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-412- Hadeeth Number 7: How To Be Sincere To The Holy Qur'an


By Shaikh Abdullah Faisal
10.08.2012 (Night Dars)

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عن أبي رقية تميم بن أوس الداري رضي الله تعالى عنه أن النبي صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم قال الدين النصيحة.قلنا: لمن؟ قال لله، ولكتابه، ولرسوله، ولأئمة المسلمين وعامتهم .رواه مسلم.
On the authority of Tameem ibn Aus ad-Daree (RA): The Prophet (SAW) said, "The deen (religion) is naseehah (advice, sincerity)." We said "To whom?" He (SAW) said "To Allah, His Book, His Messenger, and to the leaders of the Muslims and their common folk." Related by Muslim.

The narrator of this hadeeth was from Palestine
-he was a Christian monk who became Muslim
-he returned to Palestine during the caliphate of Uthman (r.a)


14 conditions have to be met in order to be sincere to the holy Qur’an
-and if one is missing you are not sincere

-Speech of Allah and not created

Imam Shafi (rahimaullah) said, “Whoever says that the Qur’an is created is a kaafir” Masail Abu Dawood Pg 262, sanad is Saheeh

Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal said,”Whoever says that the Qur’an is created is a kaafir; do not say salaam to him, neither pray behind him nor sit with him.” Masail ibn Hani Pg 154 Vol.2 fekrah 1863

from Alee bin al-Hasan al-Kuraa'ee who said: Abu Yusuf said: I debated Abu Hanifah for six months, and then our view became united that the one who said the Qur'an is created is a kaafir. [Adh-Dhahabee brings with a good (jayyid) chain of narration, as occurs in Mukhtasar al-Uluww (p. 155)]

Ibn Kathir: “The speech of Allah is un-created from every angle, except that my pronunciation of the Qur’ān is created. Whoever does not believe that one’s pronunciation of the Qur’ān is created is a disbeliever.” This is also relayed from al-Bukhārī, and Dāwūd b. ‘Alī al-Zāhirī. Imām Ahmad used to shut this door in order to close the discussion regarding the createdness of the Qur’ān.


Verily We: It is We Who have sent down the Dhikr (i.e. the Qur'an) and surely, We will guard it (from corruption). (Al-Hijr 15:9)

-Allah has protected the Quran and you cannot believe it is corrupted


Do they not then think deeply in the Qur'an, or are their hearts locked up (from understanding it)? (Muhammad 47:24)

-Allah has cursed the person who does not contemplate on the Quran
-their heart is sealed
-How can you not be touched by the Quran?
-and this is why the worst kaffir is an Arab kaffir

The bedouins are the worst in disbelief and hypocrisy, and more likely to be in ignorance of the limits (Allah's Commandments and His Legal Laws, etc.) which Allah has revealed to His Messenger. And Allah is All-Knower, All-Wise. (At-Tawbah 9:97)

-millions embrace Islam after reading the holy Quran including scientists

MAURICE BUCAILLE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maurice_Bucaille

-if you are not touched by the Quran, something is wrong with your heart

Do they not then consider the Qur'an carefully? Had it been from other than Allah, they would surely have found therein many contradictions. (An-Nisa 4:82)

Do they not then think deeply in the Qur'ān, or are their hearts locked up (from understanding it)? (Muhammad 47:24)


Allāh has sent down the best statement, a Book (this Qur'ān), its parts resembling each other in goodness and truth, oft-repeated. The skins of those who fear their Lord shiver from it (when they recite it or hear it). Then their skin and their heart soften to the remembrance of Allāh. That is the guidance of Allāh. He Guides therewith whom He pleases and whomever Allāh sends astray, for him there is no guide. (Az-Zumar 39:23)


Yazid ibn Yabnus said, "We went to 'A'isha and said, 'Umm al-Mu'minin, what was the character of the Messenger of Allah (SAW), like?' She replied, 'His character was the Qur'an. Can you recite the sura entitled "The Believers"?' She said, 'Recite: "It is the believers who are successful: those who are humble in their prayer; those who turn away from worthless talk; those who actively pay zakat; those who guard their private parts." (23:1-5)' She said, 'That was the character of the Messenger of Allah (SAW).'" [al-Adab al-Mufrad al-Bukhari, No. 308]

