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-393- The 13 Shades of Shirk

 “The 13 Shades of Shirk”

By Shaikh Abdullah Faisal
09.08.2012 (Night Dars)

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This topic is important because all the calamities you see on your TV
-is a direct consequence of the diseases of the heart

The heart is the most important part of your body
-both physically and spiritually
-the way the car engine is the most important part of the car

...Beware! There is a piece of flesh in the body if it becomes good (reformed) the whole body becomes good but if it gets spoilt the whole body gets spoilt and that is the heart. [Sahih Bukhari, Vol 1, Book 2, Hadith #049]

In this world today, women are impressed with men with a 6 packed abdomen
-and men like to walk around in a T-shirt to show their abdomen
-but the Prophet (saw) said verily Allah does not look at your physical appearances
-but He looks to your heart

On the authority of Abu Huraira: "Verily Allah does not look to your bodies nor to your faces but He looks to your hearts," and he pointed towards the heart with his fingers. [Sahih Muslim, Book 32, Hadith #6220]

The heart of the Prophet (saw) was not like ours
-it was purified and so did not have these diseases
-his name is mentioned most on earth
-in iqamah, tashahud etc.

Allah said:

Have We not opened your breast for you (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him))? (Ash-Sharh 94:1)

And removed from you your burden, (Ash-Sharh 94:2)

Which weighed down your back? (Ash-Sharh 94:3)

And raised high your fame? (Ash-Sharh 94:4)

The kuffaar are jealous of the Prophet (saw)
-and because of this they use cartoons to laugh at him
-they are jealous of his honour and success
-Denmark was the first to publish these and they are so evil
-but you can’t incite Murder in darul harb
-because they will lock you up and throw away the keys
-so they insult the Prophet (saw) and then pass laws to protect the traitors
-but they insult him for no reason but out of jealousy

They have no izza because Allah told us that izza lies with Allah, His Prophet and the Muslims
-the world leaders have no izza

Allah said:

...But honour, power and glory belong to Allah, His Messenger (Muhammad SAW), and to the believers, but the hypocrites know not. (Al-Munafiqun 63:8)

One of Allah's names is Al Mui'iz
-meaning He gives honour to whom He pleases
-so many times one set out to disgrace someone and get disgraced himself


-to have love in your heart for false deities
-the way the Buddhist love Buddha, the Hindus love ram, sita
-and the Christians claim they love Jesus but this is not true
-because the Jews insult their god and they still love Jews
-so your love for Jesus is fake


When people insult the Prophet the Muslims stand up to defend him
-but when people insult Jesus, they turn a blind eye

There are 2 types of shirk:


Major shirk makes you a kaafir


1. Major shirk makes you a kaafir but minor shirk makes you a faasiq
2. Major shirk nullifies all your pious deeds
-but minor shirk nullifies only the deed that accompanied it

Allah said:

As for those who disbelieve, their deeds are like a mirage in a desert. The thirsty one thinks it to be water, until he comes up to it, he finds it to be nothing, but he finds Allah with him, Who will pay him his due (Hell). And Allah is Swift in taking account. (An-Nur 24:39)

-people who commit shirk have no good deeds
-so if you give away charity to show off that deed is nullified

And indeed it has been revealed to you (O Muhammad SAW), as it was to those (Allah’s Messengers) before you: "If you join others in worship with Allah, (then) surely (all) your deeds will be in vain, and you will certainly be among the losers." (Az-Zumar 39:65)

3. Major shirk cannot be forgiven if you die committing it
 -but minor shirk can be forgiven

Allah said:

Verily, Allah forgives not that partners should be set up with him in worship, but He forgives except that (anything else) to whom He pleases, and whoever sets up partners with Allah in worship, he has indeed invented a tremendous sin. (An-Nisa 4:48)

It is not (proper) for the Prophet and those who believe to ask Allah’s Forgiveness for the Mushrikûn (polytheists, idolaters, pagans, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah) even though they be of kin, after it has become clear to them that they are the dwellers of the Fire (because they died in a state of disbelief). (At-Tawbah 9:113)

Major shirk can be forgiven if you make tawbah before you die
-but if you did not then there is no hope for you
-and this was the plight of Abu Talib
-hence the Prophet did not ask for forgiveness for him

