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سُوۡرَةُ یسٓ
بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ


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HUJJAH BY @AT3, Khmer_Muslim, @Nzinghak

EDITED BY Abu Hafiza


مُّبِينٌ وَقُرْآنٌ وَمَا عَلَّمْنَاهُ الشِّعْرَ وَمَا يَنبَغِي لَهُ ۚ إِنْ هُوَ إِلَّا ذِكْرٌ

And We have not taught him (Muhammad SAW) poetry, nor is it meet for him. This is only a Reminder and a plain Qur'an.

(Ya-Sin 36:69)
Allah (SWT) didn't teach Muhammed (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) poetry, the reason being is because the kufar use to say Muhammed (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) was only reciting poetry.

If the Quran was poetry, why is it that it coincide with all scientific facts.

This cannot be poetry.

This is the argument to put forward.

If the Quran was poetry, why is it that its prediction is accurate?

Alif ­Lam ­Mim. [These letters are one of the miracles of the Qur'an, and none but Allah (Alone) knows their meanings]. The Romans have been defeated. In the nearer land (Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Palestine), and they, after their defeat, will be victorious. Within three to nine years. The decision of the matter, before and after (these events) is only with Allah, (before the defeat of Romans by the Persians, and after, i.e. the defeat of the Persians by the Romans). And on that Day, the believers (i.e. Muslims) will rejoice (at the victory given by Allah to the Romans against the Persians),

(Ar-Rum 30:1-4)

The above ayahs from Surah ar-Rum is a prediction so the Quran cannot be poetry.

And We took the Children of Israel across the sea, and Fir'aun (Pharaoh) with his hosts followed them in oppression and enmity, till when drowning overtook him, he said: "I believe that La ilaha illa (Huwa) : (none has the right to be worshipped but) He,"in Whom the Children of Israel believe, and I am one of the Muslims (those who submit to Allah's Will)." Now (you believe) while you refused to believe before and you were one of the Mufsidun (evil-doers, corrupts, etc.). So this day We shall deliver your (dead) body (out from the sea) that you may be a sign to those who come after you! And verily, many among mankind are heedless of Our Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs , revelations, etc.).

(Yunus 10:90-92)

The above ayah is yet another prediction from Surah Yunus, this is indeed one of the biggest prediction from the Quran. So how can this Book be poetry?

So the Quran is not prediction but it is kalamullah (the Speech of Allah).

The Quran is comprehensive; it has all subject of life in it.

We have neglected nothing in the Book, then unto their Lord they (all) shall be gathered.

(Al-An'am 6:38)

The biggest reason the Quran is not poetry is because prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) practice what he (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) preached.

A poet doesn't practice what he preaches.

Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) practiced what he preached.

Poet recite poetry for monetary gain, when did Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) ever recite Quran for money?

Never did Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) recite Quran to gain money.

"Obey those who ask no wages of you (for themselves), and who are rightly guided.

(Ya-Sin 36:21)
Yazid ibn Yabnus said, "We went to 'A'isha and said, 'Umm al-Mu'minin, what was the character of the Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam), like?' She replied, 'His character was the Qur'an. Can you recite the sura entitled "The Believers"?' She said, 'Recite: "It is the believers who are successful: those who are humble in their prayer; those who turn away from worthless talk; those who actively pay zakat; those who guard their private parts." (23:1-5)' She said, 'That was the character of the Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam).'"

[Al-Adab al-Mufrad al-Bukhari, No. 308]

Poet sings about love yet they have the most divorces.

And (remember) when you (Muhammad SAW) left your household in the morning to post the believers at their stations for the battle (of Uhud). And Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower.

(Aali Imran 3:121)

The above verse confirms that Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) practiced what he preached. Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) participated in the front line of battles, he (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) didn't stay behind and send his companions to fight.
Some people wish that a particular da'ee would have a girlfriend or commit other openly sins so that they cannot preach against it to the masses.

Allah (SWT) mentions "Girlfriend" in the Quran in the fifth ayah of Surah al-Maidah.

… nor taking them as girl-friends. And whosoever disbelieves in the Oneness of Allah and in all the other Articles of Faith [i.e. His (Allah's), Angels, His Holy Books, His Messengers, the Day of Resurrection.

(Al-Ma'idah 5:5)

لِّيُنذِرَ مَن كَانَ حَيًّا وَيَحِقَّ الْقَوْلُ عَلَى الْكَافِرِينَ

That he or it (Muhammad SAW or the Qur'an) may give warning to him who is living (a healthy minded the believer), and that Word (charge) may be justified against the disbelievers (dead, as they reject the warnings).