And verily, you (O Muhammad SAW) are on an exalted standard of character. (Al-Qalam 68:4)

Indeed in the Messenger of Allāh (Muhammad SAW) you have a good example to follow for him who hopes in (the Meeting with) Allāh and the Last Day and remembers Allāh much. (Al-Ahzab 33:21)

-if Quran says don't do something then don't do it
-if Quran says do something then you must do it
-this is how you become walking Quran

Abu Huraira narrated the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, "I was sent to perfect good character." [al-Adab al-Mufrad al-Bukhari, No. 273, Muwatta Malik (2/75) No. 1885, Musnad Ahmad (2/381) No. 8939, Mustadrak al-Haakim (2/670) No. 4221]

He it is Who sent among the unlettered ones a Messenger (Muhammad SAW) from among themselves, reciting to them His Verses, purifying them (from the filth of disbelief and polytheism), and teaching them the Book (this Qur'ān, Islāmic laws and Islāmic jurisprudence) and Al-Hikmah (As-Sunnah: legal ways, orders, acts of worship, etc. of Prophet Muhammad SAW). And verily, they had been before in manifest error; (Al-Jumu'ah 62:2)

-hikma is the Sunnah of the prophet (saw) and he was very wise
-in 23 years a whole nation was changed
-kuffaar writers concede Muhammad was the most successful man in history

And when you (Muhammad SAW) see those who engage in a false conversation about Our Verses (of the Qur'ān) by mocking at them, stay away from them till they turn to another topic. And if Shaitān (Satan) causes you to forget, then after the remembrance sit not you in the company of those people who are the Zālimûn (polytheists and wrong­doers, etc.). (Al-An'am 6:68)

-when you teach them the deen you are bothering them
-when they learn the deen it only increases their hypocrisy

Ayyub ibn Musa reported on the authority of his father who from his grandfather that Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said, “No father gave a better gift to his son than (teaching) good manners." [Tirmidhi 1959, Ahmed 15403]


-some reverts have three wives and ask for zakat from rich Muslims
-but they don't believe in jihad saying there is no caliph
-they propose to the prettiest girls
-some don’t have jobs
-they ask for zakat

Jihād (holy fighting in Allāh's Cause) is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allāh knows but you do not know. (Al-Baqarah 2:216)

-then put dodgy condition on jihad

Shaikh bin Baz passed fatwa for jihad and there was no caliph at that time

SHAIKH BIN BAAZ FATWA IN SUPPORT OF JIHAD AGAINST SOVIETS: http://studytrueislam.com/islam/history-current-affairs-of-islam/ibn-baazs-fatwa-in-support-of-the-war-against-the-soviets/

-why attack the mujahideen with names



-they say the mujahideen are on the way of the shaytan
-but the mujahideen are trying to liberate man and land

Then do you believe in a part of the Scripture and reject the rest? Then what is the recompense of those who do so among you, except disgrace in the life of this world, and on the Day of Resurrection they shall be consigned to the most grievous torment. And Allāh is not unaware of what you do. (Al-Baqarah 2:85)


-do not marginalize the Qur’an on the individual level
-do not disregard the Shari’ah
-5 daily prayers and lots of hajj is not enough,
-this is implementing the Quran on the individual level

This person is a secularist
-the secularist says don't take the Quran to the ministry of finance, agriculture etc.
-they say if we want to deal in riba and sell pork leave us alone
-if they want to preach Darwinism then leave them to do it

..This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islām as your religion. But as for him who is forced by severe hunger, with no inclination to sin (such can eat these above-mentioned meats), then surely, Allāh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Al-Ma'idah 5:3)

Why do you want to use manmade isms and schisms?
-Allah said that the religion is perfected
-why do you want to borrow from capitalism?
-capitalism is sinking

Sometimes a khutba in the masjid is on intoxicants
-you leave the masjid saying what a wonderful khutba
-he mentioned 10 people who are cursed regarding alcohol

Anas ibn Malik reported that Allah’s Messenger (SAW) cursed ten man concerning wine. 1. One who extracts it. 2. One who gets it extracted. 3. One who drinks it. 4. One who delivers it. 5. One to whom it is brought. 6. One who serves it. 7. One who sells it. 8. One who receives its price. 9. One who buys it. 10. One for whom it is bought. [Tirmidhi 1299, Ibn e Majah 3381