Narrated By Al-Abbas bin 'Abdul Muttalib: That he said to the Prophet "You have not been of any avail to your uncle (Abu Talib) (though) by Allah, he used to protect you and used to become angry on your behalf." The Prophet said, "He is in a shallow fire, and had It not been for me, he would have been in the bottom of the (Hell) Fire." [Sahih Bukhari, Vol 5, Book 58, Hadith #222]

Ibn 'Abbas reported: The Prophet (may peace be upon him) said: Among the inhabitants of the Fire Abu Talib would have the least suffering, and he would be wearing two shoes (of Fire) which would boil his brain. [Sahih Muslim, Book 1, Hadith #0413]

A Christian is a mushrik and so is a Jew
-the Jews make their rabbis gods beside Allah

They (Jews and Christians) took their rabbis and their monks to be their lords besides Allah (by obeying them in things which they made lawful or unlawful according to their own desires without being ordered by Allah), and (they also took as their Lord) Messiah, son of Maryam (Mary), while they (Jews and Christians) were commanded [in the Taurāt (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel)) to worship none but One Ilāh (God - Allah) Lā ilāha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He)[]. Praise and glory be to Him, (far above is He) from having the partners they associate (with Him)." (At-Tawbah 9:31)

Do not marginalize shirk to only bowing down to idols
-there are many other types of shirk
-e.g. the shirk of haakimiyya

4. Major shirk causes a person to be in hellfire forever
-but with minor shirk one can come out with the shafa'a



Allah said:

And of mankind are some who take (for worship) others besides Allah as rivals (to Allah). They love them as they love Allah. But those who believe, love Allah more (than anything else). If only, those who do wrong could see, when they will see the torment, that all power belongs to Allah and that Allah is Severe in punishment. (Al-Baqarah 2:165)

So there are people who don’t close their shops to pray jumm'ah
-they love the money more than Allah

-to worship a false deity
-and there is no excuse of ignorance for this shirk
-because the Prophet (saw) said the grave is an idol

Yahya related to me from Malik from Zayd ibn Aslam from Ata ibn Yasar that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, "O Allah! Do not make my grave an idol that is worshipped. The anger on those who took the graves of their Prophets as places of prostration was terrible." [Muwatta Malik (1/223) No. 570, Musannaf Abdur Razzaq (1/406) No. 1587, Musnad Ahmad (2/246) No. 7352]

-because the Prophet said the grave is an idol
-so the Berailvis of India, Africa and Pakistan are idol worshippers
-the kuffaar want you to worship the grave so you will be a kaafir like them

...I had heard Allah’s Messenger say: If anyone sees a wrong, he must prevent it with his hand. But, if he is not able then with his tongue, and if he is unable then with his heart and that is the weakest (degree of) faith.” [Tirmidhi 2179, Muslim 79]

Allah said:

Never will the Jews nor the Christians be pleased with you (O Muhammad Peace be upon him ) till you follow their religion. Say: "Verily, the Guidance of Allah (i.e. Islāmic Monotheism) that is the (only) Guidance And if you (O Muhammad Peace be upon him ) were to follow their (Jews and Christians) desires after what you have received of Knowledge (i.e. the Qur’an), then you would have against Allah neither any Walī (protector or guardian) nor any helper. (Al-Baqarah 2:120)

The wicked scholars give the excuse of ignorance to those who worship a false deity
-but this is zandaqa and not our aqeeda

Allah said:

And (remember) when your Lord brought forth from the Children of Adam, from their loins, their seed (or from Adam's loin his offspring) and made them testify as to themselves (saying): "Am I not your Lord?" They said: "Yes! We testify," lest you should say on the Day of Resurrection: "Verily, we have been unaware of this." (Al-A'raf 7:172)

Narrated from Anas (RA) that a man said: “O Messenger of Allah, where is my father?” He said: “In Hell.” When he turned away he called him back and said: “My father and your father are in Hell.” [Sahih Muslim (Vol. 1, pg. 191) No. 203]

On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (RA), who said that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: "If Allah has loved a servant [of His], He calls Gabriel (on whom be peace) and says: 'I love So-and-so, therefore love him.'" He (the Prophet - SAW) said: "So Gabriel loves him. Then he (Gabriel) calls out in heaven, saying: 'Allah loves So-and-so, therefore love him.' And the inhabitants of heaven love him." He (the Prophet - SAW) said: "Then acceptance is established for him on earth. And if Allah has abhorred a servant [of His], He calls Gabriel and says: 'I abhor So-and-so, therefore abhor him.' So Gabriel abhors him. Then Gabriel calls out to the inhabitants of heaven: 'Allah abhors So-and-so, therefore abhor him.'" He (the Prophet - SAW) said: "So they abhor him, and abhorrence is established for him on earth." [Muslim (also by al-Bukhari, Malik, and at-Tirmidhi).]