(Ya-Sin 36:70)

Allah (SWT) says the purpose of the Quran is to warn those who are alive and sane.

Not the insane because he won't be held accountable for his sins.

Ali reported that Allah’s Messenger (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said, "The pen has been raised for three persons (meaning they are not held accountable for what they do): one who is sleeping until he gets up, a child until he reaches the age of puberty, and an insane person until he becomes sane."

[Musnad Ahmad (1/154) No. 1327, Sunan Abu Dawud (4/140) No. 4402, Sunan Tirmidhi (4/32) No. 1423, Sunan Ibn Majah (3/198) No. 2041, al-Sunan al-Kubra al-Nasa'i (5/265) No. 5596, Mustadrak al-Haakim (2/67) No. 2350]

A madman cannot commit a sin, he is strip out of his accountability due to his insanity.

Alif-Lam-Mim. [These letters are one of the miracles of the Qur'an and none but Allah (Alone) knows their meanings]. This is the Book (the Qur'an), whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqun [the pious and righteous persons who fear Allah much (abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which He has forbidden) and love Allah much (perform all kinds of good deeds which He has ordained)].

(Al-Baqarah 2:1-2)

The above ayah is used as hujjah against those who recite Qu'ran in the graveyard.

It is considered Biddah.

A dead man cannot benefit from the recitation of the Qu'ran.


Allahu alam ask them to bring the daleel that they base their claims on."Tahlil" is haram, there is no confirmation for this in sunnah, rather it is a despised innovation. Al-Qur'an was sent as a reminder to the living, not to grieve over the dead.

All narrations allowing reciting Al-Qur'an for the dead are weak or fabricated. Rasulullah s.a.w.s. said "read surah Yasin or those who are on deathbed" - on deathbed is not dead.

Furthermore, it is only to recite surah Yasin if the dying understands Arabic, because it is the meaning of surah Yasin why it could be recited to the dying. Surah Yasin is a reminder of afterlife.

Regarding your narration: Rasulullah s.a.w.s. said: “When a man dies, all his deeds come to a halt apart from three: ongoing charity (sadaqah jaariyah), beneficial knowledge or a righteous child who will pray for him.”

(Al-Tirmidhi; hasan)

There are no merits which go to the dead for that act, there is only sin for those who involve in such acts. Allah s.w.t. said: "This is the Scripture whereof there is no doubt, a guidance for the God-fearing" (2:2). As there is no guidance for the dead, it clearly shows that Al-Qur'an is for the living.

Hadeeth saying: "For everything there is a heart, and for the Qur'an this is Surah Ya Sin and who reads it, it is as if he has read the Qur'an ten times", is fabricated.

The Hadeeth related by Abu Dawood "Recite Yasin on your deceased" was declared weak (dhaeef) by Abu Dawood himself, and Ibn Taymiyya held the same opinion and Al-Dar Al-Qutni said regarding the narration: "In the chain of narrators of this hadith there is confusion. Its text is obscure and is not correct."


I have a mother who cannot read and I want to honour her. I often read Qur’aan and dedicate the reward for that to her. When I heard that this is not permissible, I stopped doing it and I started to give money in charity on her behalf. Now she is still alive; will the reward for money or other things given in charity reach her whether she is alive or dead, or will only du’aa’ reach her because that is the only thing mentioned in the hadeeth, “When a person dies all his deeds come to an end except three: a righteous son who will pray [make du’aa’] for him…”? If a person makes a lot of du’aa’ for his parents during salaah and at other times, standing and sitting, does this hadeeth mean that he is righteous and can hope for reward from Allaah? I hope that you can advise me, may Allaah reward you with much good.

Praise be to Allaah.

With regard to reading Qur’aan, there is some difference of opinion among the scholars as to whether the reward from that will reach the deceased. According to the more correct of the two opinions, it does not reach them, because there is no evidence to that effect, and because the Messenger (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) did not do that for the Muslims who died, such as his daughters who died during his lifetime, neither did the Sahaabah (may Allaah be pleased with them all) did not do that either, as far as we know. So it is better for the believer not to do that and not to read Qur’aan for either the dead or the living, or to offer salaah or fast voluntarily on their behalf, because there is no evidence for any of these things. The basic principle regarding acts of worship is to refrain from everything except that which is proven to be enjoined by Allaah or by His Messenger (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam).

