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-73- Yusuf & Zulaikha Vol. 2

Yusuf & Zulaikha ~ Volume 2
by Shaikh Abdullah Faisal

(evening dars: 6.10.11)

In the last lecture, we stopped at ayah 22 Surah Yusuf

Thus did We establish Yûsuf (Joseph) in the land, that We might teach him the interpretation of events. And Allâh has full power and control over His Affairs, but most of men know not (21) And when he [Yûsuf (Joseph)] attained his full manhood, We gave him wisdom and knowledge (the Prophethood), thus We reward the Muhsinûn (doers of good - see V.2112). (YUSUF22)

-- there is a reason that Allah gave him knowledge and hikmah when he became a man
-- reason being that people would not have gravitas (be in awe of his presence) of a child
-- if you are a child people will not take you seriously
-- Allah did not give him only knowledge, Allah gave him knowledge and wisdom
-- the reason for this is because when you have knowledge and no wisdom
-- you become a disaster for yourself and others
-- knowledge without wisdom is a recipe for disaster

And she, in whose house he was, sought to seduce him (to do an evil act), and she closed the doors and said "Come on, O you." He said "I seek refuge in Allâh (or Allâh forbid)! Truly, he (your husband) is my master! He made my living in a great comfort! (So I will never betray him). Verily, the Zâlimûn (wrong and evil-doers) will never be successful." (YUSUF23)

A person who commits zina is not successful, he can not hold down a relationship
-- some people come out of jaahiliyyah as a psychopath
-- those who commit zina are not successful emotionally or financially
-- you are not successful spiritually when you commit zina
-- who would pray behind an imam who commits zina?
-- you cannot be successful spiritually, it takes away the noor from your face

When Uthman was the caliph
-- a man came to the masjid Uthman said "I can see zina in your eyes"
-- the man asked him, "is there a prophet after Muhammed (saw)
-- Uthman replied "NO" but this is the insight of the believer
-- beware of the firaasa of the Muslim (firaasa = intuition)
-- people in jaahiliyyah think that (practicing) Muslims are stupid
-- some of these Muslims have been in jaahiliyyah so they know what is happening in the world
-- a lot of those who are practicing today used to be in nightclubs and committing zina
-- a Muslim in London had slept with 50 women in jaahiliyyah
-- they think they can con the Muslims, that they are stupid
-- the best of you in jaahiliyyah are the best in Islam ...

Umar said, that if you do not know jaahiliyyah, then you can not know Islam

“The best of you in the time of ignorance (Jaahiliyyah) will be the best of you in Islam, only if you attain the understanding (Faquhu).” (Related by Bukhari and Muslim)

-- you leave Christianity to join "Snake Nazim" - what’s the point?
-- the only time you become best in Islam is when you have the correct aqeedah (ASWJ)
-- the kuffar are suffering in their jaahiliyyah you will never know reality
-- what you have doesn’t mean you can go to jaahiliyyah to find out
-- but it is compulsory on you to know your current events ( fiqh al waqi'a )
-- a man who sleeps around is financially bankrupt there is no such a thing as free romance

"...Verily, the Zâlimûn (wrong and evil-doers) will never be successful." (YUSUF 23)

-- when you go to Jannah you get 2 wives but its not free, you have paid in the dunya struggling , abandoning the things you love best as a shaheed you get 72 you have spilt your blood and sacrificed your lives

Verily, Allâh has purchased of the believers their lives and their properties for (the price) that theirs shall be the Paradise. They fight in Allâh's Cause, so they kill (others) and are killed. It is a promise in truth which is binding on Him in the Taurât (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel) and the Qur'ân. And who is truer to his covenant than Allâh? Then rejoice in the bargain which you have concluded. That is the supreme success. (TAWBAH111) >>> 9/11!!

