Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Q&A The 7 worst sins [Part2]


The 7 worst sins [Part2]

Question 1: Does the magician succeed by the power of the jinn, or by the permission of Allah swt?
Answer 1:
The magician succeeds by the permission of Allah.

But they could not thus harm anyone except by Allah’s leave (baqara 2:102)

Question 2: Is there any punishment for lesbians?
Answer 2:
Lesbians receive 100 lashes, but homosexuals have their head chopped off.

Question 3: I’ve heard you mentioned a hadith about a man who used to drink and another man said, may Allah curse him and the prophet (saw) said don’t curse him because he loves Allah and his Rasool. If you've said that it’s allowed to kill someone who drinks on the 4th occasion then why didn’t they kill the man who used to drink repeatedly?
Answer 3:
That was because he was a new shahabah. The man just became Muslim and had some habits of jahiliyya which were still in him.

Question 4: Is mortgage allowed in darul harb?
Answer 4:
If it is a fixed price then it is halal, but if the price fluctuates it is haram.

Question 5: What are the merits of this month?
Answer 5:
We are in the month of muharram - it is a holy month alongside rajab, dhul qadd and dhul hujj. In this month there is a day called ashura where if you fast all your sins are forgiven. If you fast then you have to fast the tenth and 11th.

Question: Can you tell us more about the 12 caliphs?
Answer 6:
Your question needs research.

Question 7: The Prophet has seen in dreams many women in the hell, how should i respond to a non-Muslim woman who told me about that?
Answer 7:
These women were ungrateful to their husbands so if you don’t wish to be in the hell fire, then do not be ungrateful to your husband. Nushooz (marital discord) is also a major sin.