-the Prophet (saw) said let none of you disgrace himself

On the authority of Abu Sa'id (RA), who said that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: "Let not any one of you belittle himself." They said: "O Messenger of Allah, how can any one of us belittle himself?" He said: "He finds a matter concerning Allah about which he should say something, and he does not say [it], so Allah (mighty and sublime be He) says to him on the Day of Resurrection: 'What prevented you from saying something about such-and-such and such-and-such?' He will say: 'It was] out of fear of people.' Then He says: 'Rather it is I whom you should more properly fear.'" [Sunan Ibn Majah (5/142) No. 4008, with a sound chain of authorities.]

Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amr (RA) that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: "If you see my Ummah afraid of telling the oppressor: 'You are an oppressor', it is farewell to the Ummah." [Musnad Ahmad (2/190) No. 6784 and Mustadrak al-Haakim (4/108) No. 7036, Haakim said Sahih Isnaad also declared Sahih by Adh-Dhahabi in al-Talkhees]

If you fear the kuffaar because of their tyranny you are not a kaafir
-because Musa (a.s) feared the tyranny of the pharaoh

They said: "Our Lord! Verily! We fear lest he should hasten to punish us or lest he should transgress (all bounds against us)." (Ta-Ha 20:45)

If you fear the prison, you are not a kaafir
-because the prison is a very dangerous place
-so the shirk of fear makes you a kaafir if that fear causes you to change Islam
-e.g. telling the governments that riba is halal for them to set up riba banks
-when you go to jail, you can lose your family
-i have seen people apostate in jail
-so it can make you a better person or a worse person

Abu Sa'ed al-Khudri narrated the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: "The best Jihad is to speak a word of truth to an oppressive ruler." [Sunan Abu Dawud (4/124) No. 4344, Sunan Ibn Majah (5/144) No. 4011, Sunan Tirmidhi (4/471) No. 2174]

-if i tell you to pray 3 rak’ah for Salatul Fajr and you obey me, all of you become kuffaar
-because i have changed Islam and you obeyed me
-so you are not allowed to blind follow
-you should ask for hujjah

When those who were followed, disown (declare themselves innocent of) those who followed (them), and they see the torment, then all their relations will be cut off from them. (Al-Baqarah 2:166)

-you are not to make tawaaf around the graves
-only do so in the ka’ba
The Prophet (saw) said tawaaf is salah

Ibn Abbas (RA) reported that the Prophet (SAW) said, “The tawaaf round the House is like the salah except that you converse during it (the tawaaf). And, he who converses does not do so except with a good word. [Tirmidhi (3/293) No. 960, al-Bazzar (11/127) No. 4853, Ibn Khuzaymah (4/222) No. 2739, Ibn Hibban (9/143) No. 3836, al-Haakim (1/630) No. 1687]


Allah said:

and He makes none to share in His Decision and His Rule." (Al-Kahf 18:26)

The command (or the judgement) is for none but Allah. (Yusuf 12:40)

-since Allah is the only legislator,
-no one is allowed to do so and you are not to obey anyone who does so
-theirs is the shirk of legislating and your shirk is that of obedience

Eat not (O believers) of that (meat) on which Allah’s Name has not been pronounced (at the time of the slaughtering of the animal), for sure it is Fisq (a sin and disobedience of Allah). And certainly, the Shayātin (devils) do inspire their friends (from mankind) to dispute with you, and if you obey them [by making Al Maytatah (a dead animal) legal by eating it], then you would indeed be Mushrikûn (polytheists) [because they (devils and their friends) made lawful to you to eat that which Allah has made unlawful to eat and you obeyed them by considering it lawful to eat, and by doing so you worshipped them, and to worship others besides Allah is polytheism]. (Al-An'am 6:121)

While 'Allama al-Shinqiti-May Allah be merciful with him-has said: To commit shirk with Allah in judging is of the same meaning as to commit shirk in His worship, there is no difference between the two in any manner. There is no difference in any sense between he who follows a system (nizam) other than Allah's system or law other than Allah's law (sharia) and he who worships an idol or prostrates to a false god. They are the same and both are polytheists [associating others] with Allah. [Adwa' al-Bayan, (7/162)]

Allah said:

