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(NOTES & AUDIO) CONF - Shaikh Abdullah Faisal - The Barking Dogs Of Jahannum

Al-Khilaafah: Allah's Governance on Earth
by Shaikh Abdullah Faisal
6th September 2014 / 12th Dhul Qaddah 1435 AH (Evening)

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The word Khawaarij is used by a lot of people these days
- This is because whenever someone implements the SHARIAH OF ALLAH,
- the hypocrites who do not have that on their agenda start barking; ‘KHAWAARIJ!’
- Their strategy is to point their filthy fingers on the sincere Muslims
- to divert attention from themselves
- We must first understand who the KHAWAARIJ really are

Narrated Abu Said: Ali sent a piece of gold to the Prophet who distributed it among four persons: Al-Aqra' bin Habis Al-Hanzali from the tribe of Mujashi, 'Uyaina bin Badr Al-Fazari, Zaid At-Ta'i who belonged to (the tribe of) Bani Nahban, and 'Alqama bin Ulatha Al-'Amir who belonged to (the tribe of) Bani Kilab. So the Quraish and the Ansar became angry and said, "He (i.e. the Prophet) gives the chief of Najd and does not give us." The Prophet said, "I give them) so as to attract their hearts (to Islam)." Then a man with sunken eyes, prominent checks, a raised forehead, a thick beard and a shaven head, came (in front of the Prophet) and said, "Be afraid of Allah, O Muhammad!" The Prophet ' said "Who would obey Allah if I disobeyed Him? (Is it fair that) Allah has trusted all the people of the earth to me while, you do not trust me?" Somebody who, I think was Khalid bin Al-Walid, requested the Prophet to let him chop that man's head off, but he prevented him. When the man left, the Prophet said, "Among the off-spring of this man will be some who will recite the Qur'an but the Qur'an will not reach beyond their throats (i.e. they will recite like parrots and will not understand it nor act on it), and they will renegade from the religion as an arrow goes through the game's body. They will kill the Muslims but will not disturb the idolaters. If I should live up to their time' I will kill them as the people of 'Ad were killed (i.e. I will kill all of them)." [al-Bukhari (3344) and Muslim (1064)]

- The main characteristic of a KHAWAARIJ is
- that they will KILL THE MUSLIMS and leave the KUFFAAR to live
- The Kuffaar are terrified of the Mujahideen in the ISLAMIC STATE.
- Therefore it makes no sense to call the Mujahideen Khawaarij

And of them are some who accuse you (O Muhammad SAW) in the matter of (the distribution of) the alms. If they are given part thereof, they are pleased, but if they are not given thereof, behold! They are enraged! (At-Tawbah 9:58)

- Another characteristic of the Khawaarij is that they make friends with the Kuffaar
- and are tyrannical over the Muslims
- The Mujahideen are implementing the punishment of ALLAH on the Kuffaar
- and are providing social services for the Muslims.

- Another characteristic of the Khawaarij is that they go against the KHALIFAH

Have you not considered the assembly of the Children of Israel after [the time of] Moses when they said to a prophet of theirs, "Send to us a king, and we will fight in the way of Allah?" He said, "Would you perhaps refrain from fighting if fighting was prescribed for you?" They said, "And why should we not fight in the cause of Allah when we have been driven out from our homes and from our children?" But when fighting was prescribed for them, they turned away, except for a few of them. And Allah is Knowing of the wrongdoers. (246) And their prophet said to them, "Indeed, Allah has sent to you Saul as a king." They said, "How can he have kingship over us while we are more worthy of kingship than him and he has not been given any measure of wealth?" He said, "Indeed, Allah has chosen him over you and has increased him abundantly in knowledge and stature. And Allah gives His sovereignty to whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing [in favor] and Knowing." (Al-Baqarah 2:246-247)

All these years the Muslims were begging ALLAH for a KHILAFAH
- and now that the KHALIFAA is present,
- they have started to rebel against him and the Ummah

Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri (RA), who said that the Prophet (SAW) said: “They will follow the ways of those who came before them, handspan by handspan, cubit by cubit, until even if they entered a lizard’s hole they will follow them.” We said: “O Messenger of Allah, (do you mean) the Jews and Christians?” He said: “Who else?” [al-Bukhari (3456) and Muslim (2669)]

Allah (SWT) has established THE ISLAMIC STATE with the blood of the MARTYRS
- And instead of supporting your brothers, the people are slandering the Mujahideen
- There are people who do not see the need for an Islamic State
- because they consider that if you do not implement the Shariah of Allah
- then this is a Minor Kufr

Sheikh Sulmayman al-Alwaan said: What has reached us from Ibn Abbas from his saying “Kufr Duna Kufr” is not reliable. It is narrated in Al-Haakim in his Mustadraaq (Vol. 2/313) by the way of Hisham Ibn Hujaayr on the authority of Tawoos who heard it from Ibn Abbas. However, Hisham is declared Da’eef by Yahya Ibn Ma’een and Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal. On the other hand it is narrated to us from Abdur-Razaaq in his Tafseer on the authority of Mu’aamr who heard from Ibn Tawoos that his father said he asked Ibn Abbas about Allah’s saying: {“And whosoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed such are the Kafirun.”}

Ibn Abbas said it was Kufr and this is what is preserved from Ibn Abbas. Showing that there is no doubt about this Ayah, and proving that what is meant by this disbelief is Kufr Al-Akbar. So how can some claim Islam when they put aside and substitute the Sharee’ah, and make alliances with the Jews and Christians and imitate them!? As for what is narrated by Ibn Jareer in his Tafseer on the authority of Ibn Abbas who said, {“It is not like the one who disbelieves in Allah and the last day..”} what is meant here does not mean that ‘Ruling by other than what Allah revealed’ is Kufr duna Kufr. Whoever says it does mean this, then it is upon him to bring his proof and evidence to substantiate his allegation. It is clear from Ibn Abbas’s words that Kufr Al-Akbar is of different classifications, and some forms are more severe than others. For example, the Kufr of the one who doesn’t believe in Allah and the Last Day, is more extreme than the Hakim [Ruler] who doesn’t rule by what Allah revealed. It is clear that Kufr of the Hakim who ‘Rules by other than what Allah revealed’ is less severe than the one who doesn’t believe in Allah and the Last day. Still, we cannot say that this Hakim remains a Muslim and that his ruling is simply Kufr Al-Asghar. We say he has left the religion because of putting aside and removal of the Sharee’ah, and according to Ibn Katheer, there is Ijmaa about this. See “Al-Bidayah Wa-Nihayah” (Vol. 13/119)

[At-Tibyan Sharh' Nawaqidh Al-Islam by Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab; explanation and footnotes by Sulmayman al-Alwaan, Pg. 38]

- They preach their own religion by claiming that
- ‘we Muslims should be more concerned about ourselves, thinking about ourselves rather than implementing Shariah and Khilafaa‘

Ibn Taymiyyah (rh) said: “And it is known from the religion (of Islam) by necessity and by the consensus of all Muslims that whoever legalizes to follow other than the religion of Islam or a Shariah other than the Shariah of Muhammad (SAW), he is a Kaafir. And his kufr is similar to that of the one who believes in some part of the book (Quran) and reject some of it.” [Majmua al-Fataawa (28/524)]

Ibn Kathir (rh) said: “So Whosoever abandons the wise Shariah which was revealed upon Muhammad ibn Abdullah, the seal of the prophets, and goes to other abrogated Shariah for judgment, he becomes a Kaafir. So how about the one who goes to al-Yaasiq (man-made law) for judgment and gives it precedence (over the Shariah of Muhammad (SAW). Whosoever does this has become a Kaafir by the Ijma of the Muslims.” [Al-Bidayah Wan-Nihayah, (Vol. 13, p119)]