With regard to charity, this may benefit both the living and the dead, according to the consensus of the Muslims. Similarly, du’aa’ may benefit both the living and the dead according to the consensus of the Muslims. But the hadeeth mentions that which has to do with the dead, because this is the point concerning which people are confused. Does it benefit them or not? Hence this hadeeth was narrated from the Messenger of Allaah (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam): “When the son of Adam dies, all his deeds come to an end, except for three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge or a righteous son who will pray for him.” Because it is known that death puts a stop to all deeds, the Messenger (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) explained that these [three deeds] do not stop. With regard to the living, there is no doubt that he will benefit from charity given by himself or by others, and he will benefit from du’aa’. If a person makes du’aa’ for his parents whilst they are still alive, they will benefit from his du’aa’. They will also benefit from charity given on their behalf whilst they are still alive.

The same applies to making Hajj on their behalf if they are unable to go themselves because of old age or incurable sickness. This will also benefit them. Hence it was narrated from the Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) that a woman said to him, “O Messenger of Allaah, the obligation to perform Hajj has come when my father is an old man and is unable to ride. Can I perform Hajj on his behalf?” He said, “Perform Hajj on his behalf.” Another man came and said, “O Messenger of Allaah, my father is an old man and he cannot perform Hajj or travel. Can I perform Hajj or ‘Umrah on his behalf?” He said, “Perform Hajj and ‘Umrah on behalf of your father.” This indicates that it is permissible to perform Hajj on behalf of the dead or on behalf of one who is living but is unable to do it because he or she is too old. Charity, du’aa’ and Hajj or ‘Umrah on behalf of the dead or one who is incapable will all benefit the person, according to all the scholars.

Similarly, it is obligatory to fast on behalf of the deceased if he had missed any obligatory fasts, whether they were fasts in fulfillment of a vow, or as an expiation, or any missed fasts of Ramadaan, because of the general meaning of the hadeeth, “Whoever dies and was obliged to fast, let his next of kin fast on his behalf.” (Saheeh – agreed upon). And there are other similar ahaadeeth. But whoever delayed the fast of Ramadaan for a valid excuse such as sickness or travelling, then he dies before he could make up the missed fasts, it is not obligatory to make up the fasts or to feed poor people on his behalf, because he had a valid excuse.

You are doing well, in sha Allaah, by honouring your mother by giving in charity on her behalf and making du’aa’ for her. Especially if the son is righteous, this makes the du’aa’ more likely to be answered. Hence the Messenger of Allaah (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said: “… or a righteous son who will pray for him,” because the righteous son is more likely to have his du’aa’ answered than a son who is not righteous, even though everyone is required to make du’aa’ for his parents. But if the son is righteous then his du’aa’ for his parents is more likely to be answered.

Majmoo’ Fataawa wa Maqaalaat Mutanawwi’ah li Samaahat al-Shaykh al-‘Allaamah ‘Abd al-‘Azeez ibn ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Baaz (may Allaha have mercy on him), vol 4, p. 348

It is not recommended to take your deen solely from the internet because there is a lot of fabricated hadith on the internet.

Some dodgy sheikh on the internet claim "Surah Yasin is the heart of the Quran because everything has a heart".

Yasir Qadhi is good for Islamic history.

Imam Anwar al-Awlaki is good for aqeedah.

As for Tariq Ramadan, he is out of the deen.

Hamza Yusuf promotes dua to the prophet (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) so do not take your deen from him.

LINK: you can call on Muhammed (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) by hamza yusuf

Abu Muhammed al-Maqdisi is good for your aqeedah as well.

Sheikh Feiz is also good for general Islam.

Doctor Hakim Quick and Bilal Philips are good for general Islam, as for aqeedah it is better to take from our dars Authentic Tawheed.

Some sheikhs promote democracy, that aqeedah is zandaqa (heresy).

Some wealthy family pay a hafiz in order to recite Quran over their dead, but Allah (SWT) clearly says that the Quran cannot benefit the dead.


مَالِكُون أَوَلَمْ يَرَوْا أَنَّا خَلَقْنَا لَهُم مِّمَّا عَمِلَتْ أَيْدِينَا أَنْعَامًا فَهُم لَهَا 

Do they not see that We have created for them of what Our Hands have created, the cattle, so that they are their owners.

