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"The Conquest of Makkah" - by Abu Muaz

Lessons from The Battles Of Ramadan: “THE Conquest of Makkah”
By Abu Muaz


IF we have any goal, it should be to seek the pleasure of ALLAH SWT
-we should be constantly seeking how we can worship and seek ALLAH's mercy
-so insha'ALLAH increase your activity and your knowledge in these last ten days of Ramadan

We should try to attain the Mercy of ALLAH swt, and our goal is to seek the pleasure of ALLAH (swt)

We should not be from the foolish ones, they know that the shaiteen are locked up but they will want to see if they can do sins; It is the right of ALLAH swt, that we worship ALLAH swt alone, and by worship meaning that we obey ALLAH (swt)

The Conquest of Makkah was a time of victory to the Muslims
-this is when the Rasul came to Makkah and took over it
-after 13 years of being tortured, the Rasul said:
-"I was tested more than all of the Prophets”

Perhaps, you, would kill yourself (O Muhammad SAW) in grief, over their footsteps (for their turning away from you), because they believe not in this narration (the Quran). (18:6)

The Prophet s.a.w. would strive day and night calling to Islam
- we are living in strange times, where the kufaar are torturing the Muslims world wide.

O you who believe! Observing As-Saum (the fasting) is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaqun (2:183)

- there are "designer Muslims" who only fast and pray in Ramadan
- people will be changing themselves, just during Ramadan
- but what about the verse: KUTIBA ALAIKUM AL QITAAL


And when My slaves ask you (O Muhammad SAW) concerning Me, then (answer them), I am indeed near (to them by My Knowledge). I respond to the invocations of the supplicant when he calls on Me (without any mediator or intercessor). So let them obey Me and believe in Me, so that they may be led aright. (2:186)

-so we must prepare for the fighting the same way we prepare for the fasting; why do we exert so much effort for the verse on fasting and the scholars avoid the verse on fighting? why is it that the Muslims are fasting but not fighting? the command is the same: PRESCRIBED UPON YOU

"they say jihad fisabilillah is over!" The Rasul said: "those who say that are LIARS! The jihad has JUST begun, there will always be a group from my ummah fighting jihad fisabilillah until the last day” The prophet said, there will always be a group of my ummah who will be fighting until the hour.

We ask ALLAH SWT to make us amongst this group
- the taifaatul Mansoorah: when they see the Munkar, they refrain and retract themselves from this corruption

On the authority of Imraan ibn Hussain who said: “The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, ‘A group of people from my Ummah will continue to fight for the sake of the truth until the last of them fights the Dajjal (anti-Christ) (Al Hakin in his book Al-Mustadrak Vol. 4 pg.450)

We ask ALLAH SWT to make us amongst the Ghuraba who the Prophet gave glad tidings of
- we should be making dua that we are of this group that we can be of this group.

We ask ALLAH swt to make us from the Victorious Group
- the prophet said, his rizq is under his spear

Narrates by Ibn Omar: "the Prophet said: "I was sent by the sword proceeding the judgment day and my livelihood is in the shadow of my spear and humiliation and submission are on those who disobey me" [Musnad Imam Ahmed (vol. 2, p. 50)]

The Rasul said: "my sustenance is under my spear"

This is the month all of us should be asking ourselves what is our role?
- and what is our responsibility as Muslims
- if you find yourselves still lazy in this month of Ramadan
- where the shayateen are locked up.
- then this is the REAL you.
- you must become a student of knowledge

IF you cannot become a scholar, then AT LEAST becomes a sincere,
-and serious student of knowledge
-how can you do that if you’re not memorizing and studying and reading the Quran?

You should be a student of knowledge, if you can not be a scholar, at least be a student of ilm.

Learn your deen
-because the more attached he is, the stronger he becomes
-"can I recite the Quran, do I know how to read the Quran?
-How close am I to the Quran? "
-these are all questions we must ask ourselves
"how do I feel when I see my Muslim brothers and SISTERS behind bars?"

We must ask ourselves these questions

Allah said : It is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allah. Verily, Allah is All Mighty, OftForgiving. (35:28)

Are you just gonna go and do your own thing??

- the prophet said, when you follow the tails of the cows, and you give up jihad, Allah will disgrace you; the Rasul (saws) said: "when you enter into transaction, and you follow the tails of the cows, and you are pleased with the agriculture, and you FORSAKE JIHAD FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH, then ALLAH SWT will DISGRACE you until you return back to the DEEN OF ALLAH SWT"

Now the ummah is in disgrace; we are given the solution to remove this disgrace -- jihad fisabilillah; the Muslims are simple people, we are living in the times of humiliation: if you want to be victorious, you have to return to jihad fisabilillah

We Muslims are very simple, if we left Islam, left Jihad, then we will be disgraced and humiliated. The only way is to return back to Jihad; the kufaar are joining the armies, and killing the Muslims. The Muslims are sitting back ! our lands are now occupied, the kuffaar are now KILLING the Muslims, but the Muslims today are satisfied with raising families, buying a house in the west, working etc. -- may ALLAH forbid this upon us!

