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Q&A Allah’s blessings to Mankind [Part2]


Allah’s blessings to Mankind [Part2]

Question 1: Shaikh, what is the ruling on going to the funeral of a kafir whether they be family or not who is not hostile towards the Deen. Is it permissible to go even though they may start the service in a church or other house of kufr and shirk?
Answer 1:
The scholars of Islam differ about this. Some say it is haram. They use taubah verse 84 as evidence.

And never (o Muhammad saw) pray (funeral prayer) for any of them (hypocrites) who dies, nor stand at his grave. Certainly they disbelieved in Allah and his messenger, and died while they were fasiqûn (rebellious, - disobedient to Allah and his messenger saw). (at-tawbah 9:84)

Some scholars refuted their understanding of the ayat. The ayat was for the hypocrites. Just like the ayat for Quran. That people say is for the menstruating girls.

Which (that book with Allah) none can touch but the purified (i.e. the angels). (al-waqi'ah 56:79)

They say it is halal to attend the janazah of a kaafir. they use the hadith in which the rasul (saw) stood up to show respect to a dead Jew’s corpse passing by saying it was a soul created by Allah. So we can go the janazah of a kaafir if they aren't antagonistic to Islam.

Narrated 'abdur rahman bin abi laila: sahl bin hunaif and qais bin sad were sitting in the city of al-qadisiya. A funeral procession passed in front of them and they stood up. They were told that funeral procession was of one of the inhabitants of the land i.e. of a non-believer, under the protection of Muslims. They said, "a funeral procession passed in front of the Prophet and he stood up. When he was told that it was the coffin of a Jew, he said, "is it not a living being (soul)?" [sahih bukhari, vol 2, book 23, hadith #399]

Question 2: A Muslim sister has started listening to your lectures and now realizes that she has errors in her aqeeda. Which would be better for her to do; renew her shahada or make taubah? She strongly feels that renew her shahada.
Answer 2:
You don't need renew your shahadah. All you need is taubah (repentance) because you recite the tashahud in salah which has the shahadah. You should say as-salam alan nabee. The 2nd mistake of Al Bani is waging the finger in tashahud. The saudi salafis like to do this.

Narrated ibn mas'ud allah's apostle taught me the tashah-hud as he taught me a sura from the quran, while my hand was between his hands. (tashah-hud was) all the best compliments and the prayers and the good things are for allah. peace and allah's mercy and blessings be on you, o prophet! peace be on us and on the pious slaves of allah, i testify that none has the right to be worshipped but allah, and i also testify that muhammad is allah's slave and his apostle. (we used to recite this in the prayer) during the lifetime of the prophet, but when he had died, we used to say, "peace be on the prophet." bukhari -volume 8, book 74, number 281

imam nawawi mentions in the majmu‘ (3.454) from abu dawud and others with a sound chain of narrators on the authority abdullah ibn az-zubayr, that he described the prayer of the prophet (saw) by saying. “He would point with his finger while supplicating without moving it.” as for what is present in the narration that mentions, that he (saw) “used to move it”, the expression, “move it is an unreliable anomalous (ar. shadhdh) narration because the narrator who relates [this hadith] on the authority of the companion wael ibn hujr (ra) contradicts everyone else who narrated from him.

Shaikh prayed with his shaikhs and waged his finger. His shaikh was upset; the finger should be kept straight. The narration which states that you can wag a finger is weak. The expression is unreliable. The hadith is weird, bizarre and abnormal. The narration contradicts everyone else. Don’t put your hands back at the chest from ruku. Should not pull someone back from the line when you get to the masjid and the line is full, wait for someone to join you. You break their khushu and create a gap in the line.



Question 3: The atheist study the skulls of ape like creatures, and have deduced a progression based upon the observed progression of one skull into another.
Answer 3:
That is coming from an atheist. It is rubbish. shaikh won’t answer it. If you believe in Darwinism is a kaafir. The leading salafi scholar was kicked out of the masjid because he believes in demonism. Some shaikh are evil. People run towards shaikhs. When they hear that someone is shaikh. Allah didn't call them scholars, but called them donkeys and dogs.

Question 4: Assalam alykom dear shaikh, you mentioned today the importance of a wali for a woman. What is the solution, if the woman has no wali, because she is a converted sister? It is so difficult to find a good and trustworthy wali.
Answer 4:
You need a wali because some men are shaitan. The imam becomes the wali if the girl has no wali.

Aisha’ reported that Allah’s Messenger (saw) said, “If any woman marries without the consent of her guardian then her marriage is void. Her marriage is void. Her marriage is void. If he cohabits with her then for her is the dower with which her immodesty is turned lawful. And if they dispute with one another then the ruler is the guardian of one who has no gurardian”. [tirmidhi 1104, ahmed 24426, abu dawud 2083, ibn e majah 1879]

Sheikh in the UK:
One student of his married the other. He was her wali. It is the duty of the sheikhs to find husbands for the sisters. Sheikh has 99% success in matchmaking! Don't marry without chemistry. If so you deserve to be wiped. That is insanity, if you have no chemistry then you can't lower your gaze. It is not only enough to be Muslims.

Mughirah ibn shu’bah (ra) said that he proposed to a woman. So, the prophet (saw) said to him, “look at her. That would strengthen your love for one another”. [tirmidhi 1089, ahmed 18160, nisai 3237, ibn e majah 1865]

It is so important the Rasul (saw) asked the sahabah to look at his wife to be.

Question 5: Please repeat the 3 types of souls
Answer 5:

1. nafs amara = prone to evil
2. nafs lawama= it tells you to make taubah
3. nafs mutmainnah = the peacful soul

You don't need pills if you have nafsu mutmainnah.

(It will be said to the pious): "o (you) the one in (complete) rest and satisfaction! (al-fajr 89:27)
"Come back to your lord, well-pleased (yourself) and well-pleasing unto him! (al-fajr 89:28)
"Enter you, then, among my honored slaves, (al-fajr 89:29)
"And enter you my paradise!" (al-fajr 89:30)

You are 10 years younger if you've nafs mutmainnah. nafs amara you're 10 years older. TRhe kufaar wish they can have our souls.