Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Battle of Hattin - by Ustad Abu Nusaybah



The Muslims are being killed in Palestine today; the Muslims inside Palestine have been suffering this injustice for decades

If you’ve been watching the news in the last few days, the Muslims in Palestine has been killed. It reminds us that we have been suffering for decades on a daily basis, their wives are being raped, kids being kidnapped, and air strikes daily

OUR Muslim brothers and sisters:

The Muslims are being tortured/raped/killed some people only have emotions for Palestine maybe one day a year and they go back to living as they wish the situation of the Muslim community is that they only have a particular day to worry about Palestine

History repeats itself

The Battle of Hittin was taken in the middle east this region was very important because it was a center for most of the religions of the world; the battle of Hattin was set in the region of the middle east, this region is important because its the center of most of the religion of the world.

For example: the Christians think their god was born and died in Palestine for the Jews: they believe that Palestine was promised to them, but ALLAH SWT declared that the Jews should do jihad fisabilillah and take Palestine but the Jews said O Musa you and your lord go and fight, while we remain behind; they still think the land is promised to them even though they didn’t do anything, but Palestine is for the Muslims, it is one of the holiest lands for us

ALLAH SWT sent Muhammad from Mecca to al aqsa (al Isra wal miraj), there Muhammad (saws) led all the Prophets in salah; the Prophet (s.a.w.) went to in one night to masjid al aqsa and prayed, and all the Anbiya (a.s) was there praying behind him

The Israelis get all of there supplies from the Suez canal; strategically speaking the Suez canal is very important back then it was very important because from there you can go into Iraq, Africa, Turkey, etc.; they have to control the Suez canal, because this is where they get their supplies from. So anyone who controls this it is important for them;

"whoever controls Palestine, controls the world" and the reality is that the Jews control Palestine today; they push for war, they can kill and strike anybody they wish. And they say if you go against us, we got the media [FOX, BBC] we can destroy you; if you’re not with them, then you’re against them when we speak of the Battle of Hattin, we need to understand that the battle took place in Palestine; historically, Palestine has been ruled by many nations : The Persians, The Romans, the French, the Tatars, etc.

Many of the Jews try to justify there killing by saying that this is our promised land, many of the Jews say that this is their promised land - but about 2000 years before Ibrahim went to Palestine, there were people called Canaanites , pagan Arabs who lived there; Yusuf (as) came to authority and asked all of his kith and kin to live in Egypt; Musa (as) was commanded to go into Palestine, the Jews refused to go, they said "you and your lord go and fight;” further on in history much fighting took place in Palestine

After the Romans took over, the Romans eventually took control of Palestine; they heard that a man was saying : a slave and the master are equal before ALLAH swt, and that the deen of ALLAH swt should be followed and nothing else; the Romans did not accept this because they considered themselves rulers over slaves; they wanted to go to medina and wipe it off the face of the earth; the Romans were planning to come to Medina and wipe out the Muslims, because they’d seen the Muslims as a threat

The Rasul in one battle, ordered the whole of the Muslim men to leave medina and to go fight against the Romans who were THINKING about coming to Medina the Romans did not reach medina, but only were thinking of leaving for Medina, yet the Rasul commanded all of the Muslim men to go and fight the Romans; the Rasul (s.a.w) ordered all the men to live and go and fight the Romans; the only ones left was those who couldn’t fight; The Rasul (saws) used all the wealth that the Muslims had and used it in this battle to fight the Romans;

Abu Bakr gave every thing he had for the sake of Islam, and many Sahabahs would compete to give more than the other; the Romans didn’t come to Medina to fight, they thought they were coming. Abu Bakr r.a. gave everything he had, and left his family with ALLAH swt and His Rasul (s.a.w.); the Muslims never went to Rome to go and conquer it was the Romans who decided to come and try to conquer the Muslims and that is how the issue began regarding the Muslims going out to fight the Romans, during the caliphate of Umar , the Muslims were sent to sham (Lebanon , Palestine, Syria, Jordan ) to conquer it and bring it to Islam

The Christians and Jews in sham fought against the Muslims the Muslims conquered every city except Jerusalem; city after city was taken, till one city was left. Jerusalem; we come to you with three options. 1, is worship Allah alone. 2, you pay jizya, 3, you fight.

a priest was sent to the Sahabahs, and asked for terms the Sahabahs said: worship ALLAH swt alone; the priest said: we can do that... the Sahabahs said: you are a liar, you say ALLAH SWT has begotten a son
the priest said, “What’s the other option?” the Sahabahs said : pay jizya the priest said: that is harder than the other option , what’s other option? the Sahabi said : we will fight you and conquer you and humiliate you; they had a prophecy that no one would take over the city except Umar al FAROOQ.