-- according to Shariah law, if you do not give your wife money to do weekly shopping:
-- you have lost your sexual rights why? because you have failed to maintain and provide
-- no woman is going to go to bed with you for free you have to spoil her and pamper her

"..Men are the protectors and maintainers of women.." (NISA34)

A man who has 10 girlfriends - how is he going to be financially, emotionally or physically
--they end up with STD's

"Truly, he (your husband) is my master! He made my living in a great comfort! (So I will never betray him). Verily, the Zâlimûn (wrong and evil-doers) will never be successful." (YUSUF23)

-- if zina becomes widespread in society murder also becomes widespread
-- Imam Shafi said zina is a debt that you owe if you seduce someone’s sister, wife or daughter
-- someone will do that to you
-- you think women don’t lust? They do!
-- because of the hormones of a woman and man Allah told us in 24:31

"And tell the believing women to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts).." (NUR31)

-- whenever a woman looks at a man lustfully, she looks at his body parts!
-- there is even a male stripper business in UK
-- Zulaiyka had her needs, her husband could not get an erection (he was impotent)
-- every human has five needs: emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, and financial
-- Yusuf was a young handsome man
-- her husband ‘the aziz’ was impotent and sterile
-- he married a pretty woman so people wouldn’t know about his impotence
-- it’s haraam to marry when you know that you are impotent
-- Viagra is only halal out of desperation it causes people to have heart attacks
-- all over the world the woman of the household has affair with their gardeners/ drivers etc
-- when the daughter of the Rasool (Fatima) asked for a house maid,
-- the Rasool taught her to do the tasbeeh [subhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar]

And indeed she did desire him and he would have inclined to her desire, had he not seen the evidence of his Lord. Thus it was, that We might turn away from him evil and illegal sexual intercourse. Surely, he was one of Our chosen, (guided) slaves. (YUSUF24)

-- Allah said, that if he didn’t see the evidence of his Lord what was this evidence ?
-- the words that are found in Surah 172 Allah didn’t say don’t commit zina
-- He (swt) said DO NOT COME NEAR TO ZINA

And come not near to the unlawful sexual intercourse. Verily, it is a Fâhishah [i.e. anything that transgresses its limits (a great sin)], and an evil way (that leads one to Hell unless Allâh forgives him). (ISRA32)

-- the words that are found in Surah 17:32 Allah didn’t say don’t commit zina
-- He said DO NOT COME NEAR TO ZINA *******
-- Yusuf saw written in the sky this sign do not come near zina

Thus it was, that We might turn away from him evil and illegal sexual intercourse. Surely, he was one of Our chosen, (guided) slaves. (YUSUF24)

-- Moses killed a man Abraham told 3 lies Adam ate from the haraam tree
-- Nuh asked a question he shouldn’t have but NO prophet committed zina!

2 types of sincere people mukhlas = mukhlis
--mukhlas is the one who is sincere and Allah accepts his sincerity because he is on the right aqeedah
--mukhlis is the one who is sincere but they are WRONG on the wrong aqeedah (creed)

So Zulaikha raced to the door and she tore the shirt from the back of Yusuf
-- then she found her husband at the door!

So they raced with one another to the door, and she tore his shirt from the back. They both found her lord (i.e. her husband) at the door. She said "What is the recompense (punishment) for him who intended an evil design against your wife, except that he be put in prison or a painful torment?" (YUSUF25)

-- prison existed in the time of the pharaoh
-- if you agree to do something wrong with a person when they get caught,
-- they will put the blame on you
-- Shaikh in Belmarsh: many prisoners become "supergrass" (informant)
-- they call them the queen’s evidence
-- Scotland yard said you are going to jail for 20 years but if you become the queen’s evidence
-- we will cut your sentence in half : many criminals have no honour
-- so when Scotland yard give them a deal they take it :
-- the young and hot headed are stupid !
-- Shaikh’s DVDs and CDs “Declarations of war” – “Them vs Us,” “No Peace with the Jews”
-- Scotland yard asked - "who did the recordings?"
-- Shaikh said he taped it himself : how could shaikh grass on his students?
-- they wanted more of the brothers :
-- if you are going to go down : go down alone: don’t take people with you

She said: "What is the recompense (punishment) for him who intended an evil design against your wife, except that he be put in prison or a painful torment?" (YUSUF:25)

Zulaikha had that mentality
-- I asked Yusuf to have sex with me, he wouldn’t accept the offer, so she realized
-- she is in real trouble : what did Zulaikha say to her husband : She said : IT WAS HIM :
-- who would not be tempted to grass : they knock your sentence down from 15 to 5 years
-- when people are in trouble, they shift the blame to you to save their own neck !
-- The Holy Quran is the Ultimate Psychology !
-- the Quran : is the ULTIMATE psychology : when you understand the tafseer of it
-- ULTIMATE History - history repeats itself
-- Allah said she tore his shirt from the back:
-- this tells you that some women are the aggressors in the bedroom : not every woman is docile!