Have you seen those (hypocrites) who claim that they believe in that which has been sent down to you, and that which was sent down before you, and they wish to go for judgement (in their disputes) to the Tāghût (false judges, etc.) while they have been ordered to reject them. But Shaitān (Satan) wishes to lead them far astray. (An-Nisa 4:60)

You are not allowed to go to the kaafir courthouse for judgement
-this is called tahakum
-doing so is like bowing down to the idols

To believe in Allah is not enough to make you Muslim
-you only become Muslim if you reject the taghoot

-to make your dua to somebody else besides Allah
-the Berailvis do this
-Allah said:

Surely, the religion (i.e. the worship and the obedience) is for Allah only. And those who take Auliyā' (protectors and helpers) besides Him (say): "We worship them only that they may bring us near to Allah." Verily, Allah will judge between them concerning that wherein they differ. Truly, Allah guides not him who is a liar, and a disbeliever. (Az-Zumar 39:3)

-so this has taken them outside the fold of Islam

Say (O Muhammad SAW): "Verily, my Salah (prayer), my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of the 'Alamīn (mankind, jinns and all that exists). (Al-An'am 6:162)

-wearing things around your neck for protection is not permissible
-if you want to be protected by the Qur'an you have to recite it
-wearing paper around your neck is shirk because that paper can’t protect you
-even the shaytan knows to recite the Qur'an for protection

Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah 's Apostle ordered me to guard the Zakat revenue of Ramadan. Then somebody came to me and started stealing of the foodstuff. I caught him and said, "I will take you to Allah's Apostle!" Then Abu Huraira described the whole narration and said) That person said (to me), "(Please don't take me to Allah's Apostle and I will tell you a few words by which Allah will benefit you.) When you go to your bed, recite Ayat-al-Kursi, (2.255) for then there will be a guard from Allah who will protect you all night long, and Satan will not be able to come near you till dawn." (When the Prophet heard the story) he said (to me), "He (who came to you at night) told you the truth although he is a liar; and it was Satan." [Sahih Bukhari, Vol 6, Book 61, Hadith #530]

In order that you may mount firmly on their backs, and then may remember the Favour of your Lord when you mount thereon, and say: "Glory to Him who has subjected this to us, and we could never have it (by our efforts)." (Az-Zukhruf 43:13)

And verily, to Our Lord we indeed are to return! (Az-Zukhruf 43:14)

The goofi soofis wear the ta'awis
-this is not Islam


Abu Huraira reported that the Prophet (SAW), said “Whoever comes to a fortune-teller and believes him has disbelieved in what was revealed to Muhammad (SAW)”. [Musnad Ahmad (Vol. 2, pg. 429) No. 9532 and Mustadrak al-Hakim (Vol. 1, pg. 49) No. 15]

-e.g. the Christians say:

And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. (Genesis 2:2) King James Version

And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. (Genesis 6:6) King James Version

-it is shirk to describe Allah with human qualities
-you the Muslim know better so you are not supposed to do this

To beget means to cohabit:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16) King James Version

-this is an animal act so how can you accuse Allah of it

Jimmy Swaggart accused Allah of this but when Ahmad Deedat debated him
-he changed it to unique son
-because he knows the word begotten means to procreate

Allah said:

He is the Originator of the heavens and the earth. How can He have children when He has no wife? He created all things and He is the All-Knower of everything. (Al-An'am 6:101)

-the Shi’ites say:

SHIA HUJJAH: All the Imams are infallible just like the Prophets. The Shia derives their religion from their immaculate (infallible) Imams" (Usool al Kafi, p. 22)

Verily, Allah! With Him (Alone) is the knowledge of the Hour, He sends down the rain, and knows that which is in the wombs. No person knows what he will earn tomorrow, and no person knows in what land he will die. Verily, Allah is All Knower, All Aware (of things). (Luqman 31:34)

SHIA HUJJAH: The Imams know when they will die, and they only die by their choice. (Al Kafi vol.1 p.258)

SHIA HUJJAH: The Imams have knowledge of the past and future; and nothing is hidden from them. (Al-Kafi vol.1 p.260)

The Shi’ites have no tawheed
-if your imams have knowledge of the future, this contradicts 7:188

Say (O Muhammad SAW): "I possess no power of benefit or hurt to myself except as Allah wills. If I had the knowledge of the Ghaib (unseen), I should have secured for myself an abundance of wealth, and no evil should have touched me. I am but a warner, and a bringer of glad tidings unto people who believe." (Al-A'raf 7:188)