- Al Yaasiq was the bible of the Tatars who picked and chose from different religions
- to form their own laws and then implemented it over the people
- Today most Muslim dominated countries are following their own versions of Al Yaasiq
- For Ex. Saudia Arabia cuts the hand of the thief, which is from the shariah
- yet they have Riba banks, they have Arab nationalism and tribalism

Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (SAW) said: "Riba has seventy segments, the least serious being equivalent to a man committing adultery with his own mother." [Sunan Ibn Majah (3/337) No. 2274 and Mustadrak al-Haakim (2/43) No. 2259]

While 'Allama al-Shinqiti-May Allah be merciful with him-has said: To commit shirk with Allah in judging is of the same meaning as to commit shirk in His worship, there is no difference between the two in any manner. There is no difference in any sense between he who follows a system (nizam) other than Allah's system or law other than Allah's law (sharia) and he who worships an idol or prostrates to a false god. They are the same and both are polytheists [associating others] with Allah. [Adwa' al-Bayan, (7/162)]

Muhammad Ibrahim [the shaikh of bin Baaz] said in page 6 of his book Tahkeem al Qawaneen: "Tawheed haakimiyya is the twin half of tawheed Ibaada."

Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-'Uthaymeen said: "The first type is when the Hukm of Allah is removed and replaced with another Taghuutee Hukm, so that the Hukm of the Shari'ah is eliminated between the people and he puts in its place another Hukm from the fabrication of the humans and they remove the laws of the Shari'ah concerning the Mu'amalah (i. e. the general actions between people) and they put in its place fabricated laws and this, without doubt, is Istib'daal (i. e. replacement) of the Shari'ah of Allah subhaanahuu wa-ta'ala, with other than it. And this is Kufr which removes one from the Milla because this person put himself at the level of the Creator because he shara'a (legislated) for the slaves of Allah that which Allah ta'ala did not give permission for and that is Shirk in His, ta'ala's saying: "Or have they partners with Allâh (false gods), who have instituted for them a religion, which Allâh has not allowed?" (Ash-Shu'ara, 21) [Fiqh al-'Ebaadaat (pg. 55)]

Shaikh 'Abdul-'Azeez Ibn 'Abdullah Ibn Baaz said: "There is no Eeman for the one who believes the laws of the people and their opinions are superior to the Hukm of Allah and His Messenger or that they are equal to it or that they resemble it or who leaves it or replaces it with fabricated laws and institutions invented by people, even if he believes that the laws of Allah are more encompassing and more just." [Wujoob Tah'keem Shari'ah Allah' (pg. 16-17)]

- The people who claim the Khilaafa is invalid also claim they are follow Ibn Taymiyyah
- However the above FATAWAS prove that they are liars and hypocrites



- The sufis are grave worshippers and the Dawla demolishes their shrines
- The Dawla surgically removes the Sufi shirk from the Ummah
- The sufis are a cancer in the body of the Ummah

If you invoke (or call upon) them, they hear not your call, and if (in case) they were to hear, they could not grant it (your request) to you. And on the Day of Resurrection, they will disown your worshipping them. And none can inform you (O Muhammad SAW) like Him Who is the All­Knower (of each and everything)[]. (Fatir 35:14)

Unquestionably, for Allah is the pure religion. And those who take protectors besides Him [say], "We only worship them that they may bring us nearer to Allah in position." Indeed, Allah will judge between them concerning that over which they differ. Indeed, Allah does not guide he who is a liar and [confirmed] disbeliever. (Az-Zumar 39:3)

Please note all the people who reject the Dawla are classified a Khawaarij
- because the Khawaarij always rebel against a legitimate Caliph
- When people see the Mujahideen implementing Allah's Law on the Shia,
- they think their actions are extreme

Abu Hurayrah narrated: The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “Islam began as something strange and will revert to being strange as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers.” [Sahih Muslim (1/130) No. 145]