-but it was not a good khutba because the imam did not call for Shari’ah
-to close down the factories that produce the intoxicants

If you go to a doctor and he tells you, you have diabetes but did not give you prescription,
-he is not a good doctor
-so the imam’s khutba was lopsided
-he gave no solution to the issue
-you think it is a good khutba because sharia is not on your mind

Salah and hajj is not enough, this is goofi soofi doctrine
-to be sincere to the Quran you have to implement it on the state level

Those (Muslim rulers) who, if We give them power in the land, (they) order for Iqamat-as-Salāt. [i.e. to perform the five compulsory congregational Salāt (prayers) (the males in mosques)], to pay the Zakāt and they enjoin Al-Ma'rûf (i.e. Islāmic Monotheism and all that Islām orders one to do), and forbid Al-Munkar (i.e. disbelief, polytheism and all that Islām has forbidden) [i.e. they make the Qur'ān as the law of their country in all the spheres of life]. And with Allāh rests the end of (all) matters (of creatures). (Al-Hajj 22:41)

Indeed in the Messenger of Allāh (Muhammad SAW) you have a good example to follow for him who hopes in (the Meeting with) Allāh and the Last Day and remembers Allāh much. (Al-Ahzab 33:21)

-the only man in history to successfully implement religion and state combined
-was Muhammad (saw)


-it is haram to pray behind a man who cannot recite fatiha properly
-recite not too fast or too slow; this is the best way

…and recite the Qur'ān (aloud) in a slow, (pleasant tone and) style. (Al-Muzzammil 73:4)


-you are not allowed to learn tafseer of Shiites, soofis etc.
-when you go to the rooms of munafiqeen on paltalk, it shows you are a hypocrite,
-because you thinks it is harmless fun to listen to backbiting

And it has already been revealed to you in the Book (this Qur'ān) that when you hear the Verses of Allāh being denied and mocked at, then sit not with them, until they engage in a talk other than that; (but if you stayed with them) certainly in that case you would be like them. Surely, Allāh will collect the hypocrites and disbelievers all together in Hell, (An-Nisa 4:140)

-4:140 is the evidence that you cannot got to these rooms
-they talk without knowledge, they backbite and slander
-to be sincere you need to go to a sincere alim
-not the tafseer of the Shiites

They say the cow to kill in baqarah is Aisha

And (remember) when Mûsa (Moses) said to his people: "Verily, Allāh commands you that you slaughter a cow." They said, "Do you make fun of us?" He said, "I take Allāh's Refuge from being among Al-Jāhilûn (the ignorants or the foolish)." (Al-Baqarah 2:67)

They say throne of Allah is something that you cannot touch
-hadith shows they are wrong

And the angels will be on its sides, and eight angels will, that Day, bear the Throne of your Lord above them. (Al-Haqqah 69:17)

Narrated Abu Said: The Prophet said, 'People will be struck unconscious on the Day of Resurrection and I will be the first to regain consciousness, and behold! There I will see Moses holding one of the pillars of Allah's Throne. I will wonder whether he has become conscious before me of he has been exempted, because of his unconsciousness at the Tur (mountain) which he received (on the earth)." [Sahih Bukhari (4/153) No. 3398]

Saudi salafis say that one can be a kaafir of a lesser degree
-this is a bid’ah
-there is no such thing
-they say to dismantle the Shari’ah is a minor kufr

Ibn Taymiyyah said: And it is known from the religion (of Islam) by necessity and by the consensus of all Muslims that whoever legalizes to follow other than the religion of Islam or a Sharia other than the Sharia of Muhammad (SAW), he is a Kaafir. And his kufr is similar to that of the one who believes in some part of the book (Quran) and reject some of it. Majmua Al-Fataawa: Vol 28, p. 524.

