Friday, December 26, 2014

(Notes & Audio) AT Conference ::: Battle Of The Hearts And Mind - Abu Ruqayyah - An Update On The Dawlah

Authentic Tauheed Conference ::: Battle Of The Hearts And Mind - 
Abu Ruqayyah - An Update On The Dawlah




This will be a political speech.
It will be an update on the political situation and the current events on the ground.
This is my field as a student of international politics.

You cannot fully understand the dawlah with Quran and Sunnah.
You also need knowledge of the political situation
In order to have a just opinion of the dawlah.
Many so called scholars who pass fatawa on the dawla have little knowledge of the dawla
For example they say the dawlah was founded without any shura.
So what about the shura council in 2006?
13 groups in Iraq came together and formed the Islamic state in Iraq.

The main point of my speech is the situation of the dawlah since the coalition campaign.
There are some very historical things going on.
I'm going to look at the positive and negative effects of the international campaign.



This is especially in Kurdish cities.
It has lost some territories it conquered in the Summer.
They were 23 miles away from Erbil.
Once the bombing started, it slowed down their momentum.
A bigger example of this is the battle for Kobane.
The battle is raging between dawlah and the Kurdish militias.
The fighting is ongoing in Kobane
It's a stalemate as it has been on for a few months
Much of the manpower of dawlah was lost it Kobane.
A question raised was whether it was worth it.


There's been a campaign to delete any account sympathetic to the dawlah.


The bombing is causing causalities among civilians.
Many innocent Muslims are dying.
Iraq and Syria are being bombed by the Shia and the rest of the world.
Many Muslims are being injured and killed because of this.


Whoever has done research about the dawlah,
Knows that the leaders are very important.
The leaders are very competent, know how to run a government and know war strategies.
Some were former leaders in the Baathist governments.
They reverted back to Ahlu Sunnah
They have back up leaders that are just as competent.
But still this is a significant setback.



There was a November report in the Atlantic stating
The US government spends $8 million a day to fight the dawlah.
Or $300 000 an hour

This is a huge amount of money they are pouring into this fight.

Indeed, those who disbelieve spend their wealth to avert [people] from the way of Allah. So they will spend it; then it will be for them a [source of] regret; then they will be overcome. And those who have disbelieved - unto Hell they will be gathered. (Al-Anfal 8:36)

Basically Allah is saying, when the disbelievers pour their money to fight Muslims
It will backfire.


Many people were saying dawlah will crumble after the coalition starts their campaign.
This was their prediction.
The dawlah is being bombed yet it is still expanding.
A report says the dawlah has made gains since the coalition campaign.

A German journalist who entered the dawlah
With a covenant of security said a lot of interesting things.
He said the dawlah is the largest fighting force in the Middle East.

"I have to admit that these people are strong" - Jürgen Todeshofer
He seems sincere in what he said.
He is saying that people in the west have no idea about the strength of the dawlah.
They're not a bunch of little rebels. - Jürgen Todeshofer


The international campaign has exposed a lot of hypocrisy.
The West said they won't intervene in Syria.
They changed their mind “to protect the Yazidis” and to bomb Sunnis.
For the west to intervene to save the Yazidis and then to bomb the sunnis,
I cannot see a day where they will win the hearts and minds in that region.
They can say how much they want democracy and freedom
But no one is going to believe them.
The Americans have taken Assad's side.
The Arab regimes have been exposed too.
Many Muslims will be wondering why the west didn't bomb Assad or Maliki.
The eighth negation of Islam is allying with the kuffar.
The Arab regimes are guilty of this.


The dawlah has won the battle for hearts and minds on the ground.
There is no sign that the population want to rise against them
Because they feel a sense of security there.
They have recruited 6,000 more soldiers in a month
From all over the world including the locals.
At this rate, the dawlah will surpass the US army in a few years.

Rare access to ISIS territory in Syria and Iraq:

A civilian in Ghouta said all the brigades will be with IS as soon as they come to Ghouta.


a) An expansion in Libya
A whole city has come under their control.

ISIS Takes Control of a Libyan City

b) An expansion in Egypt
It was in the province of Sinai.
They continuously fight the Egyptian army there.
Egyptians from all walks of life are joining their brothers in the Sinai province.

Sinai Insurgency Shows Signs of Spreading after ISIS-Linked

There has also been bay'ah from Yemen and Algeria
But there's no evidence to say they control a sizeable amount of territory.


