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The Biography of Khalifa Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Amir Ul Mu'minin

The Biography of Khalifa Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Amir Ul Mu'minin (Commander of the Believers)

(This biography was originally released in July 2013)

Name: Abu Dua, Ibrahim bin Awad bin Ibrahim Al-Badri Al-Radawi Al-Husseini Al-Samarra'i. He is descendant from the tribes of Al-Sada Al-Asharaf Al-Badriyin (Al-Bu’Badri) Al-Radawiya Al-Husayniyya Al-Hāšimiyyah Al-Qurayshiya Al-Nizariya Al-Adnaniya.

His Lineage all the way back to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW):

من أحفاد عرموش بن علي بن عيد بن بدري بن بدر الدين بن خليل بن حسين بن عبد الله بن إبراهيم الأواه بن الشريف يحيى عز الدين بن الشريف بشير بن ماجد بن عطية بن يعلى بن دويد بن ماجد بن عبد الرحمن بن قاسم بن الشريف إدريس بن جعفر الزكي بن علي الهادي بن محمد الجواد بن علي الرضا بن موسى الكاظم بن جعفر الصادق بن محمد الباقر بن علي زين العابدين بن الحسين بن علي بن أبي طالب وفاطمة بنت محمد رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم
Marital status: Married

He is a former teacher and educator and a well known preacher, and a graduate from the Islamic University in Baghdad and he studied in it the academic levels (Bachelor, Masters and PhD) he was known as a preacher and erudite in Islamic culture, and Sharia knowledge and Fiqh, and an expert in the sciences of history and noble lineage, and he has a wide relations and clear impact on the members of his tribe in Diyala and Samarra until they declared on a fully voluntary and total certainty their Baya’a to the Islamic State of Iraq and its first Amir (Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi Al-Qurayshi) when they gave Baya’a to the Amir and the State in the beginning of its establishment and appearance on the Jihadi arena in Iraq in the official deceleration in the last ten days of the month of Ramadan 2006.
It is known that Dr. Ibrahim Awad is from the most prominent figures of Al-Salafiya Al-Jihadiya and one of its most famous theorists in Diyala and in the city of Samarra in the mosque of Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal rahimahullah. He is a man from a religious family. His brothers and uncles include preachers and professors of Arabic language, rhetoric and logic.
Their Aqeeda is Salafiya. His father Sheikh Awad is from the elders of Al-Bu’Badri tribe, he loves the religion, and from the callers to decency and virtue and from the supporters of promoting of virtue and preventing of vice, and his grandfather Haj Ibrahim Ali Al-Badri is a man known of his persistency on congregational prayer, and being good to his kin, and keenness to the needs of the modest families, and Haj Ibrahim died a few years ago in the post occupation era after he lived long in this Dunya in obedience and being good to his kin and good deeds, and Allah with His grace and favor prolonged the life of late Haj until he almost reached 95 years old.
The absence of an audio or video recording for Dr. Abu Dua isn’t because of his lack of rhetoric or weak language or something like that, this is not true because the man is has an eloquent speech and strong language, and has an obvious acumen and smartness so he combined between  two characteristics of the former Amirs of the State when he combined the calmness and leisureliness of Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi and his high security sense, and took much of the cleverness and courage of Abu Ayub Al-Masri.
The security and military experience of Dr. Abu Dua increased by practice in the past eight and half years of fighting and attack and retreat. He incited on fighting and he himself fought then he was captured and released, he engaged in many battles, and established Jamaats and participated in establishing others and supported it then he joined Majlis Shura Al-Mujahidin and the Islamic State of Iraq as a member of the Majlis Al-Shura, until he became in the official declaration of the State in 16 May 2010 as Amir of the Islamic State of Iraq, and he didn’t reach that status except by passing through several stages until he was worthy for that post.
In the beginning he worked with several of his companions in establishing Jamaat Jaish Ahli Sunnah wa Al-Jamaah that was active in particular in the provinces of Diyala, Samarra and Baghdad, and head the Sharia Committee of the Jamaat, this Jamaat later it gave Baya’a and joined Majlis Shura Al-Mujahidin one week after it was declared, and then Dr. Abu Dua joined the Sharia Committees of the Majlis and he became a member of the Majlis Al-Shura, and after the declaration Islamic State of Iraq he became the General Supervisor of the Sharia Committees of the Wilayahs and a member of the Majlis Al-Shura of the Islamic State of Iraq also he has an obvious and influential role in the Baya’a of some of the tribes of Samarra to Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi, and he participated in the Baya’a of his tribe and its youth to the State, and as years passed it was logical that Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi Al-Husseini Al-Qurayshi (Hamid Al-Zawi) to succeed him, and there is no doubt in that because “Abu Mahmud” had a high security sense, and he had his calculations and he expected all possibilities and recommended that Dr. Abu Dua be his successor.
This biography has been collected to support and do justice to Amir Al-Baghdadi, whom they criticized with sharp tongues, and forgot his ardor, determination and support for the people of Syria with money and soul despite of the hardships, and send a copy to those who do not know the people of jihad and their favor and significance. So won’t the people of theories who sit at home restrain their tongues from criticizing the men of jihad? 

His biography in Arabic: