Monday, May 25, 2015

(Notes & Audio) AT Conference - Abu Baraa - The Cultural War Against Islam


24th May 2015 / 6 Sha'ban 1436 AH
NOTES typed LIVE by AT7
Edited and Formatted by AT5


Allah warned us about this clash between Muslims and kuffaar in every era, time and place
-and this will continue in every aspect of our life

The war is not only shooting bullets or arrows at you etc; as you may think, this is not the only type of war
-the war can be psychological, intellectual, military, economic and culture etc
-so the Muslim needs to be on guard from attack; from every direction
-he needs to know there is an enemy out there, who is trying to destroy his deen and his emaan
-and that attack can come from the angle of a cultural invasion


Acquired knowledge that affects your attitude and thinking in all matters
-that knowledge becomes the basis for the way you judge everything
-i.e. certain actions, laws, systems, correct or incorrect, friend or enemy
-it is an integral part of entire civilisation
-those ideas or concepts establish a culture
-they could be based upon your heritage or history
-which history do you attribute yourself to?

When people teach their children and develop a culture that they become united upon
- one of the things they teach is history, language, values, concept of what is right or wrong etc

e.g. In Britain in school they teach their heritage as if it's your own history
-i.e. about King Arthur or Richard the so-called 'Lion heart'
-they will make this, your history, attributing you to that history
-Were you born during World War I to say, 'we went to war'?
-what do you mean 'we', were you there?
-when they go further back i.e. Victorian times, they say 'Queen Victoria is your Queen'
-what do they mean 'my Queen'?!
-Is my history rooted to the crusades? or the old ancient pagan religions?
-or if you are in America; when did your history/heritage become the founding fathers of America?
-what has that got anything to do with you? You weren't there
-they will say: 'we are British' or 'we are American'
-it has become your history
-your culture is founded upon these certain ideas or events
-especially your perspective on these events; shape your culture

-the language plays a large part in culture as well
-if you look into any language, there are many references into certain values, ideas and beliefs etc
-you need to be careful about when you are teaching children
-i.e. ordinary day-to-day sayings such as 'good luck'
-what do you mean by 'good luck'? do you not believe in divine destiny?

whatever forms your identity, makes you unique or united upon, i.e. when someone says they are British, certain things come to your mind
-they consider their heritage, language, values etc to be shared
-if you happen to have a different value, they see you as problematic/extremist

They want to spread that culture
-certain actions may be seen as acceptable in one culture and unacceptable in another
-i.e. in one place it may be acceptable for a woman to wear nothing on her chest, but in another country/culture it could be completely unacceptable

Every culture will have shared values that they attribute themselves to
-if somebody is speaking to a British man and he himself does not feel British
-he doesn't feel like he has the same culture as him,
-he will say your history is; the history of the crusades, not my history
-if his shared values and heritage he sees himself as, my ancestors/salaf are Umar Ibn al-Khattab, even though he may not be an Arab, why?
-because he shares that culture, he belongs to that civilisation

When some people inquired about his ancestry, Salman replied: "I am Salman, the son of Islam from the child of Adam." [Kitab al-Isti'ab fi ma'rifat as-sahaba (2/634)]

-when the sahabah heard the reply from Salman (RA), they said 'indeed I am also from Islam'
-that is my identity, that is my civilisation, it is Islam
-it didn't matter to them that someone is from Persia, Rome, Abyssinia, Quraish or Ansar etc
-what difference does that make?
-as far as they are concerned all their roots are with Islam
-that is something which is unique about Islam

the Muslim enters and embraces Islam as a deen and with it he inherits the entire history and culture of Islam
-everything is different because Islam is a guideline and a code of conduct for every aspect of your life
-there is nothing which is left for somebody else

-the customs, tradition and dishes are all part of the culture

one time I said, 'a Muslim has an Islamic identity and we don't have any other identity' and someone became upset with me
-they said, 'what's wrong with being British and Muslim?'
-I said, 'Islam is a unique identity, you are identified by Islam, not by Britain, Britain does not contribute anything to you, what British culture or value contributes to you to say, 'I belong to this and share these values'? No, everything is from Islam, if it didn't come from Islam, then we are not interested.'
-he said, 'we have Breakfast, what's wrong with British breakfast? What is the Islamic breakfast?'
-he's trying to imply Islam doesn't say anything about breakfast
-the British breakfast they have pork, they will eat with their left hand
-their culture is they eat with their left hand, not the right hand
-they drink alcohol with their dinner
-they say approximately 80% of the population drink alcohol
-it's part of their culture, it's a normal custom in this country (UK)
-the Islamic identity/culture for breakfast is more than just that, we eat with our right hand, say bismillah, we eat collectively not individually alone, we eat only halal
-we don't eat what the kuffaar eat nor do we eat the same way they eat
-so you see? everything has a cultural influence
-because of your culture, you see things differently

