Sunday, August 21, 2011

"The Battle of Badr"- by Abu Hifzudeen



Alhamdulillah, Allah has blessed us with another day of Ramadan
- the one who sees Ramadan and does not draw closer to Allah, he is a loser

In this month, there is one night that is equivalent to 1000 months.
- the camp of eeman and the camp of kufr were made clear at the Battle of Badr

Date: 17th of Ramadan, a few years after the first hijrah

This month of Quran: this is the month of Jihad
- the month that the battle took place, this is the month the Muslims gained victory
- the Quraysh would do all that they could to harm them
- this is the same today
- we see Muslims rise up and the kufaar bomb them right away


The Muslims heard that a lot of merchandise was being led by Abu Sufyan from Syria to Mecca; there was already hatred between the Muslims and the Quraysh, the Quraysh were spending all their time and money to go against the Muslims at that time; do we not see this happening today? History will repeat itself!

No matter what country you reside in, the kuffaar have their oppressive power and they will use their finance and resources to stop the Muslims from rising

- the Rasool said we will be living in a time where the Muslims would be holding on to their deen like a hot coal; they were not ready for battle, 313 were just going to intercept a caravan of the Quraysh.

It is narrated from Abu Tha’labah al-Khushani that the Messenger of Allah said: “After you there will come days during which being patient will be like holding on to a live coal. The one who strives during those days will have a reward like that of fifty men who strive as you do.” [Sunan al-Tirmidhi (3058)]

- Abu Sufyan realized that the Muslims were nearby
- the Quraysh supported the caravan with all the noble chiefs
- they all got together just as they do today

Abu Sufyan was one of the worst enemies of Islam; therefore, the Rasool told them to prepare; Abu Sufyan passed by the area and saw the wells of Badr and asked the people "did you see anyone here?" The people said "there were 2 people here." Abu Sufyan found some date seeds meaning people from Medina were there earlier; Abu Sufyan changed his route and asked for reinforcements, and the Quraysh sent many reinforcements; this is like the kuffaar today, when they ask each other for help against the Muslims

- the army went forward to assist the caravan (kufaar)
- 600 wearing shields, they had horses, food, women to entertain them

The Quraish marched with an enormous army of 1000 men, 600 had shields, 100 of them had horses, over 700 had camels= they had EVERYTHING needed for war and were well prepared, they even brought women with them ; they wanted to crush the Muslims, and put fear into their hearts; many of the Muhajirun spoke up, in dedication to the prophet (and Islam).

One Sahabi, his statement to the Prophet: "ya Rasoolallah, go forth like ALLAH SWT has commanded you to, and we will not stay back like the children of Israel said to Musa 'oh Musa you and your lord go and fight and we will stay back " we are with you oh Rasoolallah;" - Miqdad said, go forth as Allah has commanded you to, and we will not be like the children of Israel

Miqdad ibn Amr said to the Holy Prophet: “O Messenger of Allah commands us with what Allah has ordained because you have our full support wholeheartedly. By Allah we will never say to you what Bani Israel said to Musa (i.e. you and your lord go and fight while we site and relax). But instead we say to you; you and your Lord go and fight and we shall be with you fighting for the cause of Allah. For by the one who has sent you with the truth if you march towards the highest mountains we shall march with you until we all reach it” (Seerah an-Nabawiyya by Ibn Hisham Vol 1. Pg.614 & Musnad Ahmad Vol.1 pg.390)

Saad gave a beautiful speech: he said, we have believed in you, and what is with you is the truth; we give you our bayah and we put our trust in Allah.

The Rasool was very pleased, but he waited silently; so far only the Muhajiroon gave their consent -- but the Rasool saws was waiting for the consent of the Ansar; the leader of the Ansar said "ya Rasoolallah what you say is the TRUTH, we give you based on that our covenant to listen and to obey you, and by ALLAH who sent you with the truth, if you were to enter into the sea, then we would go into it with you, and not one of us would stay"

Allah has promised one of two, either the caravan or the winning of the battle.

A Sahabi, Saad ibn Muadh suggested that they change their position and there would be a hut made for the Rasool; the prophet stayed the night in prayer; one companion asked the Rasool : has ALLAH SWT inspired to choose this ready spot or is it a stratagem of war? The companions wanted to take their own water and destroy the water supply of the kuffaar and making dua, being completely devoted in worship and dua to Allah: ain al yaqeen

The night before the battle, the Muslims enjoyed a sound and refreshing sleep; ALLAH SWT sent down the rain in the morning to cleanse the Muslims, some Muslims were so relaxed they had wet dreams before the night of the battle; they slept and the sleep refreshed them. some of them had wet dreams, ( they were so relaxed ) : and Allah sent rain to cleanse them; this was a barakah from Allah; the rain made the ground firm for the Muslims; whereas for the Quraish, the Rain made the ground muddy and hard to mobilize on the Muslims arranged themselves in ranks

The prophet supplicated,
- "oh Allah I am waiting for the victory you have promised me"
- the Muslims were 313, and the Quraysh were 1000+

One of the kuffaar was riding a red camel; the Rasool said: whatever good is in them resides on the man riding the camel;

Utbah ibn Rabee: they saw death in the eyes of the Muslims.

