Monday, January 16, 2012

Q&A How To Be Sincere To The Ummah


How To Be Sincere To The Ummah

Question 1: I saw Sheikh Faisal in a dream implementing the Hudood cutting the hand and the head then proclaim Islamic state in South Africa. Please interpret.
Answer 1: Sheikh was in South Africa for a year and a half, the Muslims gravitated towards the message of Islam. the interpretation is that Islam will spread, and Islam has a brilliant future in South Africa. The seeds that Sheikh has sewn there will spread and germinate. Insha’Allah.

Question 2: I heard you say many times that joining the parliaments of the kuffar governments is haraam. But what if a person joins the parliament of a country like Saudi Arabia with the intention to speak out against the country’s kufr laws and to encourage the people and those in parliaments not to support any kufr laws such as riba banks etc? Is this allowed since this falls under enjoining good and forbidding evil?
Answer 2:
Good intention does not justify haram. all the Muslims who join kaafir parliaments use the excuse that they join the parliament of the kufaar because they want to spread Islam from within. We believe in a theocracy, not democracy. Muslims are not allowed to join a parliament anywhere in the world. You are not allowed to join a kaafir army. Only join the mujahideen fighting for Allah, and sharia.

Siege Of Lal Masjid:

It is not the right manhaj to join the kufar to change from within. The quraysh said to the prophet, we will worship Allah for one year, and the next year you will worship our idols. Allah revealed: surah al kafiroon 109.

say (o muhammad (peace be upon him)to these mushrikûn and kafirûn): "O al-kafirûn (disbelievers in Allah, in his oneness, in his angels, in his books, in his messengers, in the day of resurrection, and in al-qadar, etc.)!
(al-kafirun 109:1)
I worship not that which you worship, (al-kafirun 109:2)
"Nor will you worship that which i worship. (al-kafirun 109:3)
"And i shall not worship that which you are worshipping. (al-kafirun 109:4)
"Nor will you worship that which i worship. (al-kafirun 109:5)
To you be your religion, and to me my religion (Islamic monotheism)." (al-kafirun 109:6)

You have to surgically remove the democracy from the society, just as any other cancer in the Ummah.
you cannot boil pork for an hour, hoping to make it clean! Democracy is naturally unclean, you can’t fix it from within.

Question 3: The Prophet said that riba will be wide spread and if you are trying to avoid it the dust of riba will touch the person in Bukhari. What is the explanation of this hadith?
Answer 3:
The explanation of this hadith is vat on every item. The governments use the vat to pay back their riba.
vat = value- added tax.

Question 4: I was listening to the Tafseer of surah al-kahf (the cave) and the story behind the young men was that they were giving the dawah by the disciples of Jesus. But i thought that Jesus’s message was only for his people (the Jews) and this is why the message of the prophet Muhammad (saw) is unique in the sense that his message of Islam were for the whole world. Please explain so that i may understand properly.
Answer 4:
That is correct. The disciples of Jesus went to turkey and gave the dawah to the people. What the disciples took to turkey was monotheism, ' la ilaha ilah allah '. The disciples saw the people worshipping idols, and so gave them dawah. The disciple of Jesus didn’t do anything wrong to take tawheed to turkey. He was working as a laborer. He got a job working in a Turkish bath. The 7 young men accepted the call. Then realized the people were blood thirsty. The dog wanted to leave with them when they intended to run away to the cave. They put their trust in Allah. They were not poor people, yet they ran away. Even though they didn’t know where their next meal would coming from. Pagans hate the believers the most.

Verily, you will find the strongest among men in enmity to the believers (muslims) the jews and those who are al-mushrikûn (see v.2:105), and you will find the nearest in love to the believers (muslims) those who say: "we are Christians." that is because amongst them are priests and monks, and they are not proud. (al-ma'idah 5:82)

Question 5: As salaamu alaikum. As it relates to not discriminating against the Muslims in regards to land, language, class, tribe and similar to it. Does this apply when looking for a spouse? For example if you prefer to marry someone of someone from your same ethnic group, tribe or economic status. Is this discriminating?
Answer 5:
You were commanded by Allah to marry those who are pleasing to you. You marry that which you are attracted to, women or men. Sheikh has 99% success in match- making. Don’t feel guilty about preferring a particular race to marry. Allah said: the best of you is the one with the most taqwa.

Then marry other women of your choice, two or three, or four but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with them, then only one or (the captives and the slaves) (an-nisa 4:3)

Question 6: Some brothers from Uk got arrested yesterday for supposedly demonstrating outside the American embassy against the American policy in their war against Muslims. Could you please comment on the arrests as some Muslims were saying the brothers should not have gone as they were bound to get arrested?
Answer 6:
According to sharia law, there is nothing for or against demonstrations. It’s a matter of ijtihad. So we cannot say that anyone did any wrong. We are not allowed to take sides with kufaar over our Muslim brothers. People demonstrated for Sheikh Faisal to be released in Kenya. Sheikh does not condemn demonstrations, but says that the best demonstration is jihad Fisabeelillah.

Question 7: A sister saw Shaikh Faisal and me in a dream where he told many people i was a teacher. Insha’Allah please interprets the dream.

Answer 7: The interpretation of the dream is that your status in the community will be raised. You will be learned, and you will be held in high esteem. You will be able to use the knowledge wisely and affectively. Insha’Allah.