Monday, January 16, 2012

Q&A How To Be Sincere To The Ummah [Part2]


How To Be Sincere To The Ummah [Part2]

Question 1: My friend has catering business and Christians ask her during their occasions to cater for them. Should she accept?
Answer 1:
If she is in darul harb then she did not do anything wrong if she caters right through the year. But this is not allowed in darul Islam. It’s like someone with a taxi, you can’t implement the sharia in darul harb.

Question 2: How can we ally with the Barelvis when they don’t believe in jihad? If someone gives a Christmas present should one accept or deny?
Answer 2:
Christmas is a big fitna for the Muslims in darul harb. If it is for the benefit of building bridges and to spread the deen, it is allowed. But if it is for the purpose of celebrating then you have apostated.

Some people were brought up as Burelvis and they are victims of their surroundings. Surprisingly when there is jihad you may find deviants there from the Burelvis, Shia, etc. you have to take them all to fight the common enemy and after the battle you sort them out. You can't find a million- man army with everybody on the right aqeedah. Most Muslims are not on the right aqeedah and they have not heard about crucial aqeeda topics. The wicked scholars tell them democracy is shura. They don’t know about rejecting the taghoot. The knowledge was hidden was them by the wicked scholars.

Question 3: I’m considered by the others as a very good student in literature and philosophical subjects, i am making a the itijihad in the thought, that is to say by the knowledge, in France, as Tariq Ramadan for example, could i or is it a bad excuse?
Answer 3:
Tariq Ramadan is not a good Muslim. You are not allowed to use him as a mentor. Use Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi as a role model. They call themselves ikhwaanul Muslimeen but they are ikhwaanus Shayateen. You can take your knowledge from Anwar Awlaki (ra) not from Yusuf Qardawi and Hamza Yusuf.

Question 4: A brother joined the U.S navy as a Muslim, when he got out he was given the evidence & he became regretful and made sincere taubah. His fear is that he may not be a Muslim. Is he a Muslim or does he has to retake his shahadah?
Answer 4:
The tauba wipes out what came before. So he does not need to worry.

Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and those who disbelieve, fight in the cause of taghût (satan, etc.). So fight you against the friends of shaitan (satan); ever feeble indeed is the plot of shaitan (satan). (an-nisa 4:76)

The verse above is the hujjah (evidence) that joining the kaafir army is kufr.

Question 5: If a woman has her menses and has a wet dream, does she need to perform ghusl in order to read the Qur’an?
Answer 5: A woman on her menses is allowed to read the Qur'an but because of her wet dream she needs to make ghusl.

Which (that book with Allah) none can touch but the purified (i.e. the angels). (al-waqi'ah 56:79)

Those who say she can’t touch the Qur’an when on her period did not understand 56:79 properly; the Ayat was referring to the angels.