-when the kuffaar go to Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and they look at the MUSLIMS, what do they see? they see DEATH in the eyes of the MUSLIMS, because the MUSLIMS are ready to die at any second, and they know they will be shaheed: they still see death in the eyes of the Muslims today , the ones who are defending the deen.

3 of the Ansar
came forward to fight 3 of the Quraysh;, the Quraysh said, you are not of noble tribes, so the Rasool sent 3 others in place of them: Hamza, Ali, and Ubaidah

The Rasool saws said: "do not stop fighting until I give the final word;" the Muslim youth were commanded to use arrows; the Quraysh were arrogant, because they thought they had much power against the Muslims; they were commanded only to use swords only when they had to, but at first they were commanded to use arrows against the kuffaar; but Allah said, he was with the believers.

A companion wanted to be an inhabitant of Jannah, he threw the dates he had in his hand and fought against the kuffaar until he was killed -- he was the first martyr on that day; The Rasool supplicated to ALLAH : OH ALLAH should these Muslims be defeated today, there will be none left to worship you on the face of the earth; the prophet continued to make dua, "ya Allah, should these Muslims be defeated today, you will no longer be worshipped;"

ALLAH SWT sent ranks upon ranks of Angels to help the Muslims

The Rasool picked a handful of dust and said: "confusion on their faces;" the dust turned into a sandstorm which effected every single one of the kuffaar; the Rasool would incite the believers to fight for the sake of ALLAH SWT, even if they were small in number, they had the Rasool, the Angels, and ALLAH SWT on their side; they had Allah on their side. Angels with them. The Muslims fought bravely; they were so outnumbered. Still they trusted in Allah

The Muslims were so extremely outnumbered, yet they had the TRUST in ALLAH (SWT); they were ready to give up the life of this dunya for the abode of the eternal hereafter; they were hoping to give their lives in the dunya, for the everlasting of the hereafter

A miracle in the battle:
ALLAH SWT made the Quraish appear small in number to the believers --
- they were even competing with each other, two youths wanted to find Abu Jahl

"Show me who is Abu Jahl!"
"What will you do with him?"
"By ALLAH, I have made a vow to kill him"

-- another youth wanted to do the same; Abu Jahl was pointed out
-- and these young Sahabi killed Abu Jahl; many of the kuffaar were killed

The Muslims defeated the disbelievers with a humiliating defeat; the kuffaar had all the power but they ran away with their tails between their legs -- this is what we see with the kuffaar today, they are fighting a handful of MUSLIMS with all their technology, but they WILL run with their tails between their legs; the mujahideen today are FIGHTING for YOU AND I; fighting so we can keep our head up high; if it wasn’t for those people who fought for the sake of Allah, you wouldn’t be here: how dare you speak against them,

Now, many people are calling the mujahideen extremist, etc
- we see that Allah gave the people the victory
- the kufaar turned their backs and ran away
- you dare to speak against the mujahideen?
- who are YOU??
- the mujahideen have sacrificed everything for the sake of ALLAH SWT
- what have you done? if you can’t speak good then keep silent

Alhamdulillah ALLAH SWT gave the victory to the Muslims because they were steadfast

What lessons can we take today?
Do we waver when we see the kuffaar large in number?
No. We know that ALLAH SWT gives us the victory that the victory comes from ALLAH SWT

What did Miqdab say? "Go forward, we will not forsake you like the Jews did to Musa ..."
- are we protecting Islam from all sides, have we made that pledge?
- can we make the pledge that the companions made to the Rasool saws?
- we must make the same pledge; when we say the kalimah, this is our covenant;

People today are scared;
- they don’t want to make dawah, jihad.
- the Muslims were in such a superior state they conquered so much of this earth.
- now look at the state we are in, but Islam is once again rising
- the Muslims of Makkah, felt relieved. after the battle
- Musab ibn Umair passed by his (blood) brother.
- he told the man to tie him tighter
- his brother was surprised, he asked, I am your brother:
- Musab answered that he was not his brother

The walaa wal baraa was for the sake of Allah;
-the Muslims took side with the Muslim against their own kith and kin

This battle ruined the reputation of the Quraysh:
- how they were seen by others.
- the Persians, the Romans, The Russians of the soviet union all fell to Islam
- and today, the superpowers of today will fall prostrate to Islam
- it also built up the brotherhood between the Muhajirun and the Ansar.
- this is what a small number did to a large number

May ALLAH SWT give us the opportunity to be firm
- as the Muslims who fought in the battle of the Badr, they fought outnumbered --
- when they saw the enemy, they never turned their backs.
- they went forward to defend the deen
- the Muslims are rising up everywhere in the world insha'ALLAH ta’ala

Somalia, Egypt, Syria, etc;
-how many of us will be in this caravan of Victory?
-how many of us are going to be on the caravan of victory.
-this deen needs our sacrifice --
-this deen was written on the ink of blood
-the Muslims sacrificed their lives for this deen.

- let us look to our history and apply those lessons that we learn