-even the Prophet (saw) did not have knowledge of the unseen
-they give Allah's names and attributes to human beings; this is shirk

-this shirk makes you a kaafir
-it is the creed of Louis Farrakhan (NOI)

Allah said :

It is not given to any human being that Allah should speak to him unless (it be) by Inspiration, or from behind a veil, or (that) He sends a Messenger to reveal what He wills by His Leave. Verily, He is Most High, Most Wise[] . (Ash-Shura 42:51)

On the authority of Abu Dharr: “I asked the Messenger of Allah (SAW), ‘Have you seen your Lord?’ He said, ‘(There is) light, how could I see Him?’” [Sahih Muslim (1/161) No. 178]

Allah didn't come to earth in the form of a man nor will it ever happen
-the veil of Allah 'tala is light

Christians claim when Jesus was on earth, he was "God"
-but see 20:17 of the Bible

Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God. (John 20:17) King James Version

Jesus said :

I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me. (John 5:30) King James Version

-he said of his own self, he can do nothing
-yet we show these Bible verses to Christians but they still deny with haughtiness

And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? [there is] none good but one, [that is], God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments. (Matthew 19:17) King James Version

Jesus said, "why call ME good - only God is good"

And the Father himself, which hath sent me, hath borne witness of me. Ye have neither heard his voice at any time, nor seen his shape. (John 5:37) King James Version

-this verse is the knockout punch to give the Christians when we give them da’wah
-Jesus said no one has ever seen God nor even His (swt)’s shape
-so why do the Christians hang on to Christianity when they've been check-mated with tawheed
-Prophet Adam and Prophet Musa heard the voice of God but Jesus' disciples had never heard Allah's voice
-nor seen His (swt)’s form


On the authority of Abu Huraira, I heard the Messenger of Allah (SAW) say: The first of men (whose case) will be decided on the Day of Judgment will be a man who died as a martyr. He shall be brought (before the Judgment Seat). Allah will make him recount His blessings (i.e. the blessings which He had bestowed upon him) and he will recount them (and admit having enjoyed them in his life). (Then) will Allah say: What did you do (to requite these blessings)? He will say: I fought for Thee until I died as a martyr. Allah will say: You have told a lie. You fought that you might be called a "brave warrior". And you were called so, (Then) orders will be passed against him and he will be dragged with his face downward and cast into Hell. Then will be brought forward a man who acquired knowledge and imparted it (to others) and recited the Qur'an. He will be brought And Allah will make him recount His blessings and he will recount them (and admit having enjoyed them in his lifetime). Then will Allah ask: What did you do (to requite these blessings)? He will say: I acquired knowledge and disseminated it and recited the Qur'an seeking Thy pleasure. Allah will say: You have told a lie. You acquired knowledge so that you might be called "a scholar," and you recited the Qur'an so that it might be said: "He is a Qari" and such has been said. Then orders will be passed against him and he shall be dragged with his face downward and cast into the Fire. Then will be brought a man whom Allah had made abundantly rich and had granted every kind of wealth. He will be brought and Allah will make him recount His blessings and he will recount them and (admit having enjoyed them in his lifetime). Allah will (then) ask: What have you done (to requite these blessings)? He will say: I spent money in every cause in which Thou wished that it should be spent. Allah will say: You are lying. You did (so) that it might be said about (You): "He is a generous fellow" and so it was said. Then will Allah pass orders and he will be dragged with his face downward and thrown into Hell. (Sahih Muslim 4688, Tirmidhi 2389)

-the above mentioned hadeeth proves to us that whenever we do righteous deeds
-it should be to seek Allah's pleasure not to seek fame and fortune

"Who acquired knowledge in order to compete with the scholars or to concur with the foolish or to direct the faces of the people towards himself, Allah will put him in the fire." (Ibn Majah, Ahmad, Ad-Daarimiy)

Narrated By Abu Huraira: I heard Allah's Apostle saying. "All the sins of my followers will be forgiven except those of the Mujahirin (those who commit a sin openly or disclose their sins to the people). An example of such disclosure is that a person commits a sin at night and though Allah screens it from the public, then he comes in the morning, and says, 'O so-and-so, I did such-and-such (evil) deed yesterday,' though he spent his night screened by his Lord (none knowing about his sin) and in the morning he removes Allah's screen from himself." [Sahih Bukhari, Vol 8, Book 73, Hadith #095]