The battle was in winter; it was cold. so the Sahabahs didn’t want to send Umar ( amir al Mu’mineen ); Ali told him to go and get victory; Umar went on his donkey with his servant; he and his servant took turns on the donkey; when Umar arrived to Jerusalem, it was him who was walking the donkey while the servant was on top of the donkey; this shocked and surprised the Sahabahs; when they entered Jerusalem, the servant was on the donkey . Umar was walking, without shoes and muddy - "ya ameer of the believers, your clothes have patches, you have no shoes on , and you are walking the donkey;” the Romans were pompous and they would look down on him.

The Romans loved extravagance and they thought the Romans would look down on Umar (ra). Abu ‘Ubaydah said, “I fear that the people of the village will think you’re without honour.” ‘Umar replied, “Oh Abu Ubaydah! If only someone less knowledgeable than you had made such a statement. We were the most disgraced of people, and Allah granted us honour with Islam. Now, whenever we seek honour in other than that which Allah honoured us with, Allah shall disgrace us (once again).”

- where are we today?
- where is our honour?
- where are we today? the youth think they will have
- respect today if they wear their trousers low
- where did our nationalism get us?!
- where is our izzah if we turn away from the deen of ALLAH SWT?
- where is our izzah when we turn away from the deen of Allah

Allah destined that Umar would be the one who conquered bait ul Maqdis; the priest who saw Umar ibn al Khattab , began to cry and said :"this is the man that was foretold, the man who would conquer Jerusalem " the priest then gave the keys of Jerusalem to Umar; the kufaar cried when they saw him, entering. They recognised that Umar was the man in their prophecy; this is how Jerusalem came under our control; in the year 1095 a man called Peter the Hermit went from Palestine to Europe, and he was slandering the Muslims; he had hatred for the Muslims.

Bait ul Maqdis remained under the authority of the Muslims until the year of 1095, a man named peter the hermit had a lot of anger against the Muslims, saying the Muslims were oppressing the Christians he went to speak to the Pope; the Pope said :incite the Christians to fight the Muslims; he went to council of Clermont and told them that the Muslims were in the land of Palestine, and there was many riches, and they would go to paradise if they killed any of them; he said if you go there you can get whatever you wish, you can kill whoever you wish. And if you do so you go to Jannah. He incited the Christians to fight against the Muslims; the kufaar united to go to Palestine; the Shiites allowed the crusaders to come into Palestine; the same way the Shiites allow the kuffar into Iraq; the Shia always betray the Muslims; northern alliance in Afghanistan are Shia and the Shiites in Iraq.

The leaders were taught to hate Islam; 70 thousand Muslims were killed; Jews also: the Jews were also killed, and Muslims died defending the Jews; the Muslims were defending the Jews and yet, the Jews still strive against us today therefore the anger of ALLAH swt is upon the Jews - they will never keep a covenant with you; they put the heads of the Muslims on top of each other, the horses were knee high in blood; even the children had no sanctity; they even cooked the children and ate them!

Richard the Lion heart, and the Pope, the 2 men responsible for the murder of these Muslims the kuffar have their statues in the UK; they are extremely proud of their history ; after the crusaders took over Jerusalem. they took over more land, there were 4 states of the Muslims; the leaders were all fighting each other, its not that they were few; four crusader states in the middle of a Muslim country and it was not that there wasn’t Muslims at that time there was Muslims, but the caliph was in Baghdad and even the Muslims were fighting amongst each other even on the same day the Crusaders were taking over Jerusalem; we have "Israel" today. surrounded by the Muslims; it was the same then. All the Muslims surrounding the state of the crusaders.

Salahuddin was the Osama bin Laden of crusaders; Imam Nourideen was fighting on behalf of the Muslims against the crusaders; Imam Nourideen was the teacher of Salahuddin; the crusaders took over Muslim states; Allah blessed the ummah with Nourideen - he fought them - while the others were fighting amongst themselves.

What was the reason for why the crusaders were able to take over Jerusalem?
Betrayal: the reasons why the crusaders could/ were able to take over Jerusalem

- the Shia gave them safe passage from Egypt; Americans could never had the success they had in the lands of the Muslims without the help of the Shia; the Shia Rafidah sold out.. they are going to take over Iraq when the Americans take over; they always sell out and betray the ummah; Americans could not have gone into Afghanistan without the Northern Alliance (Arabs involved); the Americans were able to enter Afghanistan due to the northern alliance; they are enemies of the Muslims.- they do not come with suit and tie; they come dressed like you; a mujahid commander: had a dream one night that one among his ranks were helping the Americans, he searched the mujahideen and found that one man had a tracker on him (trackers used for drone strikes)

Lessons - betrayal and disunity amongst the Muslims...

