Sunday, March 10, 2013


By Shaikh Abdullah Faisal

By Shaikh Abdullah Faisal
02.28.2013 (Morning Dars)

NOTES typed by Umm Mujahid
Edited and Formatted by AT38 and AT7


Has there come to you the narration of the overwhelming (i.e. the Day of Resurrection); (Al-Ghashiyah 88:1)

Some faces, that Day, will be humiliated (in the Hell-fire, i.e. the faces of all disbelievers, Jews and Christians, etc.). (Al-Ghashiyah 88:2)

Labouring (hard in the worldly life by worshipping others besides Allah), weary (in the Hereafter with humility and disgrace). (Al-Ghashiyah 88:3)

They will enter in the hot blazing Fire, (Al-Ghashiyah 88:4)

They will be given to drink from a boiling spring, (Al-Ghashiyah 88:5)

No food will there be for them but a poisonous thorny plant, (Al-Ghashiyah 88:6)

Which will neither nourish nor avail against hunger. (Al-Ghashiyah 88:7)

(Other) faces, that Day, will be joyful, (Al-Ghashiyah 88:8)

Glad with their endeavour (for their good deeds which they did in this world, along with the true Faith of Islamic Monotheism). (Al-Ghashiyah 88:9)

In a lofty Paradise. (Al-Ghashiyah 88:10)

Where they shall neither hear harmful speech nor falsehood, (Al-Ghashiyah 88:11)

Therein will be a running spring, (Al-Ghashiyah 88:12)

Therein will be thrones raised high, (Al-Ghashiyah 88:13)

And cups set at hand. (Al-Ghashiyah 88:14)

And cushions set in rows, (Al-Ghashiyah 88:15)

And rich carpets (all) spread out. (Al-Ghashiyah 88:16)

Do they not look at the camels, how they are created? (Al-Ghashiyah 88:17)

And at the heaven, how it is raised? (Al-Ghashiyah 88:18)
And at the mountains, how they are rooted and fixed firm? (Al-Ghashiyah 88:19)

And at the earth, how it is spread out? (Al-Ghashiyah 88:20)

So remind them (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him)), you are only a one who reminds. (Al-Ghashiyah 88:21)

You are not a dictator over them. (Al-Ghashiyah 88:22)

Save the one who turns away and disbelieves (Al-Ghashiyah 88:23)

Then Allah will punish him with the greatest punishment. (Al-Ghashiyah 88:24)

Verily, to Us will be their return; (Al-Ghashiyah 88:25)

Then verily, for Us will be their reckoning. (Al-Ghashiyah 88:26)

Ali (RA) narrated: We did not cease to doubt punishment in the grave till the surah was revealed: Your rivalry in the accumulation of wealth diverts your minds. (102:1 etc.) [Sunan Tirmidhi (Vol. 5 pg. 447) No. 3355]

Labouring (hard in the worldly life by worshipping others besides Allah), weary (in the Hereafter with humility and disgrace). (Al-Ghashiyah 88:3)

Abu Barzah Aslami (RA) reported that Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said, “(On the Day of Resurrection) the feet of a slave will not move till he is asked about his life how he spent it; and about his knowledge, what he did with it, and about his wealth, how he earned it and on what he used it, and about his body, in what way he wore it off.” [Sunan Tirmidhi (4/614) No. 2417 and Sunan al-Darime (1/144) No. 537]

-People tease the practicing Muslims
-with every aspect of the deen

Verily! (During the worldly life) those who committed crimes used to laugh at those who believed. (Al-Mutaffifin 83:29)

And whenever they passed by them, used to wink one to another (in mockery); (Al-Mutaffifin 83:30)

And when they returned to their own people, they would return jesting; (Al-Mutaffifin 83:31)

And when they saw them, they said: "Verily! These have indeed gone astray!" (Al-Mutaffifin 83:32)

But they (disbelievers, sinners) had not been sent as watchers over them (the believers). (Al-Mutaffifin 83:33)

But this Day (the Day of Resurrection) those who believe will laugh at the disbelievers. (Al-Mutaffifin 83:34)

On (high) thrones, looking (at all things). (Al-Mutaffifin 83:35)