So they raced with one another to the door, and she tore his shirt from the back. (YUSUF:25)

-- she tore his shirt of Yusuf : she was the aggressor
-- hijabis and niqabis may be shy: but in the bedroom with THEIR HUSBANDS
-- they can be the aggressors ( a tigress )
-- life is stressful as it is : why would a man want a wife who is boring in the bedroom

Zulaikha was the aggressor behind closed doors
-- We learn many lessons from this .... SEXUAL harassment is not just from men, but women as well
-- the other lesson is that many people think that sexual harassment in the workplace
-- only comes from men: you do not know fiqh al waqi'a ( current events )
-- this tafseer : we covered the topic of sibling rivalry
-- Yusuf’s brothers dumped him the well
-- then we covered criminology
-- they calculated the crime, staining the shirt with blood: but Yaqub saw through their lies

They said: "O our father! We went racing with one another, and left Yûsuf (Joseph) by our belongings and a wolf devoured him; but you will never believe us even when we speak the truth." (YUSUF:17)

And they brought his shirt stained with false blood. He said: "Nay, but your ownselves have made up a tale. So (for me) patience is most fitting. And it is Allâh (Alone) Whose help can be sought against that (lie) which you describe." (YUSUF:18)

-- then we covered the topic of sociology:
-- those who found Yusuf at the bottom of the well: they thought he was of no importance

And there came a caravan of travelers; they sent their water-drawer, and he let down his bucket (into the well). He said: "What good news! Here is a boy." So they hid him as merchandise (a slave). And Allâh was the All-Knower of what they did (YUSUF:19)

And they sold him for a low price, - for a few Dirhams (i.e. for a few silver coins). And they were of those who regarded him insignificant (YUSUF:20)

-- then the minister bought him and told the wife to look after him and we will adopt him as our son
-- then we covered hikmah and knowledge : -- then we covered the danger of having a house maid :
-- the most handsome man in the world was in the house and she couldn't cope with the temptation

Example from UK:
--he was an MP from southern UK and his phone was bugged
--files are kept on them so they are threatened to behave or their file would be given to the newspaper tabloids
--this one was found to be having an affair with a man from the Balkans
--the picture of the man's lover was put in the tabloid newspapers and his political career was over
--not all kaafirs tolerate all types of immorality

See news story:
“Oaten resigns over rent boy claim” 21 Jan 2006 ... Former Liberal Democrat leadership challenger Mark Oaten stands down over claims of an affair with a rent boy. ... He said: "Mark Oaten is an MP, an MP who has been elected on a platform of being a family man. ...

Politicians who have affairs are forced to resign [such as David Mellow from the UK]
--the same happened to US candidate, Gary Hart, had to drop out of a race in the US
--John Major made Mellow resign from his job for cheating on his wife
--these people's phones were bugged
--these stories are taught to us to show that even in daar ul harb
--people are forced to resign when they cheat on their wives
--but ironically, that John Major man was having his own affair with Edwina Currie
--yet he made David Mellow resign
--Currie wrote a book about their affair after he lost the election against Blair ...
--and he was preaching "morality" (“back to basics”) at the time!
--people who commit zina get STD's (sexually transmitted diseases)
--the best doctors in the world cannot cure from some of these STD’s