O you who believe! Whoever from among you turns back from his religion (Islam), Allah will bring a people whom He will love and they will love Him; humble towards the believers, stern towards the disbelievers, fighting in the Way of Allah, and never afraid of the blame of the blamers. That is the Grace of Allah which He bestows on whom He wills. And Allah is All-Sufficient for His creatures' needs, All-Knower. (5:54)

When you don’t fulfill the conditions of the deen, ALLAH SWT will replace you with a nation that loves ALLAH SWT and ALLAH SWT will love that nation; when you make an oath to Allah, then you turn back on it. Allah will replace you; the oath which you have taken la ilaha illa ALLAH, when you have left this , turn your back, ALLAH swt will replace you with a group of people who loves ALLAH swt and they love ALLAH swt

"why are we fasting? why do we stand in prayer? " it is because you LOVE ALLAH SWT -- but what about the nation that ALLAH SWT says that ALLAH HIMSELF WILL love them? the nation that loves and hates for the sake of ALLAH SWT; those who are harsh to the kuffaar, and merciful to the believers

“The one who loves for the sake of Allah, hates for the sake of Allah, gives for the sake of Allah and withholds for the sake of Allah has completed the faith.” (Recorded in Abu Dawood)

This does not mean you see a kaafir at a red-light and you curse him -- no -- it means when you see the plight of the Muslims, you leave everything for the sake of ALLAH SWT; Who around the world have left their women and children for the sake of ALLAH swt? who are the ones who hear the plight of the Muslims, then leave their women and children for the sake of Allah.

One day: American raided a house of Muslim brother, and what did they do? they wiped out the whole family; A Muslim may say : this is the QADR of ALLAH SWT -- but what kind of reaction is this ? we must beg ALLAH to give us eeman to take actions

When a calamity befalls us we should have sabr, and know that this is the Qadr ALLAH swt. We should ask ALLAH swt to increase our iman and grant us patience

- how many battles did the prophet participate in ?
- some say 23 - 27

The Rasul participated in how many battles? Some say 27, some 29-- The Messenger of ALLAH SWT, the BEST human ever created; we find that there is a lot of history with the battles of the Prophet s.a.w. The Prophet s.a.w. was a man who was in the frontline; we ask ALLAH SWT for us to follow in the footsteps of the Rasul saws; some people make duaas for an x-box, or video games, but WE must beg ALLAH and make dua to give as al Firdaus; you see Muslims on the street wearing tight clothes! Men becoming Women! earrings etc. You find people who don’t want to follow the Sunnah of the Rasul s.a.w. You find the Muslims starting to adopt the way of the kuffaar five, six years down the line you may have brothers wearing high heels! Some Muslims watch some kung fu films or listen to rap music and they think they are soldiers -- some of these brothers probably never even lifted weights --- they are being influenced by the kuffaar influence

ALLAH (swt) says:
-those who stay away from HIS remembrance,
-his life will be in total disarray

- the conquest of Makkah; the 8th year of hijri
- some people do not even know what this mean
- as Muslims, we should have at least 40 to 50 Sahabahs names memorized
- have to be knowledgeable about the deen. - we should memorize the Sahabahs names
- and know about them

The conquest of Makkah happened in the 8th year of hijri, as Muslims we should know the names of the Sahabahs, but most aren’t knowledgeable of the deen. They can name the names of their favorite players, rap stars. But when it comes to the deen of ALLAH swt they know very little

-knowledge is incumbent upon every single Muslim
-knowledge is light and the more one attains knowledge,
-the closer that individual will be to ALLAH SWT

-said the fruit of eeman is to believe in EVERY AYAH AND EVERY HADITH OF THE RASOOL
-how many of us love and hate for the sake of ALLAH SWT?

If we are just sitting and doing nothing that will benefit us in the aakhirah then we need to change our situation; - this was "pay back time" for the Muslims; for many of the mushrikeen this was payback time you can say for them, Quraish was the arch enemy

Umar ibn al Khattab wanted to kill Abu Sufyan before Abu Sufyan took Shahadah; a companion said Umar you don’t want him to become Muslim because he is not from your tribe; Umar replied : by ALLAH your Islam is dearer to me than if my own father became Muslim

"None of you becomes a believer until I am dearer to him than his children, his parents and all mankind." (as reported by Bukhari and Muslim) Some versions add: "his life, his wealth and his family".

The Sahabahs love the Prophet s.a.w. more than they love their parents, children, more than themselves; there are some INSULTS that this UMMAH will never forget: PALESTINE IS ONE OF THEM

There are some things that this Ummah will never forget,
-we are not like the moderates who accept what the kuffaar has to give; this is the biggest insult
-because indeed that land belongs to us; to the RASUL SAWS

Whenever the Prophet (s.a.w.)
-entered a treaty he never broke it
-the Muslims are not liars, they keep their word

Khuzai' they were with the Muslims, and they were raided. A man went to the Rasul s.a.w. and told him this is what happened.

