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-102- Weaknesses of Mankind (3 of 3)

The Weaknesses of Mankind (3 of 3)
By Shaikh Abdullah Faisal

(evening dars: 6.27.11)

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Recapping the weaknesses from parts 1 and 2:
1. People like to show off
2. People are wasteful with the bounties of Allah 'tala
3. People like to borrow money and not pay it back
4. Laziness (spiritual, physical, intellectual)
5. People like to beg
6. S-xual promiscuity (intimacy)
7. People have treachery
8. People have low self-esteem / inferiority complex

Example: Michael Jackson - his father laughed @ his big nose
--this can be devastating and causes you to have plastic surgery
--his own father messed him up psychologically
--some black people bleach themselves to lighten their skin color
--when people are embarrassed, it's because others laugh @ them
--it's haraam to laugh @ people

Let not a group scoff at another group (Al-Hujurat 49:11)

Al-Infitar 82:8 Into whatsoever form He will, He casteth thee. (8)

People spend hours in the sun to get a 'tan'
--white people wish they were black / black people wish they were white color
--people are ungrateful to His Lord
--we mean SOME people (not all) people are this way
--if uneducated, people have low self esteem
--if your husband will 'put you down'
--we have responsibility to our children
--the best names ... Abdullah and Abdul Rahman
--we should pick names w/ care
--we should give positive reinforcement
--if you tell a child they are stupid: they believe it

"The most beloved of your names to Allah - the Mighty and Magnificent - are 'Abdullah and 'Abdur-Rahman" (Reported by Muslim & Abu Dawud)

--there's also negative reinforcement

9. People can be compulsive liars
10. People do gluttony (over-eating) or Anorexia
11. Stinginess
12. People lead someone on
12. People lead someone on
13. People refuse to change their views

An-Nisa 4:119 And surely I will lead them astray, and surely I will arouse desires in them, and surely I will command them and they will cut the cattle' ears, and surely I will command them and they will change Allah's creation. Whoso chooseth Satan for a patron instead of Allah is verily a loser and his loss is manifest. (119)

14. People are envious
15. People spread Mischief w/ their tongue

A Muslim is one whom other people are safe from his tongue and his hand. (Bukhari)

"A Muslim is the one from whose hands and tongue other Muslims are safe." [Tirmidhi]

16. People have 2 faces
--you go to one crowd and then change it
--you wabble

“One of the worst people is a double-faced man, who comes to one group with one face and to another group with a totally different face.” (Related by Al-Bukhari).

--people say if I get into power I will do this [close Guantanamo Bay]
--and so they flip flop
--the politicians are hypocrites

4 signs of a hypocrite / munafiqh
1) When he speaks he lies
2) He breaks promises
3) He proves to be treacherous
4) He disputes w/ abusive language

Shaikh in Africa:
--roads and schools and highways were in dis-repair
--but the politicians had money
--the people suffered
--they have 50 different faces!

17. People like to steal: Kleptomania
--they don't need to steal but they do
--Winona Ryder is an actress who makes $15 mil USD
--but she was convicted of shoplifting a few items

18. People are time wasting
--even rich people coming to your house party is not necessarily safe
--not only poor people steal
--kleptomania is MOSTLY people who HAVE money
--it is a psychiatric disease
--people of taqwah do not steal: they FEAR ALLAH TALA
--HADITH: don't feed people unless they are righteous

Winona convicted of stealing clothes

--only invite righteous people to your home
--no need to be on edge; invite the sincere believers
--live in a secret place

Abu Dawud (41:4832) - The Messenger of Allah [said] "Do not keep company with anyone but a believer and do not let anyone eat your food but one who is pious."