- when Ali and Mu'awiyah had dispute among themselves the enemies of Europe offered help to Ali he replied "don't be fooled with the war between me and my brother;" when Imam Ail and Mu’awiyah had disputes amongst each other, the Europeans thought they could come and attack Mu’awiyah since he was in conflict with Imam Ail; when Imam Ali heard about this, he wrote a letter to the Europeans and said : don’t be fooled by the dispute between me and my brother, if you approach us, I will send an army that starts from here and ends where YOU are;" they understood. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. and those who are with them are merciful to the believers and harsh against the kufaar; the true Muslims never allow the kuffar to get involved, unlike the Shias. NEVER! Every single one of you is a soldier of Islam don't let Islam be attacked from your side; the ummah of Muhammad understand the issue clearly, THE UMMAH IS ONE. - NOT : it’s a Palestinian, Algerian, Syrian issue. NO. WE ARE ONE UMMAH

The Messenger of Allah (saw) also said, "The believers, in their love, mutual kindness, and close ties, are like one body; when any part complains, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever." [Muslim]

The jahiliyya is now over you are no longer Bengali , or Pakistani, etc. you are MUSLIM we are ONE body; this is how we need to think

Salahudin Ayyubi came into power.

- what was the situation?

Nourideen Zinki was in charge and he was fighting against the crusaders when Salahuddin came into power; what was situation in his time? Nourideen zinki was trying to unite the ummah and fight the crusaders, then Salahuddin became in charge; holding them back, the Muslim rulers today are allied with crusaders and are loyal to them , yes sir no sir; there was also a dispute in Egypt between two Shia commanders; in Spain they were taking over Spain, the Europeans were taking over Spain. If they see that you are Muslims they will kill you. In the middle east this is happening. We have Muslim lands, but they are ruled by the apostates trying to become the best friend of the crusaders; one called crusaders and one called Salahudin ; (sent them a messenger); the Shias said the crusaders : you attack Salahuddin from the front, we will attack him from the back; Nourideen Zinki called for Salahudin to come. The Shias called the crusaders to come and fight Salahudin; the Shia sent a letter to tell the crusaders that they would fight with them. : the messenger he sent hid the letter in his shoe. the shoe came off and the letter found its way to Salahudin (subhanAllah ); the father of Salahuddin said to Salahuddin : if you go against Nourideen, I will strike you at your neck; so Alhamdulillah the father of Salahuddin taught him well, and taught him to fight against the kuffar

Salahuddin dealt with the Shia in Egypt, he started to give dawah to the people right away to come back to Islam; Salahudin took over Egypt; at the same time, Nourideen died. - so the son of Nourideen was only eleven years old; he was now Khalifa at 11 yrs old; the sons of Nourideen wanted to be in charge after Nourideen the caliphs 11 year old was in charge at the time Salahuddin took the initiative and gave khutbah in support of the 11 year old son, in order to unite the Muslims; Salahudin started minting coins and giving khutbah and mentioning the new Khalifa; "we are all Muslim brothers, the crusaders have taken our mothers, sisters, and daughters, and we must strike their necks " everyone agreed except the leader of Iraq Salahuddin went to fight that leader in Iraq and conquered and took over the command of the Muslim armies in Iraq; the sun was so hot that the kuffar had no where to go over 1500 soldiers marching towards - Salahudin - he put armies along the road, who would hit them as they came and an army behind them , so they were blocked from the back also. - Salahudin also blocked of the area of Hattin, where the water was; they were completely blocked. - he told them now you come to Hattin; they came , and the Muslim army was there; the battle started; Hattin was important. All the leaders of the crusaders came out

Renault de Chatillon
- so if they were killed they were finished; Salahudin has a treaty with the man that Muslims are allowed to go from Egypt to sham for trading; Salahuddin had a treaty with Renault de Chatillon and Renault de Chatillon broke the treaty and captured Muslims Renault de Chatillon said : where is Muhammad to come and save you? Salahuddin said: by ALLAH if I capture this man, I will chop off his head

Renault de Chatillon was eventually captured Salahuddin asked Renault de Chatillon to be brought forward a glass of water was brought, and a captured king drank it Renault de Chatillon wanted the glass of water but Salahuddin denied him the water

Salahuddin said: why did you break the treaty and why did you do what you did? Renault de Chatillon said : that’s what kings of old have always done...

Renault de Chatillon did not even apologize, he was so arrogant; Salahuddin took out his sword and struck Renault de Chatillon on his shoulder blade, Renault de Chatillon dropped to ground and Salahuddin proceeded to cut off his head; the king was trembling out of fear Salahuddin looked at him and said : KINGS do not kill Kings; he just acted like a king; look at the honor of Salahuddin - Renault de Chatillon was blaming his faults on kings of old yet Salahuddin brings honor to the title; when the ummah of Muhammad (saws) finds a man to be united upon, then indeed we should unite upon that man a man who calls for jihad fisabilillah so today around the world we need to look at those who are defending, supporting, and are at the front lines for the sake of ALLAH SWT

- the prophet said, this deen cannot be supported unless from every side.
- those who are defending the deen of ALLAH SWT
- must also be defended and supported by all sides
- if there is one lesson to take from today is this
- walk the streets of London : NY : Paris: Walk with Izzah
- those who are fighting for the sake of Islam