Sunday, August 28, 2011

Practicing Sentences -- 8.28.11

Practicing Sentences – 178
Instructor: Shaikh Abdullah Faisal

Dated: 28/08/2011 (28th Ramadan 1432)


1. ureed an atazawwaj Aisha liannahaa mutadayyina
i want to Marry Aisha because she is religious

2. fatima tureed an tatazawwaj zayd liannahu mutadayyin
fatima wants to marry zayd because he is religious

3. laa ureed an a'mal ma'a insaan ghair mutadayyin
i dont want to work with people who are not religious

4. al mutadayyin jameel fee akhlaaqihi
the religious is beautiful in his character

5. al munaafiq yatadhaahar ka'annahu mutadayyin
the hypocrite pretends to be religious

6. laa yajooz laka an tafta7 ma7al ma'a insaan ghair mutadayyin
you can't open a shop with a person who is not religious

7. laa yajooz laka an tusaddiq shakhs ghair mutadayyin
you can't trust a person who isn't religious

8. shahr Ramadan sa'b li insaan ghair mutadayyin
the month of ramadan is hard for a person who is not religious

9. afdal zawj al waseem wal mutadayyin
the best husband is the handsome and religious one

10. al mutadayyina mutahajjiba
the religious woman and is the one who wears hijab

11. al mutadayyina mutee'3a li zawjihaa wa laisat naashiza
the religious woman obeys her husband and she doesn't disobey him

12. al mutadayyina munaqqaba
the religious woman wears a niqab

13. afdal zawja al jamila wal mutadayyina
the best wife is the pretty one who is religious

14. al mutadayyina laa tuhibb an tu'akkhir az-zawaaj
the religious woman doesn't want to delay marriage

15. al mutadayyina awwal madrasa lil awlaad
the religious woman is the first school for her children

16. al mutadayyina turabbee awlaadahaa alay Qur'an wa sunnah
the religious woman brings up her children upon the quran and sunnah

17. ar-Rajul al 7akeem laa yatazawwaj illa mutadayyina
the wise man does not marry accept a religious woman

18. al mutadayyina rukn adheem fil mujtama3
the religious woman is a big pillar in the society

19. al mutadayyina tushajji3 ba'lahaa alal khair
the religious woman encourages her husband to do good

20. ba'dul mutadayyinaat yuridna an yushaarikna fil jihad
some religious woman want to participate in jihaad

21. al mutadayyin lahu noor fee wajhihi
the religious person have light on his face

22. al mutadayyin laa yatalaa'ab bil Qur'an wa sunnah
the religious does not play with quran and sunnah

23. al kuffaar ya7tarimoon al muslim al mutadayyin
the disbelievers repsect the religious muslim

24. kaid ash-shaitaan laa yu'athir fil mutadayyin
the plots of the shaydan does not affect the religious one

25. al mutadayyin yuhibb maidaan al ma'rakah
the religious loves the battle field

26. al mutadayyin laa yaghish an-naas
the religious one does not cheat the people

27. al mutadayyin laa yamlik wajhain
the religious does not have double faces

28. al mutayyin yu'aamil zawjatahu bi afdal al mu'aamala
the religious one treats his wife with the best of treamtment

29. al mutadayyin mutawaadi3
the religious one is humble

30. al mutadayyin man salima al muslimoon min lisaanihi wa yadihi
the religious one is the one who other muslims are at peace from his hand and tongue