So Whosoever abandons the wise Shariah which was revealed upon Muhammed ibn Abdullah, the seal of the prophets, and goes to other abrogated Shariah for judgment, he becomes a Kaafir. So how about the one who goes to al-Yaasiq (man-made law) for judgment and gives it precedence (over the Sharia of Muhammed (saw). Whosoever does this has become a Kaafir by the Ijma of the Muslims. Ibn Kathir, Al-Bidayah Wan-Nihayah, Vol 13, p119

Shaikh 'Abdul-'Azeez Ibn 'Abdullaah Ibn Baaz said: "There is no Eemaan for the one who believes the laws of the people and their opinions are superior to the Hukm of Allah and His Messenger or that they are equal to it or that they resemble it or who leaves it or replaces it with fabricated laws and institutions invented by people, even if he believes that the laws of Allah are more encompassing and more just." [Wujoob Tah'keem Sharee'ah Allah' (pg. 16-17)]

They claim they follow ibn Kathir and ibn Taymiyya
-these are proof against them
-ibn Baz says to dismantle the sharia is major kufr

And whosoever does not judge by what Allāh has revealed, such are the Kāfirûn (i.e. disbelievers - of a lesser degree as they do not act on Allāh's Laws). (Al-Ma'idah ..5:44)

...And whoever does not judge according to what Allah has sent down, then those are they (who are) the disbelievers. (Al-Ma'idah 5:44) [Dr Ghalli Translation]


-Allah calls wicked scholars dogs and donkeys

And recite (O Muhammad SAW) to them the story of him to whom We gave Our Ayāt (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.), but he threw them away, so Shaitān (Satan) followed him up, and he became of those who went astray. (Al-A'raf 7:175)

And had We willed, We would surely have elevated him therewith but he clung to the earth and followed his own vain desire. So his description is the description of a dog: if you drive him away, he lolls his tongue out, or if you leave him alone, he (still) lolls his tongue out. Such is the description of the people who reject Our Ayāt (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.). So relate the stories, perhaps they may reflect. (Al-A'raf 7:176)

-if you give a wicked scholar knowledge or not he will sell out
-they practice ‘hislam’
-not everyone studies Islam with the right intention

The likeness of those who were entrusted with the (obligation of the) Taurāt (Torah) (i.e. to obey its commandments and to practise its legal laws), but who subsequently failed in those (obligations), is as the likeness of a donkey who carries huge burdens of books (but understands nothing from them). How bad is the example (or the likeness) of people who deny the Ayāt (proofs, evidences, verses, signs, revelations, etc.) of Allāh. And Allāh guides not the people who are Zālimûn (polytheists, wrong-doers, disbelievers, etc.). (Al-Jumu'ah 62:5)

Ibn Abbas (RA) narrated that Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said, “He who speaks on the Qur’an without possessing knowledge must assume his seat in the Fire.” [Musnad Ahmad (Vol. 1, pg. 269) No. 2429, Sunan at-Tirmdhi (Vol. 5, pg.198) No. 2950, Abu Eesa al-Tirmidhi said: this hadeeth is hasan]

-don’t bring sharia of Moses, David etc.
-why bring other abrogated sharia
-they always quote fabricated hadith
-don't say wine drinking is fine because of abrogated hadith because 5:90 makes it haram

O you who believe! Intoxicants (all kinds of alcoholic drinks), gambling, Al¬Ansāb, and Al¬Azlām (arrows for seeking luck or decision) are an abomination of Shaitān's (Satan) handiwork. So avoid (strictly all) that (abomination) in order that you may be successful. (Al-Ma'idah 5:90)

‘Abdullah ibn Umar (RA) reported that Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said, “If anyone drinks wine then his salah over forty days are not approved. If he repents then Allah will relent to him. If he reverts (to it), then Allah will not approve his salah over forty days. If he repents, Allah will relent to him but if he reverts (to it) then Allah will not approve his salah over forty days. If he repents then Allah will relent to him. Again, if he reverts the fourth time, Allah will not approve his salah over forty days and if he repents then Allah will not relent to him and He will give him to drink from the river of Khabal.” Someone asked, “O Abu Abdur Rahman! what is the river of Khabal?’ He said, “The pus of the dwellers of the people of fire.” [Sunan Tirmidhi (4/290) No. 1862, Sunan Nasa'i (8/317) No. 5670, Musnad Ahmad (2/35) No. 4917, al-Mu’jam al-Kabir al-Tabarani (12/390) No. 13441]


-and memorise it as much as possible
-Allah has made Quran easy for us to remember

And We have indeed made the Qur'ān easy to understand and remember, then is there any that will remember (or receive admonition)? (Al-Qamar 54:17)


