Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Q&A Importance of Marriage


Importance of Marriage

Question 1: Salam Ailokom Shiekh why is the punishment for a homosexuals death and not for lesbians?
Answer 1:
This is because their sex is fake. They are lesbians because they have personality disorder or were sexuality abused by family members. Many girls complained to shaikh about this. This leaves a scare on you for life. Whenever you were abused as a child it leaves a scar in your life. This leads to phobias for men. Give your children the best upbringing. You can’t kill the lesbian because their sex is fake. Just as we don’t kill anyone doing tricks because he has no contact with the jinns. That is shariah law.

Question 2: if a married woman has many children and does not want to get pregnant again, is it haram for her to have a procedure?
Answer 2:
Birth control is halal. Abortion is also halal before 6weeks. That is hambali fiqh and i am hambali. it is the more accurate opinion with regards to these issues. A woman can call the adhan when there are no men present. She can also touch the Qur’an when menstruating. This is the new hambali fiqh. Those who use the ayah 56:79.

Which (that book with Allah) none can touch but the purified (i.e. the angels). (al-waqi'ah 56:79)

We say to you that Allah is talking about the angel’s not menstruating girls. That is the tafseer i learnt from my studies.

Question 3: Salaam Alaikum. With the filth going on in our society, what do you suggest for our children, should one consider seeking marriage for our children at an early age, say 15/16? would you suggest this under the guidance of the parents in the home? barrakallah feek.
Answer 3:
The white man said you can’t get married until you are 18 and some say 16. Georgia says 16 and florida says 18. If you ask them why you put the age up to 18 they say to cut on child prostitution in society. If you are in a society where you can marry your kids at 16 then utilize it. It’s better than her disgracing the family. Everything on the TV and radio is talking about sex. Also in school plus the foods have additives that increase their libido. They put hormones in the food which makes the girls menstruate early and the moment she starts menstruating she has sexual urges. it is madness to put age of consent as 18 . In Brunei it’s 14 years and 13 years in japan.

Question 4: Is it haram to stay married because of the children if you no longer like your spouse?
Answer 4:
You can stay married if you are not fighting in front of the kids and if he is functioning in bed.

Question 5: I'm 40 years old, for 20 years (i.e. ages 14 to 34) there's been nothing but false aspiration, cringe worthy sexual depravation for a partner and a 100% stream of sisters with absolutely no chemistry whatsoever (i.e. friends/relatives only ever offer sisters who nobody else wants). Since 34, my libido's been dead, and endless duas & various remedies have not come to effect. To have been starved for so long, only for the hunger faculties to now be damaged is sickening to say the least. To be left unquenched in no man’s land with all those scars of past depravation is it permissible to ask Allah (swt) I had in my late 20’s! What’s the point of living when you're a physical & spiritual write-off with nothing to offer?
Answer 5:
You should find your own wife. It is not haram to find a spouse on the internet as long as you vet the person in real life. You should ask your local shaikh to find you someone.

And never give up hope of Allah’s mercy. Certainly no one despairs of Allah’s mercy, except the people who disbelieve." (Yusuf 12:87)

Question 6: if a man can't afford to provide for his 1st wife and then marry a second. Is he obliged to divorce one of his wives in order to avoid being oppressive.
Answer 6:
It is permissible for the wife to seek a faskh (annulment), if the husband seeking polygamy and he cannot afford to take on a second wife.

Question 7: If a sister is asking my husband to be her wali but she has caused fitnah in our marriage before, i told him i do not want him to do that, can i do this?
Answer 7:
Many sisters fall in love with their wali. It is better in this case that the sister seeks another wali. A sister in the UK married his wali and they are happily married. Many people fall in love with their wali. According to the question there is a history between them so it is better she finds another wali.

Question 8: What if the father wants his daughter to study first, and because she is his only daughter is not ready to let her go yet? What should i do?
Answer 8:
You have to defy your father and get married if you have the urge because the moment you have the urge nikah becomes compulsory on you. This is the ijmaa of the scholars.

Question 9: Is it haram to marry a girl that you impregnate before the naming ceremony because i hear that a marriage is not valid until after 40days is this true?
Answer 9:
There is no evidence to say you cannot marry her and those who say so have no valid evidence.

Question 10: My husband keeps talking to his kaffir ex-wife and we have argued about this many times. He always says he will stop and has not he just tries to keep it secret even more, do i have grounds to seek divorce from him?
Answer 10:
Maybe he has kids from his ex-wife. Please answer this question: does he have kids with this ex-wife? And they are talking about the kids. But if they have no kids but just talking then you can divorce him.