Saturday, June 18, 2011

Practicing Sentences -- 06.18.11

Practicing Sentences – 144
Instructor: Shaikh Faisal

Dated: 18/06/2011 16th Rajab 1432

1. ureed an askun fee makkah
I want to live in Makkah

2. ureed an askun fil madina
I want to live in Madeenah

3. ureed an adhab ilas – sooq
I want to go to the market

4. ureed an azoor turkey
I want to visit Turkey

5. ureed an azoor Indonesia
I want to visit Indonesia

6. ureed an usaafir ilaa Jeddah bis – sayyaara
I want to travel to Jeddah by car

7. ureed an usaafir ilal madina bit- taa'ira
I want to travel to Madeenah by plane

8. ureed an usaafir ilaa misr bis – safeena
I want to travel to Egypt by ship

9. ureed an adhab ilal masjid bid - darraaja liannahu mumtaaz lil badan
I want to go to the masjid by bicycle because it is excellent for the body

10. ureed an adhab ilaa Hadeeqatil hayawaanaat
I want to go to the zoo

11. ureed an asoom Ramadan fee makkah
I want to fast Ramadhaan in Makkah

12. ureed an a'tamir fee Ramadan lianna al umra fee Ramadan tusaawee al Hajj
I want to perform Umrah in Ramadhaan because an Umrah in Ramadhaan is equal to one Hajj

13. ureed an ashtaree ma7mool jadid li zawjatee alyoum
I want to buy a new phone for my wife today

14. ureed an askun fee bee'a ukhraa lianna haadhihil bee'a laysat jayyida lid – Deen
I want to live in another place / environment because this environment is not good for my deen

15. ureed an antaqil ilaa bayt jadid lianna haadhal bayt Qadeem jiddan
I want to move to a new house because this house is very old

16. ureed an adrus al handasa fee Dammam
I want to study engineering in Dammam

17. ureed an adrus ilmun - Nafs fir Riyadh
I want to study psychology in Riyaadh

18. ureed an adrus at-tibb fee Jeddah
I want to study medicine in Jeddah

19. ureed an andamm ilaa jaish Muhammad (saw)
I want to join the army of Muhammad (s.a.w)

20. ureed an adrus ad- Deen fee jaami'a ummul Quraa fee Makkah
I want to study Deen at the Ummul Quraa University in Makkah

21. ureed an ashtaree sayyaara jadida lianna haadhihis sayyaara bidooni mukayyif
I want to buy a new car because this car does not have an air corn

22. ureed an atazawwaj imra'a ukhraa lianna al muslimaat bidooni zawj katheeraat fee haadhihi ad-dawla
I want to marry another lady because there are alot of Muslim women who are unmarried in this country

23. ureed an adhab ilal mustashfaa kay azoor ibn ammee liannahu mareed
I want to go to the hospital in order to visit my cousin because he is sick

24. ureed an adhab ilas - saydaliyya kay ashtaree dawaa li jeddatee
I want to go to the chemist to buy medication for my grandmother

25. ureed an adhab ilal hadeeqa kay al'ab kuratal Qadam ma'a zumalaa'ee
I want to go to the park to play football with my friends

26. ureed an adhab ilar - Reef li nuzha ma'a usratee
I want to go to the country side for a picnic with my family

27. ureed an adhab ilal bahr kay asba7 ma'a ikhwaanee
I want to go to the sea to swim with my brothers

28. ureed an adhab ilal mat7af kay araa ba'da al makhtootaat al islamiyya
I want to go to the museum so that i can see some of the Islaamic Manuscripts

29. ureed an adhab ilas - sooq kay ashtaree lawaazim al bayt
I want to go to the market to buy the household necessities

30. ureed an adhab ilal masna3 kay ashtaree malaabis lid – dukkaan
I want to go to the factory to buy clothes for the shop