-some homes have Quran as background music and are talking
-scholars say you cannot have Quran as ringtone on your cellphone
-you cause people to stop what they are doing
-you can set Quran as alarm to wake you

So, when the Qur'ān is recited, listen to it, and be silent that you may receive mercy. [i.e. during the compulsory congregational prayers when the Imām (of a mosque) is leading the prayer (except Sûrat Al-Fātiha), and also when he is delivering the Friday-prayer Khutbah]. [Tafsir At-Tabari, Vol.9, Pages 162-4] (Al-A'raf 7:204)


-the manhaj of the Quran is to call for tawheed in darul harb and sharia in darul Islam

Narrated By Ibn Abbas: When the Prophet sent Muadh to Yemen, he said to him, "You are going to a nation from the people of the Scripture, so let the first thing to which you will invite them, be the Tauhid of Allah. If they learn that, tell them that Allah has enjoined on them, five prayers to be offered in one day and one night. And if they pray, tell them that Allah has enjoined on them Zakat of their properties and it is to be taken from the rich among them and given to the poor. And if they agree to that, then take from them Zakat but avoid the best property of the people." [Sahih Bukhari, Vol 9, Book 93, Hadith #469]

-many say Shari’ah for UK, Belgium USA
-why do this? Allah says they are beneath the animal level
-they allow bestiality and homosexuality in their armies

SENATE APPROVES BILL THAT LEGALIZES SODOMY AND BESTIALITY IN U.S. MILITARY: http://www.kavkazcenter.com/eng/content/2011/12/09/15488.shtml

-even the shaytan is ashamed of them
-they allow animal brothels

Or do you think that most of them hear or understand? They are only like cattle; nay, they are even farther astray from the Path. (i.e. even worst than cattle). (Al-Furqan 25:44)

ANIMAL BROTHELS LEGAL IN DENMARK: http://www.icenews.is/index.php/2008/05/20/animal-brothels-legal-in-denmark/

Why invite them to Shari’ah? They can't practice sharia
-they worship their evil corrupted desires

Have you seen him who takes his own lust (vain desires) as his ilāh (god), and Allāh knowing (him as such), left him astray, and sealed his hearing and his heart, and put a cover on his sight. Who then will guide him after Allāh? Will you not then remember? (Al-Jathiyah 45:23)

-they knight homosexuals with *sir* titles

Then We reduced him to the lowest of the low, (At-Tin 95:5)

France is an atheist state
-they chop off king’s head saying they don't want religion
-they don't believe in God
-so how can you call them to sharia?
-they don't believe God exists so how can they obey God?

Say (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him)): "He is Allāh, (the) One. (Al-Ikhlas 112:1)

"Allāh-us-Samad (The Self-Sufficient Master, Whom all creatures need, He neither eats nor drinks). (Al-Ikhlas 112:2)

"He begets not, nor was He begotten; (Al-Ikhlas 112:3)

"And there is none co-equal or comparable unto Him." (Al-Ikhlas 112:4

The Makkans were invited to worship Allah alone at first
-only salah was revealed in mecca
-all the other sharia laws were revealed in medina
-the manhaj of the Quran is to invite the people with hikma

Invite (mankind, O Muhammad SAW) to the Way of your Lord (i.e. Islām) with wisdom (i.e. with the Divine Inspiration and the Qur'ān) and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better. Truly, your Lord knows best who has gone astray from His Path, and He is the Best Aware of those who are guided. (An-Nahl 16:125)

-say the right thing at the right place at the right time and in the right manner
-the manhaj of the Quran is to speak with knowledge

Say (O Muhammad SAW): "This is my way; I invite unto Allāh (i.e. to the Oneness of Allāh - Islāmic Monotheism) with sure knowledge, I and whosoever follows me (also must invite others to Allāh i.e to the Oneness of Allāh - Islāmic Monotheism) with sure knowledge. And Glorified and Exalted be Allāh (above all that they associate as partners with Him). And I am not of the Mushrikûn (polytheists, pagans, idolaters and disbelievers in the Oneness of Allāh; those who worship others along with Allāh or set up rivals or partners to Allāh)." (Yusuf 12:108)

Some people having sex on stage for people to watch
-some say things about Allah without knowledge
-they are jaahil
-they are like the Christians who don't know their religion
-so call them to tawheed first then Shari’ah


Shaikh what is the Arabic dua of the man who supplicated to Allah and the angel from the 4th heaven came to kill the thief?


