Friday, June 24, 2011

Crusade Against Islam: Abu Waleed

By Abu Waleed: “Crusade Against Islam”


The believers are a brotherhood:
--a Muslim is a brother to another Muslim,
--he doesn’t betray him or let him down
--brotherhood in Islam is a matter of belief

Tauheed -- exclusive love to ALLAH alone
--apart of that is we love for HIS sake alone
--we have an exclusive love towards ALLAH, we also love the believers:
--for HIS sake
--therefore the love to the brotherhood is a matter of belief to us
--the strongest branch of iman is to love and hate for the sake of ALLAH

When I wake up in the morning, I don’t think what I am gonna have for breakfast rather the first thing in my mind is what is happening with the ummah

--to love for the sake of ALLAH, to hate for the sake of ALLAH:
--these are the strongest bonds of faith
--the Muslim ummah is like ONE body, if one part hurts, the whole body hurts
--if one part of body hurts, the whole body feels the pain

The Messenger of Allah (saw) also said, "The believers, in their love, mutual kindness, and close ties, are like one body; when any part complains, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever." [Muslim]

When the Rasul spoke of the ummah, he never said:
Bengali, Pakistani, etc: - he said, ‘the MUSLIM ummah’

Islam is ONE, its war is ONE, its peace is ONE, we are ONE
--whoever does not take interest in the Muslim ummah, is not from among us
--if you are not concern about the Ummah when you wake up in morning,
--you are not of us
--when you woke up this morning, did you check the news?
--did you check what’s happening with your brothers and sisters?
--or did you just check what’s for breakfast?

Go to your local masjid or Muslim shopkeeper:
--they have no idea what’s going in Libya let alone Fallujah
--in Fallujah they killed 3000 Muslims in one week!
--so what you see today my dear brothers and sisters is:
--a CRUSADE against the ummah
--we don’t look at this from a local perspective,
--but we look at everything from the aspect of the entire ummah

People will feast on the ummah
--as if they were invited to a meal
--the kuffar will wage every single type of warfare around you
--ideological, economic, military
--will we be small in number? no the Hadith says we will be many
--we started to chase the dunya
--we hate death and love dunya (al wahn), and so we abandon Jihad

When people talk of the crusade against the Muslims today, we are not talking about the last 100 years, but we are talking about the last 1000 years

--1095 was the first crusade
--that crusade lasted a few years until he lasted Jerusalem in 1099
--Pope Urban, II waged the first crusade,
--Richard the Chicken Heart, etc
--King Richards own 2 sons would fight one another,
--but when they saw the borders of the ever expanding Islam state,
--they formed a coalition with each other against the Muslims
--king Richard’s sons fought one another but when they saw
--the expansion of the Islamic state, they put their differences aside
--kuffar are willing to leave their differences aside to fight Islam

Europeans formed a coalition
--the Christian league was formed
--they had formed the Christian league
--the Christian league was changed to the " league of nations"
--their number one aim was to fight the Uthmani Khilafah
--from there they divided the Islamic state to 38 countries
--very significant phase in our history:
--they were here to divide us into 38 nations
--and they discussed amongst each other
--regarding which Muslim country they wanted
--French wanted Egypt , etc
--this goes back to the Hadith that says nations
--will gather around us as if invited to a meal

Only one not fighting us was Hitler
--The Christian League = UK, France, Russia, Spain, Italy, and Hungary
--nowadays UK, France, and Russia are all apart of the UN
--after ww2 American came into the equation
--UK, France, Russia, Hungary, Spain Italy,
--all part of League of Nations,
--China and Russia were out of the picture
--1944 - the USA took full control of Saudi Arabia
--now they have multiple bases in Saudi Arabia

9/11 changed everything for the kuffar
--from there Bush said "you’re either with us, or you’re with them"
--operation enduring freedom:
--they said they will capture Taliban within 6 months
--many Muslims who were captured were tortured and sold off
--first week of operation enduring freedom:
--3000 Muslims were captured and placed in steel containers
--The Americans and northern alliance soldiers
--did not even give them water to drink, rather
--they opened fire on the steel containers
--4 days they were in the steel containers littered with dead bodies,
--as they were transported to Guantanamo bay
--whoever they found dead, they dumped in ditched,
--whoever they found still alive in the containers,
--they took to Guantanamo bay
--according to the Geneva convention torture is not allowed
--from the 3000 captured Muslims, only a fraction survived

They put the Muslims in cold temperature, in horrible clothing
--and they even put covers over their mouth and eyes
--imagine this situation brothers and sisters
--18 hours a day they were under the sun (in warm weather)
--torture they endorsed for rapid results: use of a cell which has no light
--soundproof: this induces unbearable stress, the subject has a need
--for a social stimulus and loses touch with reality
--other forms of torture : water boarding
--put you in a chair, throw you back and
--put your head in water for a minute
--and brings you back out
--gives you the feeling of drowning*

In Gitmo, dogs were being treated better than Muslims
--they claimed that Muslims have no rights because they are enemy combatants
--a brother was locked up for 7 years without charge:
--he said "I was dying here everyday physically and mentally"
--he complained of the horrible prisons and his abandonment
--01 years old man was released only recently,
--Omar Kadri was taken captive when he was 11

Abu Ghraib prison - brothers die from the interrogation
--there was one case where a brother died from the interrogation,
--and the USA gov’t was forced to classify it a homicide
--yet the abusers got away with it with immunity
--they were complimented for the "great job"
--that they were doing
--rape is also happening in prison, it is one of the weapons of the kuffar
--rape is a weapon of war
--an Iraqi young boy was raped by men in uniform
--as a female soldier took pictures
--American soldiers have raped female prisoners

A brother said:
--they said to me "you will wish to die but we won’t let you die"
--they tortured him and humiliated him,
--they cursed ALLAH and cursed his family
--they even ordered him to worship Jesus
--the brother replied : "I BELIEVE IN ALLAH"
--the American said : "I believe in torture so I will torture you"
--it is a crusade, Islam vs Christianity

Sodomy and other forms of torture we don’t know of are taken place
--wombs of Muslimahs are carrying the children of filthy kuffar
--Allah will account us for neglecting those sisters and
--all the prisoners around the world
--Muslims will be resurrected blind on the Day of Judgment
--for ignoring the signs of ALLAH
--what will happen to the Muslims who ignore the Hadiths of the aseer
--not ONE night has passed without our sisters being raped by those pigs
--these Muslimahs preserved their bodies for ALLAH's sake
--why can’t we not consider them our own sisters?
--we would do anything for our own, what about them?
--our sisters and brothers are begging us for our help
--the least we can do is to speak out for them
--we must return to jihad -- where is the ummah?
--who is the ONE deserving to be feared, the CREATOR or the creation?
--we are one UMMAH, our land is one, our IZZAH is ONE

ISLAM is ONE, our WAR is ONE, our PEACE is ONE, our HONOR is ONE
--stand up for our brothers and sisters

At least raise your hands after the 5 daily salah
--ask ALLAH to release our brothers and sisters
--if you cannot liberate them, at least raise your hands to ALLAH to free them