--kleptomaniacs NEED to steal
--you work hard to prepare meals for hypocrites.. what is this? does that make sense?
--allow righteous people to eat your food
--kaafiroon: if you're invited them to give dawah, this si fine, but be careful
--anyone who invades Iraq, suffers (it is the land of Ibrahim)
--look what happened to Mongolia
--you can't invade them and get away w/ it
--Brits did it in the 1st World War w/ chemicals: they are now in the dustpan of history
--the curse of Allah will be upon you: ANYONE who invades Iraq

19. People have Pessimism
--"I won't get married, what if he finds a weakness in me?"
--"I won't start a business, it might fail"
--"I can't go to Mecca on a plane ... it might crash"
--these people look on the dark side of life

The Prophet (peace be upon him) related to us that Allah says: “I am as My servant thinks of Me. I am with him when he remembers Me. If he mentions Me within himself, I mention him within Myself. If he mentions Me in an assembly, I mention him in a better assembly.
If he comes near to Me a handspan, I come near to him the distance of a cubit. If he comes near to Me the distance of a cubit, I come near to him the distance of two outspread arms. If he comes to Me walking, I come to him running.” [Sahih al-Bukhârî (6856) and Sahîh Muslim (4832)]

-“I come to him running: - say this at speed
--no room for pessimism in Islam

20. People are addicted to Hallucinogens

Shaikh in prison:
--Shaikh encountered people who needed drugs in prison
--they had their wives bring them in wrapped in plastic (condoms)
--she puts them in her mouth then kiss the husband or boyfriend
--that man swallowed the plastic and waited for him to eliminate it
--then he takes the drugs out and uses some / sells the others
--drugs is for people w/o taqwah
--a kaafir has no protecting friend
--men whose wives cheat, drink alcohol to numb the pain
--if they lose a child, they drink to numb pain

Shaikh speaking to friends:
--he commented how pious was his wife but the man said
--‘ Oh Shaikh my wife drinks’
--she lost her child before she accepted Islam
--she is so pious but still losing her favorite child, she drinks to numb her pain
--mothers mourn children's death forever (ameen)
--these kaafirs use escapism to numb their pain, disappointments
--they think they can't cope w/o drugs and alcohol

21. Wahn = Cowardice
--there's no room in Islam for fearing death

The Prophet (saw) "Whoever dies and he does not fight nor does he ever intend to fight (prepares for it) then he dies on a branch of hypocrisy" (Muslim)

--your natural resources will be plundered if you do not do jihad or make intention to do it
--1000s of Muslimahs are being raped in Iraq by the kufaar armies

22. People like to spread gossip

23. They abuse each other in front of their kids
--the end up in dysfunctional families
--can give the kids emotional and psychological problems

24. Pedophilia
--why do men go to the Internet, using a credit card to d/l child pornography?
--Scotland Yard has vice officers who need counseling after seeing all this porn
--sometimes 50,000 images of children
--pedophilia has become rife
--the Internet makes it easier but using a credit card
--is a good way for you to be tracked

Gerontophile - a man who has a weakness to grandmothers
Zoolophile - a man with a weakness for animals
Pedophile – weakness for a child

--if he does this w/ a daughter, it is incest,
--so this man must be murdered
--if it's his relative, it is incest
--if it is a man w/ a boy = homos-xual so then he is to be murdered
--these are according to Shariah laws
--some men can be ordered to pay compensation for destroying virginity
--sometimes the price is $2000 USD for a Saudi girl
--to 'deflower' her (virginity removed)
--her hymen must be replaced so she is a virgin @ her nikah

25. People can to be too trusting
--you give salaams and think they can be trusted
--one of the signs of the last days is people can't be trusted

26. People are ungrateful to Allah tala and to each other
--when a man is ungrateful to Allah, to the CREATOR
--then he is ungrateful to the creation (ummah)
--kaafir means ungrateful person
--it causes to the hellfire (ungratefulness)

The Prophet said: "I was shown the Hell-fire and that the majority of its dwellers were women who were ungrateful." It was asked, "Do they disbelieve in Allah?" (or are they ungrateful to Allah?) He replied, "They are ungrateful to their husbands and are ungrateful for the favors and the good (charitable deeds) done to them. Bukhari