And when Ibn Hazm brought evidence and proofs against the Jews and Christians for distorting the Torah and the Gospel, they found no retort except to say that the Shi'a among them spoke of distortions to the Qur'an. He said, God's mercy! When they speak of the claim of the Shi'a that substitution has occurred, the Shi'a are not Muslims. They are a sect that follows the path of the Jews and Christians in lying and infidelity." [al-Fasl fi al-Milal wal-ahwah wal-Nihal Ibn Hazm (2/65)]

- Firstly, the classical scholars do not consider the Shia as Muslim,
- they are considered to be Pagans and hence we cannot take Jizya from them

Imaam Ibn Hazm quoted a report with an isnad going back to Hishaam ibn ‘Ammaar, who said: "I heard Maalik ibn Anas say: ‘Whoever curses Abu Bakr should be whipped, and whoever curses ‘Aa’ishah should be killed.’ He was asked, ‘Why do you say that concerning (the one who curses) ‘Aa’ishah?’ He said, ‘Because Allaah says concerning ‘Aa’ishah, may Allah be pleased with her (interpretation of the meaning): "Allaah forbids you from it [slander] and warns you not to repeat the like of it forever, if you are believers." [al-Noor 24:17]’" Maalik said: "Whoever accuses her goes against the Qur’aan, and whoever goes against the Qur’aan should be killed." Ibn Hazm said: "This comment of Maalik’s is correct, and it is complete apostasy to reject Allaah’s words that clearly state her innocence." [al-Muhalla (12/440)]

- The Shia accuse Aisha (RA) of evil actions,
- The punishment to claim Allah (SWT) is lying is getting your head chopped off

Verily! Those who brought forth the slander (against 'Aishah the wife of the Prophet SAW) are a group among you. Consider it not a bad thing for you. Nay, it is good for you. Unto every man among them will be paid that which he had earned of the sin, and as for him among them who had the greater share therein, his will be a great torment. (An-Nur 24:11)

The present Quran is in an altered, corrupted and distorted form.. (Fatuhat-e-Shia, p. 129)

The Shia believe that at the time of Mahdi’s return Imam Mahdi will resurrect Aisha (Prophet Mohammad’s wife) and execute the law of Hudud on her, for committing Zina (adultery) during her marriage. (Al-Anwar Al-Numaniyah, vol. 1, p. 161, Tafsir al-Shafi, vol. 2, p. 108, Haq al-Yaqeen, vol. 2, p. 256, Hayat al-Qulub, vol. 2, p. 611)

- The Shia also claim the Quran is corrupted.
- They accuse ALLAH (SWT) of breaking His promise of protecting the Quran
- The Shia claim that their Imams are higher in status over all the angels and prophets

It is a fundamental principle of faith that our (Shia) Imams have ranks higher than the ranks of angels & God's prophets. (Khomeini's book, Hukuma Islamiya, p. 52)

- The Shia claim that Allah is a liar and that HE makes mistakes

“Allah often lies and does mistakes” [Usool-al-Kafi, page 328, Yacoob Kulayni, Vol. 1]


- These people reject the Dawla and call the Mujahideen Terrorist and Khawaarij
- they even accuse the Khalifah of being a Jew
- These Madhkhalis are proving themselves to be the barking dogs of Jahannam
- The aim and objective of their movement is to destroy the ISLAMIC SHARIAH
- The Lawrence of Arabia who was a homosexual British spy
- went to the Arabs and convinced them to rebel against the Ottoman Turks
- and destroy the Caliphate
- Today the Madhkhalis claim that it is Haram to rebel against the Ruler
- when they themselves followed a homosexual into rebelling against the Caliph

Enjoin you Al-Birr (piety and righteousness and each and every act of obedience to Allah) on the people and you forget (to practise it) yourselves, while you recite the Scripture [the Taurat (Torah)]! Have you then no sense? (Al-Baqarah 2:44)

- They bark righteousness on others, but themselves are steeped in hypocrisy
- their scholars pass fatwas against the mujahideen



