation has already passed away :
-- they shall reap what they sow and you shall reap what they sow and
-- you shall not be asked about them on the day of judgment
-- did you know that a munafiqh asks questions that only Allah knows,

They ask you about the Hour (Day of Resurrection): "When will be its appointed time?" Say: "The knowledge thereof is with my Lord (Alone). None can reveal its time but He. Heavy is its burden through the heavens and the earth. It shall not come upon you except all of a sudden." They ask you as if you have a good knowledge of it. Say: "The knowledge thereof is with Allâh (Alone) but most of mankind know not." (Al-Araf 187)

-- Munafiqh like to ask question that only Allah Ta'Ala can answer
-- man came to the study circle of Imam Malik : he asked how is Allah on the Arsh :
-- Imam Malik replied , ON IS KNOWN : HOW IS UNKNOWN :
-- Imam milk kicked a man out of his study circle
-- I don’t see you as anything but a trouble maker, and kicked him out of his study circle :
-- because cancer is like nifaq : it is contagious

Imam Malik
-- some people like to ask questions that only Allah can answer
-- a munafiqh thinks he is clever

Had We willed, We could have shown them to you, and you should have known them by their marks; but surely, you will know them by the tone of their speech! And Allâh knows (all) your deeds. (Muhammad 30)

-- did you know that you can tell if a person is a fool by the question he is asking
-- a man came and sat in front of Abu Hanifah, he (was well dressed) looked like a dignitary of the city. the man asked Abu Hanifah a stupid ridiculous question: Abu Hanifah said, "at last abu Hanifah gets to stretch out his leg again"

-- the man asked if he could make hajj in Ramadan !
-- some questions are asked to "de-bunk" your opponent

Luqman And if you (O Muhammad SAW) ask them: "Who has created the heavens and the earth," they will certainly say: "Allâh." Say: "All the praises and thanks be to Allâh!" But most of them know not. (25) This is the creation of Allâh. So show Me that which those (whom you worship), besides Him have created. Nay, the Zâlimûn (polytheists, wrong¬doers and those who do not believe in the Oneness of Allâh) are in plain error. (Luqman 31:11)

-- these idols are created By Allah. they cannot create anything! these questions are to debunk the idol worshipper

A questioner questioned concerning the doom about to fall (1) Upon the disbelievers, which none can repel, (2) Surah (Al-Maarij 70:2)

-- some questions are asked out of anxiety
-- they are indulging in haraam and it bothers them , so they ask:
-- they are indulging in haraam and it bothers them , so they ask,
-- if I drink/commit zina/ commit many sins, "can I go to paradise"
-- a man might have a brother who committed suicide, he will ask about this as he is anxious..
-- sometimes the kuffar realize that Islam is the truth

Verily, those who disbelieve (in the religion of Islâm, the Qur'ân and Prophet Muhammad (SAW)) from among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) and Al-Mushrikûn will abide in the Fire of Hell. They are the worst of creatures. Al-Bayyina

-- a kaafir realizes that Islam is the truth,,.. so he asks you .. if I hold on the my kufr, can I go to paradise, Allah did not sugar coat the truth, you must also deliver the truth


-- asking about your (Muslim) brothers wife, was she a virgin..

On the authority of Abu Hurairah, who said : The messenger of Allah said Part of someone's being a good Muslim is his leaving alone that which does not concern him. Hadith Nawawi No. 12

-- a sister rang shaikh when he was in UK.. the brother asked questions that she thought were inappropriate : he asked about her underwear size
-- a sister asked about the size of the brothers genitalia:
-- shaikh was told at university : a woman can divorce her husband if his genitalia is too short !
-- be prepared to answer questions if you have proposed to a sister:
-- she will ask all the questions she can!!
-- it is her right to know what situation (what kind of man she will be marrying) she is getting into

Prophet Muhammad said: “Who protects his tongue from unlawful utterances and his private parts from illegal sexual intercourse, I shall guarantee him entrance into Paradise.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

-- the Rasool said, the promises... that you are to keep the most are the ones regarding marriage
-- you are allowed to ask a question EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW THE ANSWER
-- it is Halal
-- if you come to a room like this one : and you know that a Shia is in the room
-- you can ask a question like "did Aisha commit adultery" :: "is the Quran corrupted"
-- if you know there is someone who needs to know the aqeedah of ASWJ.
-- you can ask a question to educate that person
-- you have asked the shaikh to provide you evidence from Quran, sunnah and the classical scholars

Say (O Muhammad SAW to the people of the Scripture): "Shall I inform you of something worse than that, regarding the recompense from Allâh: those (Jews) who incurred the Curse of Allâh and His Wrath, those of whom (some) He transformed into monkeys and swines, those who worshipped Tâghût (false deities); such are worse in rank (on the Day of Resurrection in the Hellfire), and far more astray from the Right Path (in the life of this world)." (Al-Maida 60)

-- we say to them :
--Are you saying that Allah was over reacting when He turned the Jews into apes and swine

Ibn Taymiyyah said: And it is known from the religion (of Islam) by necessity and by the consensus of all Muslims that whoever legalizes to follow other than the religion of Islam or a Sharia other than the Sharia of Muhammad (SAW), he is a Kaafir. And his kufr is similar to that of the one who believes in some part of the book (Quran) and reject some of it. Majmua Al-Fataawa: Vol 28, p. 524

And his kufr is similar to that of the one who believes in some part of the book (Quran) and reject some of it. Majmua Al-Fataawa: Vol 28, p. 524.

-- no one quotes from Ibn Taymiyyah more than a Saudi Salafi, [yet they seem to skip this fatwa somehow ? ]
-- the stench of your hypocrisy is excruciating, obnoxious, untenable, repugnant !
-- the angel came to the Rasool and asked 5 questions: what is Islam : eeman : ihsan : judgment day : signs before judgment day

1) What is Islam 2) What is eeman 3) What is ihsan 4) When is the Day of Judgment 5) What are the signs for it

Umar said we have never seen the man before , the prophet said that the angel Gabriel had come to teach you your deen : when the prophet provided the answers to these questions : he was teaching the Muslims

Some people ask incriminating questions
-- mi5 questions like, are we allowed to rob a bank in daar al harb/kufr
-- Not every questioner is Sincere
-- don’t be like the Jews: a man killed another, Musa informed them : Allah told them to sacrifice a cow so this would bring the murdered man back to life so he could reveal his killer

And (remember) when Mûsa (Moses) said to his people: "Verily, Allâh commands you that you slaughter a cow." They said, "Do you make fun of us?" He said, "I take Allâh's Refuge from being among Al-Jâhilûn (the ignorant or the foolish)." (Al-Baqarah 67)

-- Jews have a record of being rebellious to Allah’s Hakimiyya
-- the Rasool said, that had those Jews gone and scarified any cow.. Allah would have accepted it
-- the Rasool said : Allah didn’t reveal some of His names
-- sometimes a person asks a question to wake you up
-- some people ask a question to wake you up

Whither then go ye? (At-Takwir 81:26)

-- fa ayna tadhaboon ? where are you going /
-- wont you think / reflect / ponder / contemplate

Then where are you going? (At-Takwir 26)

Do they not then consider the Qur'ân carefully? Had it been from other than Allâh, they would surely have found therein many contradictions. (An-Nisa 82)