(Ya-Sin 36:71)

Allah (SWT) mentions the cattle because of its importance.

The more cattle you have the more rich you are.

The cattle is so important in India, the Hindus worship it.

AYAH 72 
وَذَلَّلْنَاهَا لَهُمْ فَمِنْهَا رَكُوبُهُمْ وَمِنْهَا يَأْكُلُونَ

And We have subdued them unto them so that some of them they have for riding and some they eat

(Ya-Sin 36:72)

You might think from the above ayah that horse meat is haram.

Narrated By Jabir bin Abdullah: On the day of Khaibar, Allah's Apostle (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) forbade the eating of donkey meat and allowed the eating of horse meat.

[Sahih Bukhari, Vol 5, Book 59, Hadith #530]

However it is halal to eat horse meat even zebra meat.

As for donkey meat, it is forbidden.
As-Sa'b bin Jath-thamah al-Laithi (RAA) narrated, ‘He presented to the Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) the meat of a zebra while he was in the area known as al-Abwa’ or Waddan. The Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) declined it, and said to him, “We declined your present only because we are in the state of Ihram."

{Agreed upon. [Bulugh al-Maram 735]
'Urwah al-Bariqi (RA) reported: The Prophet (SAW) said, "Goodness is tied to the foreheads of horses until the Day of Resurrection, i.e., reward (in the Hereafter) and spoils (in this world)." [Al-Bukhari (2852) and Muslim (1873)]
The hadith is saying that the cow is made to eat not to take to battles.

The horse was created to ride and take to battles.

Ibn 'Umar (RA) reported: The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, "Good will remain (as a permanent quality) in the foreheads of horses (for Jihad) till the Day of Resurrection." [Al-Bukhari (2849) and Muslim (1871)]

And make ready against them all you can of power, including steeds of war (tanks, planes, missiles, artillery, etc.) to threaten the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others besides whom, you may not know but whom Allah does know. And whatever you shall spend in the Cause of Allah shall be repaid unto you, and you shall not be treated unjustly.

(Al-Anfal 8:60)

Unlike vehicles, they do not make loud noises.

Allah (SWT) mentions these animals so that you do not be ungrateful.

Now a question: is the Quran hadith? The Quran is considered the best hadith as stated by the prophet (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam).

Hadith means speech.
وَلَهُمْ فِيهَا مَنَافِعُ وَمَشَارِبُ ۖ أَفَلَا يَشْكُرُونَ

And they have (other) benefits from them (besides), and they get (milk) to drink, will they not then be grateful?

(Ya-Sin 36:73)

You may eat various meat (cows, goats, kangaroos, etc).

As for elephant meat it is makrooh by Ahmed ibn Hanbal.

Other benefit from these animals is used for leather.

Their fat is used for oil.

Dropping of these animals are used as fertilizer.

The horn is used in Chinese medicine.

Droppings are also used as a mosquito destroyer.

So the benefit from these animals cannot be over emphasized.

AYAH 74: 
وَاتَّخَذُوا مِن دُونِ اللَّهِ آلِهَةً لَّعَلَّهُمْ يُنصَرُونَ
And they have taken besides Allah aliha (gods), hoping that they might be helped (by those so called gods).

(Ya-Sin 36:74)

It is ridiculous to call upon lifeless objects.

Abraham (AS) destroyed lifeless statues.

These lifeless objects will not bring you any benefit to you.

He has created the heavens without any pillars, that you see and has set on the earth firm mountains, lest it should shake with you. And He has scattered therein moving (living) creatures of all kinds. And We send down water (rain) from the sky, and We cause (plants) of every goodly kind to grow therein. This is the creation of Allah. So show Me that which those (whom you worship), besides Him have created. Nay, the Zalimun (polytheists, wrong­doers and those who do not believe in the Oneness of Allah) are in plain error.

(Luqman 31:10-11)

Allah (SWT) challenges you to show Him what these lifeless objects created for you.

AYAH 75:

لَا يَسْتَطِيعُونَ نَصْرَهُمْ وَهُمْ لَهُمْ جُندٌ مُّحْضَرُونَ

They cannot help them, but they will be brought forward as a troop against those who worshipped them (at the time of Reckoning).

(Ya-Sin 36:75)

On the Day of Judgement these false deity will turn against those to worship them.

Even the Shaitan will disassociate himself from the evil doers. He will wash his hands from all evil doers.