Are not the disbelievers paid (fully) for what they used to do? (Al-Mutaffifin 83:36)

-they consider themselves guided and the Muslims astray
-the kuffar are in reality astray

You [true believers in Islamic Monotheism, and real followers of Prophet Muhammad SAW and his Sunnah (legal ways, etc.)] are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind; you enjoin Al-Ma'ruf (i.e. Islamic Monotheism and all that Islam has ordained) and forbid Al-Munkar (polytheism, disbelief and all that Islam has forbidden), and you believe in Allah. And had the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) believed, it would have been better for them; among them are some who have faith, but most of them are Al-Fasiqun (disobedient to Allah - and rebellious against Allah's Command). (Aali Imran 3:110)

-the kuffar laugh at Muslims but the Muslims will have the last laugh
-people have different aims and objectives

Certainly, your efforts and deeds are diverse (different in aims and purposes); (Al-Lail 92:4)

-the efforts are diverse
-some chase money, women, nightclubs, drugs, degrees
-some are bad chases some are good like a degree
-some aims lead one to jannah

Narrated 'Aisha: The Prophet said, "Do good deeds properly, sincerely and moderately, and receive good news because one's good deeds will not make him enter Paradise." They asked, "Even you, O Messenger of Allah?" He said, "Even I, unless and until Allah bestows His pardon and Mercy on me." [Sahih Bukhari (8/98) No. 6463]

-but only by the Mercy of Allah
-people commit sins everyday such as backbiting
-deeds by themselves are not enough to enter one to jannah

In a lofty Paradise. (Al-Ghashiyah 88:10)

-as per hadith of 'Aisha (r.a)
-the women of jannah do not have menses like women of dunya do
-it is frustrating for the husband
-there is also no najash in jannah
-the clothing of jannah is silk, haraam in the dunya but halal in jannah for men
-in jannah you will get the best of everything, wine, milk, and fruits

The description of Paradise which the Muttaqun (pious - see V.2:2) have been promised is that in it are rivers of water the taste and smell of which are not changed; rivers of milk of which the taste never changes; rivers of wine delicious to those who drink; and rivers of clarified honey (clear and pure) therein for them is every kind of fruit; and forgiveness from their Lord. (Are these) like those who shall dwell for ever in the Fire, and be given, to drink, boiling water, so that it cuts up their bowels? (Muhammad 47:15)

-there are 4 rivers in jannah, milk, honey, wine and water
-the honey in jannah is pure

‘Abdullah ibn Umar (RA) reported that Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said, “If anyone drinks wine then his salah over forty days are not approved. If he repents then Allah will relent to him. If he reverts (to it), then Allah will not approve his salah over forty days. If he repents, Allah will relent to him but if he reverts (to it) then Allah will not approve his salah over forty days. If he repents then Allah will relent to him. Again, if he reverts the fourth time, Allah will not approve his salah over forty days and if he repents then Allah will not relent to him and He will give him to drink from the river of Khabal.” Someone asked, “O Abu Abdur Rahman! what is the river of Khabal?’ He said, “The pus of the dwellers of the people of fire.” [Sunan Tirmidhi (4/290) No. 1862, Sunan Nasa'i (8/317) No. 5670, Musnad Ahmad (2/35) No. 4917, al-Mu’jam al-Kabir al-Tabarani (12/390) No. 13441]

-one cannot have weaknesses such as intoxicants, gambling
-addictions to haraam are unacceptable

Where they shall neither hear harmful speech nor falsehood, (Al-Ghashiyah 88:11)

-laghia is vain speech
-in jannah there is no laghia, no haraam
-it is haraam to be in a majlis of backbiting and gossip

...."The head of the matter is Islam, its pillar is the prayer and its peak is jihad." Then he (SAW) said, "Shall I not tell you of the foundation of all of that?" I said, "Yes, O Messenger of Allah." So he took hold of his tongue and said, "Restrain this." I said, "O Prophet of Allah, will we be taken to account for what we say with it?" He (SAW) said, "May your mother be bereaved of you, O Muadh! Is there anything that throws people into the Hellfire upon their faces — or: on their noses — except the harvests of their tongues?" [Sunan Tirmidhi (5/11) No. 2616, Sunan Ibn Majah (5/116) No. 3973, Musnad Ahmad (5/231) No. 22069]