4) MURJIA (Liberals)

- These people do not want to live in a state where there are no nightclubs, bars, gambling holes and brothels

Have you seen he who has taken as his god his [own] desire, and Allah has sent him astray due to knowledge and has set a seal upon his hearing and his heart and put over his vision a veil? So who will guide him after Allah? Then will you not be reminded? (Al-Jathiyah 45:23)

- They love fulfilling their evil desires and are the first to run when the Shariah approaches


- The Kurds are one of the most racist people on Earth yet they claim to be Muslims
- The Kurds are a bunch of filthy Zionists and have given their Bayah to the Jews
- Today the United Snakes of America (USA) is bombing the Dawla and protecting the Kurds
- This has given the Dawla even more legitimacy
- The Muslims are rushing to join the ranks of the mujahideen (IS)
- Every disappointment is a new appointment
- though they are killing innocent Muslims
- but yet when the great shaitan bombs you, it gives you legitimacy as someone on haqq
- The infidels plot but ALLAH PLANS and ALLAH (SWT) is the best of planners

…And the disbelievers planned, but Allah planned. And Allah is the best of planners. (Aali Imran 3:54)

- The Khawaarij that rebelled against Ali (RA) had three grudges against him

1 - Ali (RA) did not allow the Mujahideen to take concubines from the battle,
- Ibn Abbas (RA) told them Aisha (RA) the mother of the believers was one of the captives
- and who among them was ready to take her as right hand possess

2 – Ali (RA) scratched out his name as Caliph while signing an agreement with Muawiyah (RA)
- Ibn Abbas responded that this was predicted by the Prophet (SAWS)
- that he would one day have to scratch our his title
- this prophecy was made during the treaty of Hudaibiyyah

3 - Ali appointed human beings as judges when Allah is the only judge
Ibn Abbas quoted surah 4:35 in response
- this ayah was revealed in regards mediating between a husband and wife
- and the unity of the ummah was more important than that

And if you fear dissension between the two, send an arbitrator from his people and an arbitrator from her people. If they both desire reconciliation, Allah will cause it between them. Indeed, Allah is ever Knowing and Acquainted [with all things]. (An-Nisa 4:35)

- These were the grudges of the Khawaarij of old

similarly, the Khawaarij of today have 3 grudges against a legitimate caliph as well
1 – ‘why do you talk about SHARIAH so much?’, because they say TAUHEED AL-HAKIMIYYAH is an innovation

2 – ‘why do you want to do JIHAD? There is no need for JIHAD!’

It has been narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: One who died but did not fight in the way of Allah nor did he express any desire (or determination) for Jihad died the death of a hypocrite. [Sahih Muslim (3/1517) No. 1910]

- They see their paymasters as perfect Muslims and do not want their biscuits taken from their bowl

3 – ‘why do you want to have KHILAAFA? We are happy with our Kingship!’

- So These barking dogs of Jahannam, insult and bad mouth the Mujahideen,
- they infiltrate the Mujahideen and they write books against the Mujahideen

Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab, (RH),
- gathered ten actions that negate one's Islam (Nawaqid ul-'Ashr),
- the eighth one states: "Assisting the disbelievers (against the believers)
- (Mudhaharatul Mushrikeen) and supporting them against the believers

O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are [in fact] allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you - then indeed, he is [one] of them. Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people. (Al-Ma’idah 5:51)

Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab, may Allah have mercy on him, gathered ten actions that negate one's Islam (Nawaqid ul-'Ashr), the eighth one of which states: "Assisting the disbelievers (against the believers) (Mudhaharatul Mushrikeen) and supporting them against the believers (is from the actions that negates of one's faith). The Proof being the statement of Allah, "And if any amongst you takes them as Auliya', then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers and unjust). (The Quran 5:51)."