The Rasul s.a.w. in a few words said "You are supported" Quraish knew that they violated the treaty, Abu Sufyan knew if the Rasul s.a.w. came he could take of Makkah. So Abu Sufyan wanted to renew the treaty.

Abu Sufyan sees the mattress of the prophet, he wanted to sit; the mattress was just a light mat to rest on.

Umar ibn al Khattab saw the marks of the palm leaves on the back on the Rasul, Umar began to cry and said : the pagans are living luxuriously, and you are the Messenger of ALLAH , why are we like this? -- The Rasul became angry and said : are you not content that the kuffaar have the dunya while we have the aakhirah?

Abu Sufyan went to speak to his daughter Umm Habiba, who was married to the Rasul s.a.w. and he seen his mattress. The Rasul s.a.w. lived a simple life, not one of extravagance; the life is short, you could die while doing haraam and rose like this
- we should always worship ALLAH swt, even while walking.
- Abu Sufyan wanted to sit, on the mattress, but his daughter wrapped it up.

When Abu Sufyan came Umm Habiba wrapped the mattress up and Umm Habiba said
-"You are a dirty mushrik, and this is where the Prophet sits"
- the army was prepared in the first week of Ramadan

Abu Sufyan understood that to renew the treaty wasn’t going to work. The Prophet s.a.w. prepared the army the first week of Ramadan. Many of the Sahabahs didn’t know what the Prophet s.a.w. was doing

Later they knew that the Prophet s.a.w. was going to attack Quraish; the army of the Muslims was 10,000 strong, the Rasul s.a.w. was the best at military strategic and leadership, he told the 10,000 to light the fire at night, to put fear into the hearts of the enemy.

A Sahabah sent a message to his family that the Rasul s.a.w was coming to take over Makkah. The Sahabah didn’t commit any kufr. He sent a women to deliver the message, and the had the scroll in her hair; Umar asked to chop off his head; the Sahabah said he didn’t do this out of apostasy. Umar (r.a.) wanted to chop of his head. The Rasul s.a.w. said that he has spoken the truth; the prophet said, no, because he loved Allah and the Messenger, and he was at Badr; those at Badr were forgiven. they were the best of people.

The Sahabahs who fought at the Battle of Badr were the best; many Saudi Salafis try to say that it is allowed to join the kuffaar, they try to use this incident to justify there wrongdoing

The further you are away from the revelation the more deviant you become for 14 years the Prophet s.a.w. went through hardship, when Abu Sufyan was looking at the tribes; he saw an army that stood out. And it was the Muslims. They were people who were willing to sacrifice for Islam

In hard times,
-you will find a few who are practicing the deen,
-you will find few men in hard times
-in hard times, you’ll find the few and TRUE men that will come out and struggle
-start learning your deen and become true men like Usama bin Zaid,
-YOUNG MEN who sacrificed and struggle for the sake of ALLAH

Nowadays you tell a 26 year old if they want to get married, he starts giggling all shyly -- he probably still plays video games; what the hell is wrong with these kind of brothers? even 30 year old Muslims are like this

This is something that should be a lesson:
-we should be engaged in the deen; forget about the jahiliyya
-true men like Usama bin Zaid, were young men but sacrificed for the sake of ALLAH swt

If Jihad is picked up, it will be the youth
-the youth are the ones who are practicing Islam.

'Truth has come, and falsehood has departed, Indeed is falsehood, [by Nature], ever bound to depart.'” (Al-Israa’: 81)

They leave the jahiliyya and understand that the Law of ALLAH swt will govern the world; Muhammad (saws) smashed all the false idols and recited this verse

If Jihad is picked up, it will be the youth. The youth are the ones who are practicing Islam.

Muhammad saws smashed all the false idols and recited this verse
Muhammad could have had revenge for the Muslim and wiped out all of these kuffaar! but what did he do? Muhammad did not wipe them out so that they would worship ALLAH SWT

The Rasul s.a.w. said to the people of Quraish what do you think I will do to you now? The Prophet s.a.w. sent for the worship of ALLAH swt.

When you worship ALLAH swt, you also obey His commandments and implement His Law
-those who insulted the Rasul s.a.w. they were killed, they never forgot about those who mocked the Prophet s.a.w. so when he conquered Makkah, those who mocked the Rasul s.a.w. was killed

The conquest of Makkah this was the situation where the Muslim had the authority, they smashed the idols, and killed those who mocked the Rasul s.a.w.; the Ansar loved the Rasul s.a.w. and the Rasul s.a.w. loved them. The Ansar gave victory to the Muslim. The Rasul s.a.w. would give Salaam to the Ansar; The Ansar love the Rasul saws so much, and the Rasul loved the Ansar -- the Rasul would say that the Ansar gave the Nusrah and the victory to the Rasul -- The Ansar were sad that the Rasul will forget about the Ansar and live in Mecca

The Rasul said : my life and my death is with the Ansar, even after the Sahabahs passed away still the Rasul s.a.w. would remember them, he remembered the relatives of Khadijah (ra)

This is the month where you would have no other opportunities; you should do acts of ibaadah, and make du'a.