And Shaitan (Satan) will say when the matter has been decided: "Verily, Allah promised you a promise of truth. And I too promised you, but I betrayed you. I had no authority over you except that I called you, so you responded to me. So blame me not, but blame yourselves. I cannot help you, nor can you help me. I deny your former act in associating me (Satan) as a partner with Allah (by obeying me in the life of the world). Verily, there is a painful torment for the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers, etc.)."

(Ibrahim 14:22

Shaitan will deny the act of worship offered toward him.

AYAH 76: 
فَلَا يَحْزُنكَ قَوْلُهُمْ ۘ إِنَّا نَعْلَمُ مَا يُسِرُّونَ وَمَا يُعْلِنُونَ

So let not their speech, then, grieve you (O Muhammad SAW). Verily, We know what they conceal and what they reveal. (Ya-Sin 36:76)

Some of the saying of the kufar is very upsetting for a believer.

Their speech is ridiculous, some examples are listed below.

-  Allah (SWT) beget a son. Muslim finds  this offensive/ Beget mean to have sex.

-   Jesus is god. This is upsetting.

·       The world came about by big bang, a big accident, a freak of nature, the world has  no creator, no one is governing the world it came about by accident.

·       Some men were born to use their right hand and some the left, and both are normal.

·       Some men were born to be attracted to women, some men were born to be attracted to other men, and they are both normal.

    The prophet (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) was a murderer and a tyrant, this is very upsetting.
·   Jesus (AS) is god
    And there are more.

When the kufar speak, they speak so much non sense.

So when you read the Quran you will say that the kufar are people who don’t use their intellect and do not ponder or reflect.

They think with their bellies and private parts.

Every decision of a kafir has to do is with his belly and private part.

When Bush and Blair invaded Iraq, they wanted oil. they went for black gold.

When kuffar go to war it is to do with Dunya (acquiring territories).

It has nothing to do with Allah (SWT).

They are not religious they will never fight for religion.

World War II had to do with territory, Adolf Hitler invaded and occupied 23 countries

AYAH 77 
أَوَلَمْ يَرَ الْإِنسَانُ أَنَّا خَلَقْنَاهُ مِن نُّطْفَةٍ فَإِذَا هُوَ خَصِيمٌ مُّبِينٌ

Does not man see that We have created him from Nutfah (mixed male and female discharge semen drops). Yet behold! He (stands forth) as an open opponent.

(Ya-Sin 36:77)

We are created from a sperm that looks like a tadpole.

It’s so tiny we cannot see it with our naked eye we need a microscope.

When shaikh was in school the teacher was teaching human and social biology (HSB) and showed a picture of a sperm, it’s very small.

You were created from something very small that you can’t see with your naked eye.

And Allah (SWT) created you in stages.

Men in his 20s to 40s is proud due to his fitness and his wealth.

And when you become a man in your prime you rebel against Allah (SWT) and become a harsh opponent, but what you forget that you are going to become weak again.

Don’t forget the person who is given a long life, he is to become weak again.

And he whom We grant long life, We reverse him in creation (weakness after strength). Will they not then understand?

(Ya-Sin 36:68)

AYAH 78:

وَضَرَبَ لَنَا مَثَلًا وَنَسِيَ خَلْقَهُ ۖ قَالَ مَن يُحْيِي الْعِظَامَ وَهِيَ رَمِيمٌ 

And he puts forth for Us a parable, and forgets his own creation. He says: "Who will give life to these bones when they have rotted away and became dust?"

(Ya-Sin 36:78)

He says to himself is there is a day called judgment day and we are going to face our maker then we are sincere losers..

He keeps rejecting the Day of Judgment because he lived a evil life in dunya.
So he refuse to believe in it.

They say: "Shall we indeed be returned to (our) former state of life? "Even after we are crumbled bones?" They say: "It would in that case, be a return with loss!"

(An-Nazi'at 79:10-12)

We even cheated on our wives with men not women.

AYAH 79: 
قُلْ يُحْيِيهَا الَّذِي أَنشَأَهَا أَوَّلَ مَرَّةٍ ۖ وَهُوَ بِكُلِّ خَلْقٍ عَلِيمٌ

Say: (O Muhammad SAW) "He will give life to them Who created them for the first time! And He is the All-Knower of every creation!"

(Ya-Sin 36:79)

There was a man who said to his family "when I die I want you to burn my body and scatter my ashes because I did much evil in life".