Zina and murder go hand in hand in society
-- so sometimes Allah mentions both at the same time because often murder will follow zina
-- in Shariah law, if a man kills his daughter because she committed zina, you must leave him alone
-- if a man sleeps with the daughter or wife of another man: he will be killed
-- its protecting honour : zina and murder come together
-- Allah mentions murder together with zina: because they come hand in hand
-- because he was protecting his honor
-- shaikh is not encouraging honour killing
-- if a girl commits zina : the punishment is 100 lashes, and she is sent away from the city for one year :
-- if a man kills his daughter you cant touch him
-- why is that when a boy commits zina they don’t kill the boy : but they will kill the girl : ?
-- Muslim boys in the UK sleep around (some of them) then they go to Pakistan and marry an innocent virgin
-- these women in campus are not for marriage they are only for fun
-- because "daughters are diamonds"
-- that’s why they kill the girls and not the boys
-- this is a double standard, it exists in daar al kufr/harb
-- if a man has 10 girlfriends he is a stud : but a girl who has 10 boyfriends is a whore
-- Tablighi quote this FABRICATED Hadith: Umar had a son (he did zina) then Umar gave him 75 lashes
-- he died; then Umar gave the other 25 lashes on the grave:
-- but when the war broke out between Ali and Mu’awiyah :
-- this son of Umar was carrying the flag for Ali at the Battle of Sifeen!
-- we do not promote honour killing
-- the Tablighi jammah are known for quoting things that do not make sense
-- they like to promote fabricated Hadith also

Zulaikha said that Yusuf was the one who wanted to seduce her
-- Yusuf said it was her : He spoke out to defend himself

"He [Yûsuf (Joseph)] said: "It was she that sought to seduce me.." (YUSUF:26)

If you are accused of being/doing something, we will do an oath
-- say wallahi 3 times and then the fourth time you say,
-- “wallahi may the curse of Allah be on me if I am lying!”
-- the Saudi Salafis spread rumors about Shaikh Faisal
-- Bilal Philips told them that Shaikh Faisal graduated from ibn Saud University
-- but the Saudi Salafis still spread the lie
-- check mate the slanderer : come forward to take the oath
-- if the person is not able to come forward to take the oath : he is a liar and mischief maker
-- why did Yusuf speak out and defend himself? :: IT IS HARAAM to keep quiet when you are accused
-- silence means you are guilty: Yusuf didn’t remain silent
“and a witness of her household bore witness (saying): "If it be that his shirt is torn from the front, then her tale is true and he is a liar! (26) "But if it be that his shirt is torn from the back, then she has told a lie and he is speaking the truth!" (YUSUF:27)

-- when her husband saw Yusuf’s shirt torn from the back : he knew it was the plot from the woman

"But if it be that his shirt is torn from the back, then she has told a lie and he is speaking the truth!" (YUSUF:27)

-- the plot of Satan is weak but the plot of woman is great:
-- the shaytaan uses the woman to lead men astray
-- the Rasool said, : I didn’t leave behind me a fitnah greater than the fitnah of women
-- he took side with the truth: he didn’t take sides with his wife

So when he (her husband) saw his [(Yûsuf's (Joseph)] shirt torn at the back; (her husband) said: "Surely, it is a plot of you women! Certainly mighty is your plot! (YUSUF:28)

"O Yûsuf (Joseph)! Turn away from this! (O woman!) Ask forgiveness for your sin. Verily, you were of the sinful." (YUSUF:29)

Many women in UK or US
-- know that their husband are having sex with their daughters
-- they sacrifice their daughters to keep the marriage
-- he spoke the truth even against his own family:
-- the news leaked out to the women of the city
-- the lesson is that “s-x sells”

And women in the city said: "The wife of Al-'Azîz is seeking to seduce her (slave) young man, indeed she loves him violently; verily we see her in plain error."(YUSUF:30)

-- any news including sex or affairs will spread like wild fire : sex sells
-- the bad news travels around the world 100 times, before the good news travels around the world
-- women like to gossip about these things
-- shaikh’s experience with people is men are better at keeping secrets than women
-- men want to prove that they are "real men" and that he can keep secrets
-- women have nothing to lose : they are already women
-- the women gossiped not the men
-- sometimes women are bored and they like gossip to spice things up
-- the women of the city didn’t have a problem with the affair itself
-- what they are saying is “we cheat on our husbands but we sleep with men of our own status”
-- not our slave boys!

They are saying if Zulaikha made a proposal to a man of her own status
-- it would have been "ok"
-- but because she wanted her slave boy it was plain error and inappropriate
-- they disapproved as she wanted the slave boy (kaafirs think like that)
-- she went beneath her status: this was the plain error: they were mushrikeen