Saturday, May 28, 2011

Practicing Sentences -- 5.28.11

Practicing Sentences – 135
Shaikh Faisal

Dated: 28/05/2011 25th Jumaad At-Thaani 1432

1. al mar'a taqiyya
The woman is pious

2. al mar'a saabira
The woman is patient

3. al mar'a saaliha
The woman is righteous

4. al mar'a kafeefa
The woman is blind

5. al mar'a ghaniyya
The woman is rich

6. al mar'a qaseera
The woman is short

7. al mar'a taweela
The woman is tall

8. al mar'a naheefa
The woman is slim

9. al mar'a sameena
The woman is fat

10. al mar'a jaalisa fil maktaba
The woman is sitting in the library

11. al mar'a jaalisa tahta ash-shajara
The woman is sitting under the tree

12. al mar'a jaalisa alal kursee
The woman is sitting on the chair

13. al mar'a jaalisa fis – sayyaara
The woman is sitting in the car

14. al mar'a jaalisa fit - taa'ira
The woman is sitting in the plane

15. al mar'a jaalisa fil haafila
The woman is sitting in the bus

16. al mar'a jaalisa fil Qitaar
The woman is sitting in the train

17. al mar'a jaalisa fish – shaahina
The woman is sitting in the truck

18. al mar'a jaalisa fid – dabbaaba
The woman is sitting in the tank

19. al mar'a mudarrisa
The woman is a teacher

20. al mar'a tabeeba
The woman is a doctor

21. al mar'a mumarrida
The woman is a nurse

22. al mar'a ta'mal fis – saydaliyya
The woman works at the chemist

23. al mar'a ta'mal fil mathaf
The woman works at the museum

24. al mar'a baydaa
The woman is white

25. al mar'a sawdaa
The woman is black

26. al mar'a samraa
The woman is brown

27. al mar'a mutahajjiba
The woman wears Hijaab

28. al mar'a ghair mutabarrija
The woman is not one who goes out without Hijaab

29. al mar'a munaqqaba
The woman wears Niqaab

30. al mar'a mutazawwija mundhu arba'3een sana
The woman has been married for forty years

31. al mar'a min almaania
The woman is from Germany

32. al mar’a min nims
The woman is from Austria

33. al mar'a min majar
The woman is from Hungary

34. al mar'a min al yaabaan
The woman is from Japan

35. al mar’a min al hind
The woman is from India

36. al mar’a min as-seen
The woman is from China

37. al mar'a mujtahida fid – diraasa
The woman is hard working in her studies

38. al mar'a jundiyya lillah
The woman is a soldier for Allaah

39. al mar'a taaliba fee jaamia ummul Quraa fee makkah
The woman is a student at the Ummul Quraa University in Makkah

40. al mar'a mutakharrija minal jaamia
The woman graduated from the University