"What is correct is that His statement, the Most High, "And if any amongst you takes them as Auliya', then surely he is one of them." (The Quran 5:51), should be understood on the basis of its apparent meaning. The person being referred to is a disbeliever from the generality of disbelievers, and no two Muslims disagree regarding this." Ibn Hazm Al-Muhalla 11/138

They even go as far as uniting against the Mujahideen by combining forces with the Crusaders
- The drones that killed Imam Anwar Al Awlaki (RH)
- and his 16 year old son flew from an airbase in Saudi Arabia

Sheikh Ibn Baz stated (Al-Fatawa 1/274): "There is a consensus amongst the scholars that whoever supports the disbelievers against the believers (Dhahar Al-Kuffar 'Ala Al-Muslimeen), and assists them by any means of assistance, then he is a disbeliever just like them (the disbelievers he supported)…"

 The above Fatwa proves that the kings of today are apostate regimes
- and if you support them, you yourself will end up as a barking dog of Jahannam


QUESTION 1: Shaikh is it Possible for the Islamic State to survive the onslaught of the New Coalition that is being form?

Answer 1: I am optimistic that it will survive because of the ayah below

And those who disbelieve are allies to one another, (and) if you (Muslims of the whole world collectively) do not do so (i.e. become allies, as one united block with one Khalifah - chief Muslim ruler for the whole Muslim world to make victorious Allah's Religion of Islamic Monotheism), there will be Fitnah (wars, battles, polytheism, etc.) and oppression on earth, and a great mischief and corruption (appearance of polytheism). (Al-Anfal 8:73)

Indeed, those who disbelieve spend their wealth to avert [people] from the way of Allah. So they will spend it; then it will be for them a [source of] regret; then they will be overcome. And those who have disbelieved - unto Hell they will be gathered. (Al-Anfal 8:36)

The coalition will be made of the all the hypocrites and apostates as well as kuffaar
- So expect the apostate regimes to give their land and air spaces to NATO
- For them to bomb the Islamic State
- The kuffaar are horrified and terrified of the mujahideen
- So they don’t want to put ground troops
- I am also optimistic because the hadith below; they will not be defeated

Ibn Abbas (RA) reported that Allah’s Messenger said, “The best number of sahabah is four, the best number of men in expedition is four hundred, the best number of men in armies is four thousand, and twelve thousand will not be defeated because of poor numbers.” [Related by Ahmad (2682), Abu Dawud (2611), at-Tirmidhi (1555) and ad-Darimi (2438)]

QUESTION 2: Assalaam Alaikum sheikh, you did not mention hizb ut tahrir and Muslim brotherhood as the others groups that reject the khilafah?

Answer 2: The Muslims brotherhood are not believers
- They believe in democracy
- They believe the manhaj of jihad is wrong
- They believe in the ballot and not the bullet
- They have been bitten the same hole more than twice
- They are being killed in Egypt like flies
- The rasul (SAW) said that no believer is bitten in the same hole twice

Abu Huraira (RA) narrated the Prophet (SAW) said: "A believer is not bitten from the same hole twice.” [Related by al-Bukhari (6133) and Muslim (2998)]

All those who used democracy as their manhaj to establish the deen were destroyed by the kuffaar
- Hamas, Muslims Brotherhood etc
- Every kaafir is a hypocrite

As for hizbu tahrir, they have no reason to reject the khilafah
- Except that they are jealous because they have been shouting khilafah since the 1950s
- They are behaving like Iblis when Allah (SWT) chose Adam over him

QUESTION 3: I have friends that are khawarij and murji, should I stay away from them?

Answer 3: The khawaarij are puritans
- They make takfir on Muslims for committing minor sins
- They paint every kufr with the same brush
- They have no mercy
- They murji on the other hand make no takfir
- They are too merciful
- The father of the murji in this century is Albani
- He said the one who insults the rasul is just ill-mannered but not a kaafir!

