Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Practicing Sentences -- 06.07.11

Practicing Sentences – 138
Instructor: Shaikh Faisal

Dated: 07/06/2011 5th Rajab 1432

1. Kam taalib fil fasl?
How many students are in the class?

2. Kam ustaad fil Qaa'a?
How many students are there in the hall?

3. Kam sayyaara fil finaa?
How many cars are there in the yard?

4. Kam Qalam fil haqeeba?
How many pens are there in the handbag?

5. Kam ma7mool fid-dukkaan?
How many mobiles are there in the shop?

6. kam walad fil madrasa
How many children are there in the school?

7. Kam taalib fil madrasa ath-thanawia?
How many students are there in high school?

8. Kam bint fil ma'had?
How many girls are there in the institute?

9. Kam mumarrida fil mustawsaf??
How many nurses are there in the clinic?

10. Kam fuloos ladayka fil bank?
How much money do you have in the bank?

11. Kam tabib fil mustashfaa?
How many doctors are there in the hospital?

12. kam walad indaka
How many children do you have?

13. Kam marra zurta makkah?
How many times have you visited Makkah?

14. Kam zawja indaka?
How many wives do you have?

15. Kam hidhaa fish-shanta?
How many shoes are there in the travel bag?

16. Kam marra zurta turkey?
How many times have you visited Turkey?

17. Kam sana sakanta fee makkah?
How many years did you live in Makkah?

18. Kam sana sawfa tadrus fil jaami'3a?
How many years are you going to study at university?

19. Kam kitaab fil maktaba?
How many books are there in the library?

20. Kam kitaab allafta?
How many books have you authored?

21. Kam kilo min London ilaa Birmingham??
How many kilos is it from London to Birmingham?

22. Kam sadeeq indaka?
How many friends do you have?

23. al Qawee allathee yamliku nafsahu inda al ghadab
The strong person is the one who can control himself when he gets angry

24. allathee maata wa lam yu'min bi Muhammad dakhala an-naar
The one who dies and does not believe in Muhammad will enter the fire

25. allathee yunkir hadith zindeeq
The one who rejects Hadeeth is a heretic

26. laa nufarriq bayna al abyad wal aswad fil islam
We do not separate between white and black in Islaam

27. laa nu'min bi fasl ad-deen an ad-dawla
We do not believe in separating religion from state

28. yajma3 al muslimoon alaa anna istibdaal ash-sharia kufr akbar
The Muslims have agreed (made Ijmaa3) that to dismantle the Sharee’ah is major kufr

29. al jamaal al haqeeqi huwa jamaal al Qalb
True beauty is the beauty of the heart

30. yantashir al islam hawla al - aalam bi sur'a ajeeba
Islaam is spreading amazingly so fast across the world