A so called British Muslim who is policeman started to say that the sign of extremism in young Muslims is that they don't celebrate Christmas and boycott Jewish products
-this is how they speak
-I will say without any doubt, this man is a kaafir and a murtad

-because you are Muslim, you see Marks & Spencer differently from someone with British culture
-they will say 'so what if they are Jewish and support Israel? They're democratic aren't they?'
-when the Muslim sees the news and his Muslim brothers in Palestine are killed by Israelis, they view it differently because of their culture, they see the victims as my people.
-Whereas the British culture views the Jewish people as their people and we see those Palestinians as our people so the cultures are different

When you have a culture, it changes the way you view everything
e.g. laws i.e. homosexuality, alcohol, gay marriages
-someone with a certain culture which abhors all of these crimes, will see these laws legalised as being insanity
-the one who has the culture, that the law belongs to Allah
-how can you have democracy and make laws yourselves, when Allah has legislated?
-but the one whose culture is rooted in atheism and secularism, for them they see nothing wrong with it
-a practising Muslim will not engage in gambling or mortgage
-we don't want insurance so they will ask you how can you do without these
-it means you can't drive and you can't have a house

The culture has infected the people because the laws of the land starts rub off on you
-until you are worried and on guard from anyone seeing you breaking the law of the land
-and yet when they break the laws of Allah, they are not worried or care who sees them

There is one Muslim i heard about who has a successful restaurant according to the kuffaar
-but this restaurant sells alcohol
-he said that's what made his business successful

People advised him it's haram, but he never responded
-then one day the council wrote to him and revoked his alcohol selling license
-he shut his business down immediately after receiving the letter
-he never cared about it being haram
-but he is scared of the council
-this is what happens when you start to integrate with the culture of the people
-you start to do what they do, think like the way they think, speak the way they speak
-you start to speak their language, I don't mean speak English, I mean using the f word
-whereas the one with the Muslim culture, you can identify him easily
-when he is surprised he says 'SubhanAllah'
-when he hears about the mujahideen he says 'Allahu Akbar'
-when he hears about the kuffaar he says 'la hawla wala quwwata illa Billah'

-the Muslim has a culture and it manifests into everything, his attitude and this is unconsciously
-he does not have to think about it
-when he hears about the death of someone he recites the dua immediately
-he does not ask what the dua is because it is his culture and part of him

The Muslim gives salam when he meets his brother
-you meet another person you gave him salam he responds with a nod or hi etc

The Muslim says alhamdulillah to everything
-but the Muslim who uses the western culture says 'not bad' or 'I'm surviving' instead of saying alhamdulillah

This is Islamic culture
-it affects your attitude towards everything
-the way you look to history is different

The British look to history with their own view regarding WW1
-the French will give their own version
-you speak to a Muslim he tells you that was when the ottoman empire was destroyed

Your culture defines how to view history
-and which one you see as your people in those wars
-a British man will talk about the crusades and say our King Richard
-a Muslim speaks about the mujahideen like Salahuddin and say he is our hero

When the Muslim heard shaikh Usama rh was killed his perception was different from that of the kuffaar
-the Muslim fights and looks for shahada
-the kuffaar run away

When the mujahid sees his brother being killed in the battlefield he says Allahu Akbar he died a shahid and hoping to get the same
-but the kaafir gets depressed

Abu Bakr as-Siddiq said: 'I love the three O Messenger of Allah, I love spending time with you, and sit between your hands, and the perpetuation of look at you... And Umar Said: And the three I love O Messenger of Allah, the right, and to tell the truth, and forbidding what is wrong... and Uthman said: And the three I love O Messenger of Allah; I love feeding the poor, and the disclosure of the peace, and pray at night when people are sleeping ... and Ali said: And the three I love O Messenger of Allah, I love being generous and fasting in the summer, and kill the enemy with the sword... and Abu Dhar said: And the three I love O Messenger of Allah, I love the hunger, and the love of the disease, and I love death! The Messenger of Allah said: No one likes this, O Abu Dhar! Abu Dhar said: O Messenger of Allah, If i get hungry my heart becomes closer to Allah, if i get sick my sins fall off, and if I die I meet my Lord! [NO TAKHREEJ]

How do the kuffaar want you to integrate with them?

They want to spread their culture in you
-the school curriculum, the movies
-they want to present their culture in the best way to be acceptable by you
-be careful of the cartoons

The cartoons are not innocent so be careful
-they are pushing their culture to you
-they tell you arranged marriages are bad
-you need to go out and be in love etc

The TV is the big shaytan
-if you leave your children to be preoccupied with it, you are leaving them to be taught by the shaytan
-because they will be watching movies promoting the culture of the west

When you tell them to wear hijab or get married they will say no
-your son will come home with a Hindu girlfriend
-and you wonder where he got that from
-it's from the school

Their teachers will tell them your parents are backwards
-they will tell them the hijab is backwards
-but you sent them to the school to be taught by these teachers

So they will leave home with hijab but remove it at the bus stop
-because they have been pushed to take up the culture of the kuffar