Al-Albani: (We don’t think this accurate is in absolute sense, because it is possible that this insult (sabb) or reviling (satam) is the result of ignorance, bad upbringing, negligence, And lastly it could be with intent and knowledge, and in that case, it is a clear apostasy, of which there's no doubt. But if it carries either of the former situations which I pointed at. Then it's best Islamic to refrain from takfir than to rush towards it.)Source: Silsilat al-Huda wa al-Nur, tape nr. 820, min. 46:03).

- My advise is it is better not to make baraa from them
- The rasul (SAW) said his ummah will be divided into 73 sects
- Stick with them and help them to the right aqeedah
- This will help to guide them to the right path

Abdullah ibn Amr (RA) reported that Allah’s Messeenger (SAW) said, “The same things will be faced by my ummah as the Banu Isra’il faced as a shoe compares with (its pairing) shoe, to the extent that if there was anyone of them to have approached his mother (for sexual intercourse) then there will be in my ummah who would do that. And the Banu Isra’il divided into seventy-two sects and my ummah will divide into seventy-three sects, all of whom will go into the Fire except one millat (sect). “The sahabah (RA) asked (him), “Who are they, O Messenger of Allah (SAW)”. He said, “(Who follow) what I am on and my companions (are on).” [Sunan Tirmidhi (5/26) No. 2641, Mustadrak al-Haakim (1/218) No. 444]

QUESTION 4: Asalamu alaikum WRWB, how can one help the dawlah if he is away from the dawlah?

Answer 4: If you can make hijrah then make hijrah and help it
But if you have a genuine reason and can’t go there then Allah will forgive you
The hujjah is:

Verily! As for those whom the angels take (in death) while they are wronging themselves (as they stayed among the disbelievers even though emigration was obligatory for them), they (angels) say (to them) : "In what (condition) were you?" They reply: "We were weak and oppressed on earth." They (angels) say: "Was not the earth of Allah spacious enough for you to emigrate therein?" Such men will find their abode in Hell - What an evil destination! (97) Except the weak ones among men, women and children who cannot devise a plan, nor are they able to direct their way. (An-Nisa 4:97-98)

However, you can still give your bay’ah in your heart

QUESTION 5: Asalamu alaikum WRWB, why are the Shia classified as 'murtadeen' instead of just kuffaar by IS or some of its members. Jzkhair

Answer 5: This is a good question
- When we say that they are apostates, then what did they apostate from?
- When were they Muslims in the first place to be apostates?
- They can be classified as kaafir asli (original kafir)
- Still we can’t take jizya from them
- They either come to Islam or be killed
- So the dawlah is correct in their treatment of the Shia

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said, refuting the pantheistic belief of the Baatinis: It is well known that the kaafir Tatars are better than these (Baatinis), because the latter are apostates from Islam, of the worst type of apostates. The apostate is worse than one who is a kaafir in the first place in many aspects. (Majmoo’ al-Fataawa, 1/193)

QUESTION 6: If dawlah is being attacked by a coalition how then will the USA make a treaty with the Muslims in the future according to the hadith of the Prophet (pbuh)?

Answer 6: The rasul (SAW) said that we will unite with the Romans (white people)
- In the end to fight a common enemy
- The fiqh-ul-waaqi will change in the future

It was narrated that Jubair bin Nufair said: "Jubair said to me: 'Let's go to Dhu Mikhmar, who was a man from among the Companions of the Prophet (SAW).' So I went with them and he asked him about the peace treaty (with the Romans). He said: 'I heard the Prophet (SAW) say: "The Romans will enter into a peace treaty with you, then you and they will fight one another as enemies, and you will be victorious; you will collect the spoils of war and be safe. Then you will stop in a meadow with many hillocks. A man from among the people of the Cross will raise the Cross and will say: 'The Cross has prevailed.' Then a man among the Muslims will become angry and will go and break the Cross. Then the Romans will prove treacherous (breaking the treaty) (and will gather) for the fierce battle." [Ibn Majah (Vol. 5, p.215) No. 4089, Abu Dawud (Vol. 4, p.109) No. 4292, Musnad Ahmad (Vol. 5, p.371) No. 23205]