Narrated By Sahl bin Sa'd: Allah's Apostle said, "Whoever can guarantee (the chastity of) what is between his two jaw-bones and what is between his two legs (i.e. his tongue and his private parts), I guarantee Paradise for him." [Sahih Bukhari (8/100) No. 6474]

-the tongue and private parts topples people the most to hell

There is no good in most of their secret talks save (in) him who orders Sadaqah (charity in Allah's Cause), or Ma'ruf (Islamic Monotheism and all the good and righteous deeds which Allah has ordained), or conciliation between mankind, and he who does this, seeking the good Pleasure of Allah, We shall give him a great reward. (An-Nisa 4:114)

-the tongue is more dangerous than an atomic bomb
-sheikh was arrested in Kenya because his majlis increased in number
-the Kenyan authorities were threatened by sheikh's da'wah
-do not underestimate the power of the tongue

Iblīs deceived 'Adam
-he used 'wallahi' and lied
-people nowadays used 'wallahi' and lie
-Allah said in the Qur'an the hypocrites hide behind their 'wallahi' to deceive people

They have taken their oaths as a cover, so they averted [people] from the way of Allah . Indeed, it was evil that they were doing. (63:2)

-there is a spring called sal sabeel in jannah
- Allah describes the delights of jannah such as boy servants looking like peals

And amongst them will be passed round vessels of silver and goblets of crystal (76:15)

Crystal-clear, made of silver: they will determine the measure thereof according to their wishes (76:16)

A fountain there, called Salsabil. 76:18

And round about them will (serve) youths of perpetual (freshness): If thou seest them, thou

wouldst think them scattered Pearls 76:19

And when thou lookest, it is there thou wilt see a Bliss and 76:20

Upon them will be green Garments of fine silk and heavy brocade, and they will be adorned with Bracelets of silver; and their Lord will give to them to drink of a Wine Pure and Holy. 76:21

Verily this is a Reward for you, and your Endeavour is accepted and recognised." 76:22

-the Prophet (saw) told a woman there is no old person in jannah
-ahlul jannah will all be young
-it is prestige for a person to have expensive rugs, cushions

If the world came through by an accident, why is a camel conducive to the dessert heat
-animals are situated to parts of the world that are conducive to them
-as by Allah's wisdom

Allah mentions the camel as one of His signs
-people travel by camel to far places
-in the dessert heat without the camel drinking water for days
-this is the ayat of Allah

Allah created the camel, what did the idols create for the mushrikeen?

Such is the Creation of Allah: now show Me what is there that others besides Him have created: nay, but the Transgressors are in manifest error 31:11

-man is ungrateful
-Allah used Tawheed ar-Rububiyya to establish Tawheed al Ibaadah

Allah also created the stars to beautify the heavens,
-to guide on journeys and shoot the jinns and shayateen

Among His Signs are the Night and the Day, and the Sun and the Moon. Do not prostrate to the sun and the moon, but prostrate to Allah, Who created them, if it is Him ye wish to serve Ch 41:37

-the mountains are huge, tall creations of Allah e.g. Himalayas, Kilimanjaro

And at the Mountains, how they are fixed firm? Ch 88:19

And the mountains hath He firmly fixed Ch 79:32

-people climb the huge mountains like Mount Everest and are proud
-1st man who 'conquered' Mount Everest is Edmond Hillary

And our duty is only to proclaim the clear Message." Ch 36:17

-Allah said you cannot guide, only Allah guides
-if we could make people Muslims Abu Talib would have been Muslim

It is true thou wilt not be able to guide every one, whom thou lovest; but Allah guides those whom He will and He knows best those who receive guidance Ch 28:56

-as Allah is muqaalibul quloob, Turner of hearts
-the hearts of the offspring of 'Adam are between two fingers of Ar-Rahman
-admonishing is to benefit

Therefore give admonition in case the admonition profits the hearer Ch 87:09

-you cannot force the kaffir to embrace Islam
-laa ikraaha fi deen, no compulsion in deen
-but to make your baaligh kids practice the deen is compulsory