Tuesday, May 31, 2011

-53- The Killers of the Prophets

Tafseer Surah Baqarah: The Killers of the Prophets

By Shaikh Abdullah Faisal

(morning dars: 5.31.11)

The previous books before the Quran has been corrupted

The only book that cannot be tampered with is the Qur'an

Have you ever met a hafiz of the torah? Zaboor? No, only the Quran

***only the Quran has been memorized by hafiz

The only hafiz we have is the hafiz of the Quran: the greatest miracle of Muhammad saw

The Quran is revealed in a rhythmic form, hence why it is easy to memorize.

Who is more evil, the man who tampers with an altered cheque?

Or the man who tampers with the Qur'an?

Prophet Muhammad saw said the worst man on Judgment Day is the man:
--who was killed by a prophet or tried to kill a prophet

Allah said the yahood changed kalamullah (torah) and they wrote their own book:
--Talmud and preferred their book over the Torah
--The Talmud is the tafseer of the Torah

Shaytan was the first rationalist

Al-Baqarah 2:75 Do you (faithful believers) covet that they will believe in your religion in spite of the fact that a party of them (Jewish rabbis) used to hear the Word of Allah [the Taurat (Torah)], and then they used to change it knowingly after they understood it?

The worst con artist is not the one who cons you out of your money but

--the one who cons you of your deen
--because they put your hereafter in jeopardy


Do not follow a wicked scholar and expect Allah to let you off
--because Allah give you your own Aql (intellect)
--He (swt) gave you a brain, so use it!
--if you don’t use your brain, you are no longer a human being
--you have lost your status and are now classified as a beast

Verily! The worst of (moving) living creatures with Allâh are the deaf and the dumb, who understand not (i.e. the disbelievers) (Al-Anfal 22)

You are classified as the worst of beasts!

Do not come on the Day of Judgment and blame your parent for being a Christian, Hindu
--or any other religion: Allah (tala) gave you aql:
--Shaikh was only 16 when he realized Christianity was wrong!!!!
--don’t blame your parents, Allah gave you a brain!

Or lest you should say: "It was only our fathers a foretime who took others as partners in worship along with Allâh, and we were (merely their) descendants after them; will You then destroy us because of the deeds of men who practised Al-Bâtil (i.e. polytheism and committing crimes and sins, invoking and worshipping others besides Allâh)?" (Tafsir At-Tabarî) (Al-Araf 173)

Allah says, “Don’t use ignorance as an excuse as I won’t accept it!”

--the worst human being is the wicked scholar!
--Nabi (saw) said, “My biggest fear is the wicked scholars of the ummah”
--when you hear the priests preach god has a son, why don’t you use your aql?
--question them, “How could God bare a son?”
--Prophet Muhammad (saws) said, "A believer is not bitten in the same hole twice"

The Prophet said: ‘A believer is not stung from the same hole twice.’(Sahîh Bukhârî, Sahîh Muslim)

The wise man learns from his mistakes, but the man who is wiser:
--learns from the mistake of others, so he don’t make the same mistakes
--you cannot change the Quran
--because they can’t change Quran they try to give dodgy fatwas
--according to the Shia, the cow in Surah al Baqarah is Aisha (ra)

And (remember) when Mûsa (Moses) said to his people: "Verily, Allâh commands you that you slaughter a cow." They said, "Do you make fun of us?" He said, "I take Allâh's Refuge from being among Al-Jâhilûn (the ignorant or the foolish)." (Al-Baqarah 67)

Shias tafseer - When Allah says 'he frowned' they say “he” is Abu Jahl not Muhammad (saw)

And verily, you (O Muhammad SAW) are on an exalted (standard of) character. (4)
Al-Haaqqa 68:4

Allah says, “Muhammad is at the peak of good character”

--Shia say how can Muhammad (saws) frown?
--you cannot corrupt the Quran it is impossible

Verily We: It is We Who have sent down the Dhikr (i.e. the Qur'ân) and surely, We will guard it (from corruption) Al-Hijr 15:9

The hypocrites cannot change the Quran so they try to give dodgy tafseer of the Holy Quran

The Jews change the kalam Allah
--the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said the Muslims will follow the Jews, inch by inch step by step

--you will find people trying to change Islam
--“There’s no need to do jihad, let’s just vote!”
-- a fatwa of hypocrites: you’re allowed to join the kaafir army and kill the mujahideen

--to dismantle the laws of Allah is a minor offense" - the fatwa of dodgy scholars

Say (O Muhammad SAW to the people of the Scripture): "Shall I inform you of something worse than that, regarding the recompense from Allâh: those (Jews) who incurred the Curse of Allâh and His Wrath, those of whom (some) He transformed into monkeys and swines, those who worshipped Tâghût (false deities); such are worse in rank (on the Day of Resurrection in the Hell¬fire), and far more astray from the Right Path (in the life of this world)." (Maida 60)

They can’t get away with these fatwas because the Prophet Muhammad (saws) said:
--“My ummah will never be united upon an error"
--All these scholars who pass these dodgy scholars will be refuted and exposed

Those who believe, fight in the Cause of Allâh, and those who disbelieve, fight in the cause of Tâghût (Satan,). So fight you against the friends of Shaitân (Satan); Ever feeble indeed is the plot of Shaitân (Satan). (An-Nisa 76)

This is the ayah which is used by the sincere scholars to refute the people who believe they can join the kufr army (the army of taghoot)

A person who becomes a wicked scholar only lives for the dunya

Nay, you prefer the life of this world, (16) Although the Hereafter is better and more lasting. (17) (Al-Ala 87:16-17)

A scholar is able to go to the gates of the leader if they are judging by the Shariah

One of the scholars beside Umar was Ali (ra)
--Umar said "What if I forget something?"

When Umar (ra) was caliph, a woman committed adultery, he was going to stone her to death.

--Ali interfered and stopped

--when Umar was a caliph, a woman had an affair, Umar was going to stone her to death, Ali stopped him, and set her free. then Ali went to the office of Umar and said "how can you stone a mad woman to death because nabi saw said the pen is lifted for 3:

1) mad person
2) sleeping man
3) the child

There is a difference between the wicked scholar and the sinful scholar
1) sinful scholar - has a secret girlfriend
2) the wicked scholar - tries to change Islam - is a kaafir

Ibn Taymiyyah used to make takfir on the wicked scholars

The pen is lifted from three (i.e., their deeds are not recorded): the sleeper until he awakes, the child until he grows up, and the insane until he regains his sanity or regains consciousness.” This was narrated by the authors of Sunan and classed as Saheeh by al-Albaani in al-Irwa’, No. 297

FATWA 35/373 "A scholar who abandons what has learnt from the Quran and the Sunnah and follows a ruler who does not rule in accordance with the teaching of Allah and His Messenger is an apostate and a disbeliever who deserves punishment in this world and in the hereafter " Fatawa Ibn Taymiyyah, Volume 35/373

“What can my enemies do to me? I have in my breast both my heaven and my garden. If I travel they are with me, never leaving me. Imprisonment for me is a chance to be alone with my Lord. To be killed is martyrdom and to be exiled from my land is a spiritual journey.’ Ibn Taymiyyah

Another reason for wicked scholars is because the ummah forces them to give dodgy fatwas.