The West can't face the facts.
They can never defeat the dawlah without understanding their enemy.
They think they can win just by using bombs.
This is having a counterproductive effect.
As long as the tawagheet rule over the Muslim world,
The west won't be able to defeat them.
The dawlah thrives on this.
The dawlah is more of an ideology.
They love the dawlah when they see the oppression of the tawagheet.
In a council meeting, John Kelly said the war with IS will last decades.
And that no one in that room will survive to witness that.

Question 1: salaam bother. May Allah reward you. Is it possible for you to make these conferences regular to update the Muslims ummah as to what is happening on the ground in the Islamic state?

Answer 1: If this is something that many people request, I might consider it.

Question 2: If the Islamic State grows strong and big enough that the US and other super powers will have to recognise it as a state, where does that leave IS? Form coalitions and ties with other countries? Will that not cause a split within IS? 

Answer 2: I doubt that there will be a split within it.
They are so ideologically intact.
If they are recognised by the West, there could be a temporary truce with the West.
As you all know the malhama will begin with a truce between the Muslims and the Romans.
Temporary truce with the kuffar is permissible depending on the circumstances.

Question 3: Did Boko Haram give bayah?

Answer 3: Boko Haram, from what I have seen, the leader didn't actually say "I give bay'ah..."
It's possible he did it in private.
But he did call Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi the caliph
So it implies he gave bay'ah.
It's not clear whether the bay'ah was accepted.

Question 4: Is it true that the mujahideen or others cannot leave dawlah?
Answer 4: Personally from what I've read this is propaganda.
It is possible for people to leave the dawlah.
Why do you think the western governments are making such a fuss about returnees?

Question 5: Why do jabhat an nusra call Islamic state khawarij ?

Answer 5: It's not just jabhat an-nusra that call dawlah khawarij.
People from all over the world call them khawarij.
Knowing the traits of the khawarij,
I haven't seen no sufficient evidence to say that they are khawarij.
Khawarij is a term that can be thrown round to insult enemies.
People are called khawarij all the time as an insult.

Question 6: How easy is it to live in Dawlah as in the protection?

Answer 6: If what you mean by protection is stability and safety,
There is some sort of safety and stability.
People are not being robbed in the streets in front of everybody.
Because there are stricter punishments.
But obviously there is a bombing campaign against them.
It is safe relative to other places in Syria and Iraq.

Question 7: Can the leader of muslims go in hiding?

Answer 7: This has to do with the ahkaam of politics in Islam.
In my personal opinion as a layman, this has to be revisited
Because we have technology today to target people.
It's not the same as 500 years ago or at the time of the Prophet (saw)
For the caliphate to function, he can't be walking around waiting for people to bomb him.
For the leader of a state to remain safe, he can't remain in the public all the time.
He can't be a ghost figure either.

Obviously we don't know when the Mahdi will arrive.
This is only the knowledge of Allah SWT
There's an interesting hadith saying there will be 12 khulafa from Quraish.
People are saying Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi (HA) is the seventh or eighth.
Imam al Mahdi is a belief of Ahlus Sunnah
I don't see why any Sunni wouldn't.

Prophet (SAW) said: Islam will continue to be dominant until there have been twelve Khulafa, all of them will be from the Quraish. [Sahih Muslim, Book 020, Number #4480]

Question 8: Assalamu alaikum, which professions and work skills are required in the dawlah mostly.

Answer 8: A state needs everything.
There isn't a specific requirement.
A state is a state.

If someone moves to Germany with any skill, it will go towards the progress of that society.
States strive on having people of different backgrounds.

Question 9: As salamu'alaikum akhi, what’s the proof that dawlah used to execute Abdur Rahman Kassig? Because from my knowledge, Islam erases everything before it, as is seen in the seerah of Rasulallah (saw). Jazakallahu khairan.

Answer 9: This is a debate amongst the Muslims.
One thing is for sure, the dawlah does use their proof for this act
Whether you agree or disagree with this.

The proof that they use is the hadith of the Prophet (SAWS).
A man was captured due to the crime of his allies
In the hadith the man says ‘I have become Muslim’.
The Prophet replied ‘had you been master of yourself, it would have been good for you’.
It's very easy for you to be a captive and say whatever your captives want you to say.
According to some of the media, all the captives of dawlah took their shahada in captivity.
So there is a question on the sincerity of the shahada taken in captivity.

In the hadith after the man was free, the man took his shahada
And the Prophet accepted it from him.
The dawlah will tell you they judge by what is apparent.

Question 10: Is it permissible for a sister, whose Wali is restricted to leave a European country to make hijrah alone to the dawlah?

Answer 10: I have absolutely no idea because I have not studied the ahkam of hijrah.
This question should go to the shuyookh.
This is not something I have studied in depth.