Monday, June 27, 2011




-- when you look at the makkan society before Islam: people were "free" to commit shirk, and run around naked

-- at one stage we used to hear about people getting arrested, now we are knowing family members who are being arrested… : the persecution is getting worse, : they bombard our lands and highjack the Muslim causes

-- who has been supporting the tawagheet in the middle east / "Muslim" countries: the kufaar in fact have been supporting them and keeping them in power

they beat the scholars so harshly because they are part of manhaj of iblis
they envy the beauty of our deen
they did the same to the friend of Allah ibrahim as and the children of israel

-- look what firawn did to bani israel. : they enslaved an entire nation : killing the male infants

20 000 people burnt alive jus because they say lailaha ill Allah
their hands are stained with blood and they killed more people because their hearts are filled with kufr
-- in surah al buruj you can read the story of those who were burned alive (some say 20 thousand) : the same is happening today with the Muslims they become statistics
-- sumayyah .. what did she do wrong : testified to tawheed : they killed her by a spear in her private parts

they did not enter Iraq because of the oil but to suppress the shahada

-- There is no justice in there violence : when the Muslims kill they kill to save lives and to protect the honour of the deen and the Muslims : but the kuffar kill for wealth and power : they want to make sure that the deen of Islam is not established again

Muslims have the land of revelation in their hearts but now it is ruled by the tagoot king Abdullah

-- Nothing is more symbolic than the house of the Kaaba, to us Muslims: but this land is under control of the taghout: and he donated the cloth of the Kaaba to the UN!!

Allah said their hearts are alike
-- They may speak different languages and be of different races, but their hearts are united against the Muslims… they are all the same
Hearts of firaun obama bush and ha'man
They are all present today
Umaiya bin khalat is the sky news today
They hate us and the only crime we committed is to say we believe in Allah

-- In Bosnia, the ethnic cleansing: for what? : Because they were Muslims (even though they became so much like the kuffar)

Sura buruj verse 8
-- Guantanamo: abu graib: bagram: belmarsh: they imprison the Muslims: we cannot even count them: how can we forget
How can we forget our sister affia siddiqi
They took her away and lied that they don’t have her

They had nothing against them, except that they believed in Allah, the All-Mighty, Worthy of all Praise! Surah al-Burooj, 85:8
AuthenticTauheed10: -- Yvonne ridley was taken captive by the Taliban: she took shahadah after being released: Allahuakbar!
this was because of how well she was treated by them
she saw the beauty of Islam
-- even the blind can see what is happening to the muslims

they’re elect the same wicked tagoot to continue their war on us

And they witnessed what they were doing against the believers (i.e. burning them). Surah al-Burooj, 85:7

-- they have this policy of subduing and oppressing the muslims: it should make us wake up: do you think that the problem will go away if we close our eyes?

the nightmare of the ummah will continue unless we wake from our slumber
-- the dark nights will continue, until the ummah forces itself to wake up for the fajr of the ummah

the solution is with Allah not any other person
-- we will find the solution only with Allah, His Messenger and the Believers
we need to support each other as Muslims and be united
for then we will be difficult to break

-- A father asked his children ... bring me a stick, break the stick, it was easy to break : then the father said : bring many sticks put them together : now break them : they could not
-- it is not nationalistic problem, or a sectarian one,
-- they do this because we are Muslim
we should not think the war the kuffar wage on us is sectarian or national
-- they do not see our colour or race: they see that a person is a Muslim
what they see is Islam and Muslims not different nationality
the prophet saw said his ummah will divide into 73 sects and only one is in paradise
-- the hadith rasool: its clear, yet they are still better than the kuffar!

we are one ummah and our lord is Allah
-- the Muslim ummah is one ummah: and our Lord Is Allah swt
-- we are one family: whatever problems we have we keep them in our own house and do not let the kufaar exploit them
they have been trying to cause sectarian war amongst ourselves
to divide us and make us weaker

Truly! This, your Ummah (Sharia or religion (Islamic Monotheism)) is one religion, and I am your Lord, therefore worship Me (Alone). (Tafseer Ibn Katheer) Surah al-Anbiya, 21:92

we need to take our responsibility dear brothers and sisters and get a khalifa
hadith: pray standing if you cannot sit if not lie down
then brothers and sisters we need to support the ummah standing, sitting or lying down

Narrated 'Imran bin Husain: I asked the Prophet about the prayer. He said, "Pray while standing and if you can't, pray while sitting and if you cannot do even that, then pray Lying on your side."
in any way we can we need to fight this war because there is no where to run
if we don’t take our responsibility the humiliation will be on us

-- “Feed the hungry, visit the sick and free the prisoner.”
Shaykh wish to end his talk with a hadith reported by asmaa bint Abu-Bakr

Narrated / Authority Of: Asma bint Abu Bakr
The Prophet (SAW) prayed the eclipse Salah (prayer), and then said, "Hell was displayed so close that I said, 'O my Lord! Am I going to be one of its inhabitants?'
"Suddenly he saw a woman. I think he said, "...who was being scratched by a cat." He said, "What is wrong with her?" He was told, "She had imprisoned it (i.e. the cat) till it died of hunger."

in the hadith is reported the fate of a woman who went to hellfire because she starved her cat to death

-- what about us? : is our situation going to be like this woman: because we are negligent towards the children of our ummah

don’t expect anything from the kuffar
we need to return to Allah

-- we have to be people of tawheed: establish the al walaa wal baraa, and stand united together: then what can our enemies do to us!?