This man Allah (SWT) brought him back, he explained that he feared Allah (SWT), he was given the paradise.

Narrated By Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said, "A man who never did any good deed, said that if he died, his family should burn him and throw half the ashes of his burnt body in the earth and the other half in the sea, for by Allah, if Allah should get hold of him, He would inflict such punishment on him as He would not inflict on anybody among the people. But Allah ordered the sea to collect what was in it (of his ashes) and similarly ordered the earth to collect what was in it (of his ashes). Then Allah said (to the recreated man), 'Why did you do so?' The man replied, 'For being afraid of You, and You know it (very well).' So Allah forgave him."

[Sahih Bukhari, Vol 9, Book 93, Hadith #597]

الَّذِي جَعَلَ لَكُم مِّنَ الشَّجَرِ الْأَخْضَرِ نَارًا فَإِذَا أَنتُم مِّنْهُ تُوقِدُونَ
He, Who produces for you fire out of the green tree, when behold! You kindle therewith.

(Ya-Sin 36:80)

A Muslim should have the ability to improvise, adapt to new situations because not always you find yourself in a comfortable situation.

What if you ship wreck on an island you need to have a combat kit for a soldier.


أَوَلَيْسَ الَّذِي خَلَقَ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضَ بِقَادِرٍ عَلَىٰ أَن يَخْلُقَ مِثْلَهُم ۚ بَلَىٰ وَهُوَ الْخَلَّاقُ الْعَلِيمُ 
 Is not He, Who created the heavens and the earth Able to create the like of them? Yes, indeed! He is the All-Knowing Supreme Creator.

(Ya-Sin 36:81)

The heavens and earth are more difficult to create than man.

So for Allah (SWT) to create you and recreate you is easy.

إِنَّمَا أَمْرُهُ إِذَا أَرَادَ شَيْئًا أَن يَقُولَ لَهُ كُن فَيَكُونُ

Verily, His Command, when He intends a thing, is only that He says to it, "Be!" and it is!

(Ya-Sin 36:82)

Allah (SWT) created 4 things with His 2 Hands: Qalam (the pen), Arsh the throne, Paradise, and Adam.

The other things He said "Be" and it is.

Mujahid narrated Abdullah ibn Umar (RA) said: “Allah created four things with His Hand; 1. The Throne 2. The Pen 3. Aadam and 4. The paradise of ‘Adn. He then said to the rest of the creation ‘Kun’ [Be] and it was.”

[Adh Dhahabi in ‘Mukhtasar al-‘Uluw’ (p105), Abu al-Shaikh al-Asbahani in 'al-‘Adhuma' (5/1555), Tafsir al-Tabari (21/239), ‘The chain is authentic according to the conditions of Muslim.’]

AYAH 83:
فَسُبْحَانَ الَّذِي بِيَدِهِ مَلَكُوتُ كُلِّ شَيْءٍ وَإِلَيْهِ تُرْجَعُونَ
So Glorified is He and Exalted above all that they associate with Him, and in Whose Hands is the dominion of all things, and to Him you shall be returned.

(Ya-Sin 36:83)

He (SWT) is above all imperfections they associate with Him.

He is above all the partners that they associate unto Him.

Had there been therein (in the heavens and the earth) gods besides Allah, then verily both would have been ruined. Glorified be Allah, the Lord of the Throne, (High is He) above what they attribute to Him!

(Al-Anbiya 21:22)

If we had more than one gods governing the universe both heavens and earth would be destroyed (there would be disputes between them), They would be a fight.

God does not back down, He gets what he wants.

No son (or offspring or children) did Allah beget, nor is there any ilah (god) along with Him; (if there had been many gods), behold, each god would have taken away what he had created, and some would have tried to overcome others! Glorified be Allah above all that they attribute to Him!

(Al-Mu'minun 23:91)

They attributed partners unto Allah (SWT) especially the Christians (god the father, god the son and holy spirit).


I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.

(John 5:30) King James Version

But of that day and hour knoweth no [man], no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

(Matthew 24:36) King James Version

And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? [there is] none good but one, [that is], God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.

(Matthew 19:17) King James Version

Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto My Father, and Your Father; and to My God, and Your God.

(John 20:17) King James Version

Ye have heard how I said unto you, I go away, and come again unto you. If ye loved me, ye would rejoice, because I said, I go unto the Father: for My Father is greater than I.

(John 14:28) King James Version