It was narrated that Anas ibn Maalik (RA) said: There was one of the companions of the Prophet (SAW), one of the Ansaar, who was known by the kunyah of Abu Mu’allaq. He was a merchant who did trade with his own wealth and on behalf of others, and he used to travel all over, and he was a pious ascetic. He went out on one occasion and was met by an armed thief who said to him: Give me what you have, for I will kill you. He said: You do not need my blood, all you want is the wealth. He said: As for the wealth, it is mine; all I want is your blood. He said: If you insist, then let me pray four rak’ahs. He said: Pray as much as you want. So he did wudoo’, then he prayed four rak’ahs, and among the words that he said in du’aa’ in the last prostration were: يا ودودُ! يا ذا العَرْشِ المجيد! يا فعالٌ لما يريد! أسألُكَ بِعِزِّكَ الذي لايُرَامُ، ومُلْكِكَ الذي لا يُضَامُ، وبِنُورِكَ الذي ملأ أركانَ عرشِكَ أنْ تكفِيَنِي شرَّ هذا اللصِّ، يا مغيثُ أَغِثْنِي “O Most Loving, O Most Loving, O Owner of the majestic Throne, O Initiator, O Returner, O You Who do whatever You will, I ask You by the Light of Your Countenance which fills the pillars of Your Throne, and I ask You by Your Power by which You control all of Your creation, and I ask You by Your mercy which encompasses all things, there is no god but You, O Helper help me” – three times. He said this du’aa’ three times, then he saw a horseman who was holding a spear between the ears of his horse, and when the thief saw him, he turned to him and stabbed him and killed him, then he turned to him and said: Get up. He said: Who are you, may my father and mother be sacrificed for you? Allaah has helped me by you today. He said: I am an angel from the fourth heaven. When you said your du’aa’ the first time, I heard the gates of heaven tremble, then when you said your du’aa’ the second time I heard a noise from the people of heaven, then when you said your du’aa’ the third time it was said to me: The du’aa’ of one who is in distress, and I asked Allaah to let me kill him. Anas (RA) said: So you should know that whoever does wudoo’ and prays four rak’ahs and recites this du’aa’, will receive an answer, whether he is in distress or not. [Silsilah-Daeefah No. 5737] (isnaad is daeef)

Your question needs research because it is not related to the dars
-the hadith is classified as daeef (weak)
-the dua is the writing in Arabic above


Assalamu alaikum Shaikh, is it haram to take a Muslim to kafir court?

It is haram if you are able to take him to the sharia court
-but if are in darul harb there is no power in the sharia court (the masjid)
-if you take him to the imam there is nothing he can do to force him
-while the kaafir court house has the police who enforce the kaafir law
-take up the matter with your local shaikh
-the evidence against this is 4:60

Have you seen those (hyprocrites) who claim that they believe in that which has been sent down to you, and that which was sent down before you, and they wish to go for judgement (in their disputes) to the Taghut (false judges, etc.) while they have been ordered to reject them. But Shaitan (Satan) wishes to lead them far astray. (An-Nisa 4:60)

While 'Allama al-Shinqiti-May Allah be merciful with him-has said: To commit shirk with Allah in judging is of the same meaning as to commit shirk in His worship, there is no difference between the two in any manner. There is no difference in any sense between he who follows a system (nizam) other than Allah's system or law other than Allah's law (sharia) and he who worships an idol or prostrates to a false god. They are the same and both are polytheists [associating others] with Allah. [Adwa' al-Bayan, (7/162)]


What if you are listening to the Quran and someone turns it off what do you do?

This is a problem that a Muslim has
-you want to listen to Quran whiles others want to talk
-in this case you need your own space
-so you go to your room
-when Shaikh was in prison he was categorized as an A class prisoner
-he was alone so had the time to listen to Quran 24/7


Assalamu alaikum, you said that western education is haram; do you mean western education as a whole?

You either came late or you didn't listen properly
-Shaikh made clear what is haram: Darwinism, gay, trinity etc.
-to study medicine is not western education but international education
-the syllabus was set up by the illuminati that’s why it is haram