Thursday, December 15, 2016

Holocaust of Aleppo (Audio)

Holocaust of Aleppo, who is to be blamed?

By Shaikh Faisal

Wednesday, December 15, 2016


Allah said: And never will Allah allows the kuffaar to be victorious over the believers. Surah 4:141 The recent events in Aleppo have everyone asking: Where did the Muslims go wrong because Allah doesnt break His promises?
The fall of Aleppo is due to the following 10 factors

  1. The opposition to Bashar al Assad is divided while his army is united. A fact no one dare deny
  2. Those who are fighting against Assad in Aleppo have dodgy Aqeeda so Allah will never help them. Some are even democrats like the FSA and democracy is the greatest Shirk. Allah will never grant victory to democrats
  3. The people who are fighting Assad are fighting with the wrong nia, intention. They want to turn Syria into a secular democracy, They are not fighting to replace the Socialism of Assad with islamic Shariah.
  4. The kafir paymasters of the Assad enemies let them down. These are Turkey, KSA and Qatar. They didnt supply them with adequate weapons to shoot down the planes of Assad.
  5. The enemies of Assad are not real Mujahideen in Aleppo so they don't have the taqwa to fight this war. To make matters worse the mad madkhalis infiltrated their ranks and told them the priority is to fight the mujahideen of the dawla bcs they are terrorists, and the priority is not to fight Assad. 
  6. Jewlani the leader of Jabha Nusra stabbed the khalifa in the back by breaking away from dawla so Allah disgrace him and punish him with the defeat in Aleppo. Allah told us to unite under one single Caliph in Surah 8:73 Noble Quran Trans. 
  7. After the death of Bin Laden al-Qaeda has become a kafir movement bcs of the bad leadership of Ayman Zawaahiri. He himself is a zindeeq for praising Morsi a taghoot and for stopping zarqawi from waging jihad against the Rafida in iraq our greatest enemies on earth at the moment. 
  8. The 22 member states of the Arab league are a complete waste of space bcs they cud not do anything to save Aleppo.
  9. The 57 member states of the O.I.C, Organisation of Islamic cooperation is a complete waste of space and useless entity. They turned a blind eye to the holocaust of Aleppo.
  10. The UN is an avowed enemy of the Ummah bcs they didnt do anything to prevent the holocaust in Aleppo the same way they havent done anything to prevent the slaughter of Muslims in Palestine, Bosnia, kosovo, CAR, kashmir, Burma and everywhere else.

I close by saying the Sunnis shall strike back and Aleppo will be retaken from the Rafida the same way Palmyra was retaken from the Russian dogs who ran away and left their weapon to become booty, ghaneema in the hands of the noble khilaafa.