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is it okay for a Muslim to celebrate the birthday of a non-Muslim person if they are not of family because often times kaffirs celebrate in ha ram ways and we should not keep company with kuffars that have no family ties?

Answer: 1

Kaafir birthdays have alcohol and free mixing of the sexes.

- So that is not allowed.

- The scholars say it is not an issue at the personal level as an individual.


sheikh My father in law has received dawah for over 10 years..he understood the dawah but was always concerned about the family reaction..he has illness, and has been falling deeper into wife was looking after him one day whilst watching Islam channel, explaining about tawheed my wife asked him if he understood who Allah is. He said yes, so she told him he needs to take his shahadah and he did. she asked him does he realise what he doing he said yes and was lucid at the time. After seeing him again after 2months, his condition worsened into not being mentally aware. The family does not know he declared shahadah and would not believe us and will bury him as a Christian.

Answer: 2

- He is supposed to be buried within 24 hrs.

- And give him an Islamic burial.

- He should also make a will and put in his will that he wishes to be buried the Islamic way.

- And also his property to be divided as per Islam.

- You should convince him to make his will.


You said celebrating Birthday is nothing wrong with it. celebrating birthdays has pagan roots, so why give credence to any Kafr holiday, the Prophet S.a.w. said be different from the Kuffar even down to their  dress code. I Personally choose to celebrate our 2 Eids only. Please Explain

Answer: 3

- The Shaikh said is not a kaafir holiday but an individual thing.

- I warned you that some people will disagree with the fatwa.

Question: What is the ruling on celebrating birthdays?

Answered by Sheikh Salman al-Oadah

If you mean celebrating the likes of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) or Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him), then this is clearly unlawful. Such festive days are newly contrived innovations that conflict with the dictates of Islamic Law.

Such rites are from the traditions of the People of the Book. They have a devotional purpose and are carried out seeking nearness to Allah. This is the reason I view such occasions to be unlawful and prohibited.

If, on the other hand, you mean celebrating personal birthdays, then this is something different, since it is not intended as a devotional act or an act of worship. Therefore, it is not as serious a matter. Still, I tend to regard it as something disliked for people who are not already accustomed to celebrating this event in their culture, but do so merely to blindly ape cultural practices that are outside of their own experience.

Question: What is the ruling on making or selling birthday party decorations and balloons? Does it take the same ruling as selling Christmas trees?

Answered by Sheikh Salman al-Oadah

Participating in, making, or manufacturing anything that is used for something unlawful is also unlawful, since it is assisting in sin and iniquity. Therefore, selling Christmas trees and Christmas decorations is unlawful.

With respect to birthday parties, the situation is different. This is because birthday parties are not religious occasions and do not have an overt religious cast to them.

A birthday party is not a festival of the nature of an id that is a general festive day for the entire community. It is merely a personal occasion that means nothing more than a remembrance of something dear.

- Salman Al Awdah didn't say it is halal he said it makrooh and not a serious matter.

- To celebrate the birthday  of Jesus (Christmas) that is an issue because it is shirk.


If the moon is sighted in KSA, should we go by this or wait for the moon sighting in our country (USA) for Eid?

Answer: 4

- The Muslims split right down the middle in this issue and people may refute the fatwah

- If you are in Europe which is close to Makkah.

- You are obliged to go with the moon of Makkah.

- But if you are in the USA and you go with local sighting you are not doing anything


I dreamt of many people picking fruits from a huge tree. I was one of the people picking the fruits. The fruits looked like ripe Mango (green and turning yellow).  the fruits were higher up the tree and we could not reach them , so we are were throwing objects to the tree for the fruits to fall off. I noticed that while everyone used whatever object they could find, I only used stones to throw at the tree, and I was the only one going under the tree to collect the fallen fruits. I collected all the fruits and distributed to the ones who had hit them; somehow I knew which fruit belonged to who and would keep what was mine.
There were monkeys also picking the fruits. among the monkeys was a small/baby monkey which could not climb up the tree and it shook the weak part of the  for the fruit fall off. I also collected fruits for the monkey. can the Sheikh interprets the dream for me.

Answer: 5

The dream means you will have wealth coming your way but you need exert effort-it will not come easily.