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Q&A Adam and Shaitan [Part4]


Adam and the Shaitan [Part4]

Question 1: The Jews believe that sin is an act, not a state of being, while the Christians believe that sin is a state of being and in need of a savior to find salvation. Aren't the Jews right and Christians wrong in holding that belief in their Aqeedah?
Answer 1: It is more appropriate to ask me the Islamic concept of sins. Allah has forgiven the ummah for things they did by mistake. You thought it was halal but it is haram. If you forgot to pray zuhr its not a sin.
A woman slept with a slave boy in the time of Omar. When she was asked about it, she said he was her concubine. She used qiyas. A sin can be a thought in the mind. If you have a doubt that the rasul (saw) is the last prophet, you have committed a sin.

On the authority of Ibn 'Abbaas (RA) that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said : Verily Allah has pardoned [or been lenient with] for me my Ummah : their mistakes, their forgetfulness, and that which they have been forced to do under duress. [A Hasanhadeeth related by IbnMaajah, and al-Bayhaqee and others]

In their hearts is a disease (of doubt and hypocrisy) and Allah has increased their disease. A painful torment is theirs because they used to tell lies. (Al-Baqarah 2:10)

This is the disease of doubt. A sin can be committed by the tongue by saying things about the deen jokingly.
Sins are committed with the heart, tongue, and actions.

If you ask them (about this), they declare: "We were only talking idly and joking." Say: "Was it at Allah, and His Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) and His Messenger (SAW) that you were mocking?"
(At-Tawbah 9:65)

Make no excuse; you have disbelieved after you had believed. If We pardon some of you, We will punish others amongst you because they were Mujrim├╗n (disbelievers, polytheists, sinners, criminals, etc.). (At-Tawbah 9:66)

Question 2: Can you please explain how all human came from Adam?
Answer 2: Adam himself was created from black mud altered. By him cohabiting with Eve he produced kids (twins). Cain and Abel had a quarrel over their sister. Because one wanted to marry his own twin sister. Whiles the rule was that they should interchange their twin sisters. The first murder in history was all over a woman.

Whoever disbelieved in Allah after his belief, except him who is forced thereto and whose heart is at rest with Faith but such as open their breasts to disbelief, on them is wrath from Allah, and theirs will be a great torment. (An-Nahl 16:106)

Question 3: If a Muslim commit Suicide will he remain in hell fire forever? And if not what is the Hujjah and is there a difference of opinion
Answer 3: It is the khawaarij who believe that the man who kills himself will be in the hellfire forever. The khawaarij believe that if you kill yourself you will abide in hell forever. But aswj believe that he will come out from hellfire one day and they will come out with shafa' of the rasul (saw). If you don’t classify knowledge you are a headless chicken. Everything in Islam is divided into major and minor. We have major shirk and minor shirk, major and minor kufr, major and minor sins etc. If you don’t classify knowledge you will be like the khawaarij. Painting everyone with the same brush. We classify knowledge in 5 categories, halal, haraam, mubaah, mandooh, makrooh this is call usool ul fiqh.

Verily, Allah forgives not that partners should be set up with him in worship, but He forgives except that (anything else) to whom He pleases, and whoever sets up partners with Allah in worship, he has indeed invented a tremendous sin. (An-Nisa 4:48)

Question 4: Sheikh in the English translation of the Quran it says that the soul is the essense of Allah. Is the soul the creation of Allah or is it the soul the essence of Allah?
Answer 4: The soul is the creation of Allah not His essence. The person who says that it is the essence of Allah is a goofy sufi. Allah does not have a soul. The goofi soofi has this aqeedah
and Ibn Arabi introduced this. There are two Ibn Arabi, the great scholar and Ibn Arabi the founder of the gooofi soofi. He introduced the aqeedah of wahdatul wujood. This means union. This is why they have the aqeeda dhaat (essence).

Question 5: Is it true that when a man commit zina using condom, on judgment day the sperm released inside the condom will turn to kids calling father father father?
Answer 5: This is a fabricated hadith. The people make up statements regarding condoms. Sheikh met a revert in UK who was from Spain. She told sheikh’s wife that she was sexually active with a man from Morocco. She said this was halal bcos he used condom which is rubber. People have misconception about condoms. Sheikh heard in New York that when one’s wife is menstruating, one can use a condom and sleep with her. So he isn’t making anything haraam. He said to sheikh he was a modern muslim and sheikh is following the Bedouin Islam. People are trying to use modern day technology to chang
e Islam.