The magazines will spread feminism to be nudity
-which boyfriend to have etc
-so they see it as something to aspire to
-but this is about their culture not ours

They teach them Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet
-the children start making valentine cards
-but this is what they learnt from school

If the child snubs all these and believes Halloween and valentine is haram and zina they say they are extremist
-they expect these children to have relationships
-but in a Muslim culture these expectations are not there

They teach them music in school and romantic stories
-they talk about adultery and make it look nice in the eyes of the children
-and they start to copy that and lose their culture and identity

The politicians will have their own time and declare that niqab is bad
-they talk about it and make speeches and press conferences
-they start threatening you to push their ideas

The music they sing speaks about zina and push certain concepts in our lives
-and now with satellite this spreads wide
-and they make it look fare seeming to you to accept

The curriculum in school is full of their shirk culture
-the teachers are made to actively promote democracy
-and if they undermine it they will lose their job
-they start surveys to make people say this is acceptable

They will make survey to say 80%of people think niqab is bad
-so you accept because you don't want to be the odd one out

They make posters and teach the children to report their parents
-if the parents don't want to allow you to have relationships report them
-if they want to do arrange marriage for you report them
-so the media is used to push certain ideas into us

The western cultural invasion on Muslims is vast
-they push the concept of freedom and make it romantic
-freedom means do whatever you like except with the British laws

If you say since i have freedom i can wear the niqab or wear hijab
-but they will say no this is not allowed by our law

So freedom to them is to do whatever the western culture allows
-and if you criticize it they will say you don't believe in freedom
-but you don't have freedom to practice your religion

Their laws can restrict your freedom but Islamic laws can't tell you what to do

They teach secularism because that was their history
-their solution to their history with the church was secularism and so they push this idea
-and this happens even in the so called Muslim countries after they colonized them
-the British wrote the curriculum in these countries
-and that's why you will hear nothing about the khilafa

All the conquest of Islam is omitted
-they say it is not important
-they make themselves the conquerors
-that they saved the Bosnians and the Iraqis
-even though we know they are occupiers

When they went into Iraq and invaded and occupied it, they were the 'heroes' who freed the people
-they acted like they were the native people of the country and any other army from another country are foreign and invaders

They push the idea of interfaith dialogue, capitalism, secularism,
-they want to sell their products so they need to change your culture to boost their economy
-they need you to share their culture and have the same taste by watching the same movies so you can buy their products

They push this idea with the UN to help them spread their culture

They censor the other values and cultures
-their books, other medias

They control the media to ban your freedom but propagate theirs
-you can't criticize them, but they can ban you to stop you

They want you to make them look like the heroes
-you can't make them look like the terrorist

They tell you which books to read
-they will ban the websites and shut you down

When shaikh Anwar started speaking clearly what he meant, they banned all his videos
-they deleted everything
-one brother used to put shaikh Anwars lectures for all to download and listen
-another company wanted to take him to court for copyright
-but this stopped later on when they branded him terrorist

Am currently on bail accused of being a member of 12 different organisations I don't even know about
-in the UK when a Muslim is accused of a bomb plot, what kind of evidence do they have against you?
-a bomb? some explosive devices? what do they show in court?
-its the nasheeds and videos they see with you
-the lectures and articles or websites you have
-they use these to look into your opinion and make you guilty
-and you will never have a fair trial and justice

They stigmatise everything Islamic to make it banned
-and you are labelled a terrorist for having them
-even the beard is stigmatised now

They give surveys and ask strange questions to the students in school
-they ask you about niqab, jihad, Islam and give them derogatory terms to make them look bad

The hukm of 4 witnesses for anyone who accuses a woman of zina
-this is to protect the reputation of the woman
-but they twist it to mean: 'if a woman is raped she needs 4 witnesses otherwise she will be stoned to death'
-where are they getting this ruling from?

If a woman says she wants a woman to search her, they take offense for that and vice versa

One time I refused TV in my prison cell they gave it their own interpretation that i hate the west

They assassinate characters
-Shaikh Faisal, Abu Hamza etc are portrayed as distorting Islam
-but another person who knows nothing about Islam can become an expert of Islam and you can't criticise her

Look to the programs and movies they make
-they portray the scholars as bad people
-and the American to look like the modern man who is teaching people

If a Muslim man is accused of paedophilia, his crime is attributed to Islam even though this man has no Islamic culture
-but this was why he ended up being a paedophile in the first place
-he does not even pray or fast but he is identified as a Muslim paedophile

They change the story and blame it on Islam
-they won't blame their rotten culture as the cause of the problem

Everything is the Muslim's fault
-it can never be a backlash of their laws and culture

This is how the cultural invasion is waged on the Muslims
-they invade a Muslim land and destroy it then ask to build it
-as they are building it, they introduce their culture
-and leave behind this cultural war
-so it is not just a military invasion

They are the ones radicalizing all the youths to accept their culture