Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Sharh of Bulugh Al Maram: (WIPING HEAD) Q AND A {JAN 29 2013}

                                         THE SHARH Of BULUGH Al MARAAM:

Book 1: Purification, Chapter 4: Ablution (wudu), Page: 30 (Wiping Head) 

QUESTION & ANSWER: 29 January 2013 / 17 Rabi ul Awwal 1434


Our bathrooms in the west usually have toilets in them so when we perform Wudu do we have to leave the toilet before making the dua? 


- It's better for you to leave.

- It is more appropriate to do the dua outside of the toilet.

- The best Madhhb to take wudu from is the hanbali madhab.

I have a question regarding the breaking of wudu.  I understand when one passes wind, it breaks wudu, and I have also read the hadith that if one does not hear or smell anything, to assume they are still in wudu and continue praying.  However, what if you hear it, but it is made inside your body, and does not leave your body?  Do you still have wudu or must you leave your prayer and make wudu again?


- It has to leave your body.

- Grumbling stomach is not passing wind.

It was narrated from ‘Abbad ibn Tameem that his paternal uncle asked the Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) about a man who thought he felt something whilst praying. He said: “He should not stop praying unless he hears a sound or detects an odour.” 

[Al-Bukhari (137) and Muslim (361)]

- If you don't remember breaking wudu, you are still in wudu; this is sharia law. 


Is the wudu valid of a woman who wears nail polish?


- It is not valid.

- It has to be removed to make wudu.


Is istinja for a man after he urinates to be understood as washing both private parts just like after defecation?


- Istinja is to wash your private parts, for male or female.

- If you are on a journey and do not have a bottle you can use damp tissue.

- This is after urination or defecation. 

- After urination you just wash the private part, not the anus.


If you flinch at least 3 times in your Salah does that make your Salah Baatil ? Also if you wash the feet without washing the fingers through the toes is your Wudu Baatil?


- Your wudu is accepted if you didn't use your finger to wash between your toes.

- To use your finger to wash between the toes is sunnah, not fard.

- According to the Hanafi madhab, if you flinch three times you have to restart your salah.

- They say it is fard not to fidget in salah.

- The hanafis are correct on this issue, that if you flinch three times in one position your salah is bautil.


If a person deals with lot of dirty soil and dirt gets in between his fingerprints. Does he have to fully remove all dirt, then make wudu?


- This person seems to be a farmer, the dirt is pure.

- If you praying in this state your salah is valid

- You use earth to clean a utensil when a dog licks it.